Kylie Jenner Shares Adorable Throwback Photo Showing Just How Much Stormi Looks Like Her

Reality star Kylie Jenner recently shared a few adorable throwback pictures of her as a baby, and after gushing over what a cute baby Kylie was, most people were amazed to see just how much her baby girl Stormi looks like her. Kylie gave birth to her beautiful baby girl in February this year, and it is her and boyfriend Travis Scott's first child together.

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Little Stormi made her Social Media debut when her proud mama shared a photo of herself holding her little bundle of joy on Stormi's one month birthday. On March 1st Kylie shared the first photo of little Stormi's face, and since then the beautiful baby has let the world admire her chubby cheeks on several occasions. One of the more recent photos Kylie shared was when she took baby Stormi to a pumpkin patch to kick off her first Halloween.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram story to share some cute baby pics of her next to photos of Stormi to show how much they look alike. It is not only in the facial features that Stormi resembles her gorgeous mom, but it is evident also in the facial expressions that she is her mother's daughter.

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Kylie Jenner accomplished what most celebrity women only dream of when she managed to her full pregnancy without being seen or photographed. No one confirmed her pregnancy, which also says a lot about with what kind of friends the twenty-one-year-old surrounds herself. Kylie has said after giving birth, that she really wanted to keep her pregnancy private and make it her own experience, rather than sharing it with the whole world and getting unsolicited advice and comments. Having grown up in the spotlight, and shared her entire life on a reality show, it does make a lot of sense that she wanted to make something as significant as a first pregnancy a private affair.

There is no doubt Stormi is the spitting image of her famous mother, and that she will grow up to be just as beautiful. Luckily it seems as if Kylie is more than happy to share her daughter's adorable face via her social media channels so everyone can see what the little family gets up to.

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