Kylie Jenner Spends $400,000 On Security….Every Month!

You read it correctly, the whopping $400k price tag is the small fortune that Kylie Jenner spends to keep her young family safe. That’s a monthly figure, by the way.

Her family has had a number of widely publicized run-ins with intruders in the recent past, and let’s not forget that horrifying ordeal that her sister Kim Kardashian endured in Paris a few years ago.

The requirement for security isn’t disputed, but it certainly appears to come at a huge cost to the young star.

2 Revealing The Fees

Via Cosmopolitan

The astronomical investment that Kylie is obligated to spend for the safety of her family was leaked to the public by her father, Caitlyn Jenner. The cameras were rolling on the show “I’m A Celebrity” while Caitlyn discussed the insane level of security that is a harsh reality check in her daughter’s life.

The Sun quotes her as saying “I bet you Kylie will spend anywhere between $300k and $400k a month. A ton of money”.  Caitlyn seems perturbed by this exorbitant cost, but overall accepting of the fact that this is a requirement for Kylie’s safety.

1 High-Level Security Becomes “Normal”

Via The Blast

This high level of security is an essential component to Kylie’s day-to-day life. It’s so prevalent and has been such a critical component for such a long time, that it is now the “new normal” for her family.

In the interview with The Sun,  Caitlyn described this situation by calling it “sad”, and by saying “They’re used to it. They’ve been doing it forever. They like the security guys there”. We are so aware of the glamor and the many benefits of fame that Kylie reaps – seeing this aspect of her life is certainly an eye-opener to the negative impact of fame.

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