Is That Pregnant Kylie Jenner At A CVS - Or A Lookalike?

To be Kylie Jenner or not to be the lip kit-selling reality star? That is the question on the internet's mind right now, folks. A possible pregnant Kylie Jenner was sighted at a CVS in Los Angeles, specifically the Woodland Hills area near the famous Cedars Sinai hospital. And suddenly, every Twitter and Instagram user is a detective and everyone is taking sides.

Here is some of the evidence so you can decide which side you want to place your bet on. The woman in the photo, who we will refer to as "CVS Kylie" from here on out, was in a location where the real Kylie Jenner, referred to as "Real Kylie" from this point forward, would actually be spotted. This wasn't at a CVS in Arkansas, so the location is reliable but would Real Kylie do her own convenience store shopping? Doesn't she have people to do that for her? CVS Kylie is shown wearing Gucci sliders, so that's a point for Real Kylie but then again, this doesn't seem to be her style (floral slip-ons) so point for CVS Kylie. The plain black crossbody bag CVS Kylie is wearing looks very ordinary and not like Real Kylie's fashion sense so point for CVS Kylie. She's also wearing aviator shades inside like a true celeb so point for Real Kylie, but then again, Real Kylie usually wears sunglasses with more diva appeal so point for CVS Kylie.


Another interesting thing to note is that not one paparazzi photo was taken. Is it possible that a Kardashian family member breathes in the public air space of Los Angeles without being hounded by the paparazzi and photographed a zillion times? We're not too sure but we're adding another point to the CVS Kylie side for that just to be safe.

Now, let's take a second and talk about the theory of the left foot. When Real Kylie was head over heels in love (or lust) with Tyga, she had a lowercase letter "T" tattooed on the inside of her left foot just above her heel. When they broke up, she had the "T" changed to "LA." There is something on the inside of CVS Kylie's left foot, but it doesn't look like "LA" to us... it kind of looks like a filled-in circle or maybe a huge mole. Then there's the matter of the toes. Real Kylie's third and fourth toes are the same length, according to photos, and her second toe is a bit bent. CVS Kylie's toes seem to be straight and their proportions to each other seem appropriate, so there goes another point for CVS Kylie.


Since Real Kylie has not yet confirmed her pregnancy, and if this is her, then it seems that she's letting her public appearances confirm things for her. It's obvious that this woman, Real Kylie or CVS Kylie, is covering a baby bump in a dark green hoodie paired with tight black leggings. Of course, it's not lost on us that this may be a prank or maybe even a Kylie impressionist who charges strangers for selfies in Hollywood. It is L.A. after all and stranger things have happened. After you've added up the evidence for yourself, which side are you going to place your bet on? Only one thing is certain as of this time and it's that if this wasn't Kylie Jenner in a Los Angeles CVS, she has a true doppelgänger out there.

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