Kylie Jenner Rents Luxurious Beachfront Mansion In Malibu For The Summer

Kylie Jenner Rents Luxurious Beachfront Mansion In Malibu For The Summer

Kylie Jenner is renting a luxurious mansion in Malibu for the summer to get a little break from Calabasas and all the drama that has been going on this spring. Kylie's former best friend Jordyn Woods used to live in Kylie's house, but after Jordyn was caught in a cheating scandal with Khloé Kardashian's baby daddy and then-boyfriend, she moved into her mom's house instead. According to sources, Kylie was not in a rush to get Jordyn to come to pick up all her things, but now, after three months, she has been asked to do so. Whether Kylie was hoping for it all to blow over, or just was not bothered with her ex BFF's stuff sitting in her mansion, it was probably about time.

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While it has nothing to do with Jordyn, Kylie is excited about spending the summer in Malibu with Travis and Stormi, and renting a house there has been planned for a long time. The twenty-one-year-old says she finds it peaceful and healing being by the ocean and considers Malibu her happy place. Those who are keeping up with the beauty mogul might remember that she rented a home in Malibu last summer too, and this time she has gotten her hands on some prime real estate. The 1,622-square-foot villa is overlooking Carbon Beach which is often referred to as 'Billionaires Beach', and self-made or not, Kylie fits right in.

Kylie Jenner Rents Luxurious Beachfront Mansion In Malibu For The Summer
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As reported by Hollywood Life, the private mansion is completely furnished and ready for Kylie and her little family to move in at the hefty price tag of $450,000 a month. Not a big deal for the Kylie Cosmetics founder, who apparently is open to the idea of buying something in the area herself.

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Hardcore fans of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills might recognise the Malibu villa, as it used to be the home of ex-housewife and model Yolanda Hadid while she was married to David Foster. The gorgeous mansion was often seen in the reality show, and one of the significant features aside from the stunning sea vies, was the custom-made floor-to-ceiling glass refrigerator.

It is safe to say that Kylie, Travis and Stormi will have a fantastic summer in their Malibu house, and fans of the billionaire are probably looking forward to seeing her posting photos from there.

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