Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods: A Complete Friendship Timeline

The world has gotten to a point where it's downright impossible to go more than a few days without being bombarded by some tale of infamy, love, and betrayal stemming from the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Every hour that passes is bound to bring yet another mishap related one way or another to the most famous sisters in the world. Just recently, the most talked about scandal involved self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner and her best friend, model Jordyn Woods. The two have been inseparable for years, but once Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy Tristan Thompson was accused of cheating with none other than Woods, things have taken a sour turn in the long-lasting friendship between Kylie and Jordyn.

While most of the sisters have already made moves to completely cut Jordyn out of their lives, Kylie is still unsure about how to proceed. Her reticence is understandable once we remember just how much story the two former BFFs have. Here's a look at the complete friendship timeline of Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods.

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10 Sometime In 2012 - The Beginning

It's not public knowledge just exactly when the two met, but according to Cosmopolitan, Kylie and Jordyn were introduced through a mutual friend - and quite a famous one!

Jordyn has been tied to the Smith family since she was young, even referring to Will Smith himself as uncle.  Kylie, on the other hand, met Jaden Smith, the eldest child of Will and Jada, back in middle school. One day, Jaden and Kylie decided to meet up with Jordyn, and that's how the wonderful friendship began.

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The cutest part? Jordyn saved her number on Kylie's phone with a purple heart emoji, which Kylie reportedly kept for years. We're not quite sure how it stands now.

9 December 2013 - It's Instagram Official

In good millennial fashion, nothing's really official unless you post it on social media. This becomes even truer if you're one of the Kardashians and Jenners of this world, so for Kylie, it was somewhat of a major move to put up a picture on her Instagram account featuring Jordyn for the first time.

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The caption reads "Merry Christmas from the goths❤️", which makes sense considering both the girls' all black outfits. By this time, it's safe to assume their friendship was already going strong. Nothing says we're tight quite like matching ensembles and cute Instagram pictures!

8 May 2014 - Wedding Bells (From Kimye)

If there were doubts regarding just how close the two girls were, and how much Jordyn was already included in the Kardashian-Jenner family dynamic, her presence in one of the most talked about events of the century was sure to put those doubts to rest.

In May 2014, Jordyn Woods was one of the attendees at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding extravaganza in Florence. Not just anyone was considered for the honor of being a part of one of the family's most important moments, so Jordyn's presence there already speaks quite a bit on her friendship level with Kylie, and proximity with the overall clan.

7 November 2015 - Supporting BFF

In November 2015, Kylie launched what would be the propeller to her later blooming success as an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and billionaire. The famous lip-kits were officially out almost four years ago, and Jordyn wasn't up for missing her best friend's big break into the fierce makeup industry.

And being the supportive BFF that she was, Jordyn was at the launch party and was prepared to be one of the first people to buy a lip-kit online as soon as they went on sale. Too bad they were already sold out, though!

6 August 2016 - My Friend, My Model

Jordyn Woods' main occupation is modeling, and since her best friend Kylie just so happened to launch a new makeup line, it made perfect sense Jordyn would eventually model for her BFF. Along with two other friends of Jenner, Jordyn was one of the first faces fans of the brand associated with the famous lip-kits.

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In the same month, Kylie also showed up to support Jordyn's collaboration with e-commerce retailer Boohoo. At the time, Jordyn partnered up with the brand in order to come up with a line that was inclusive of all sizes. Obviously, Kylie was at the launch party.

5 August & September 2017 - Reality TV And Friends Until Death Do Us Part

A couple of years back, Keeping Up With The Kardashians saw yet another spin-off come to life, this time fully dedicated to the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, Kylie empress of the lip kits herself. Life of Kylie only lasted a year, but when it premiered it got fans all over the world going crazy, knowing they were finally going to get a taste of what happens in the life of the stylish billionaire.

As an integral part of Kylie's life - they were hardcore best friends, after all - Jordyn made several appearances on the show, that once again proved just how close and loving the two were. The most surprising event of the season was perhaps due to this proximity reaching full splendor when the two BFFs actually decided to get married.

In September 2017, while vacationing in Peru, Kylie and Jordyn took their commitment to each other as best friends to the next level. The two planned a lovely ceremony that included matching hats and sweet vows of love, gratitude, and support.

4 February 2018 - Surprise, Stormi's Coming! (And Jordyn's There Too)

Kylie Jenner's video, "To Our Daughter", will hardly ever be forgotten. Well, at least in the near future. The sweet and mellow video clocks in at almost twelve minutes long, and it was the mean Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott chose to announce the former's pregnancy and the birth of baby Stormi to the world.

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However, Jordyn Woods isn't the rest of the world, she's Kylie's best friend. She shows up in the video a few times, and it's public knowledge she knew all along her friend was pregnant, and stayed with her through every step of the pregnancy. Woods was asked numerous times about Jenner's pregnancy rumours, but she stayed quiet on the matter until it became public.

3 June 2018 - Bonjour, Paris & We Live Together Now

Last Summer, the two besties took a little trip to Paris so they could attend Fashion Week and, more specifically, cheer for their friend Virgil, a designer for Louis Vuitton. Who says the city of love only applies to boyfriends and girlfriends?

It was in the same month that Kylie let the world know Jordyn lived with her in her mansion in Hidden Hills. Not only that, but the besties sure seemed to mix business with pleasure - in the same video for Vogue where Kylie disclosed their living situation, she also revealed she and Jordyn test her makeup products all the time.

As of the latest Tristan scandal, the two no longer live together.

2 September 2018 - KYLIE X JORDAN

A few months after their cute trip to Paris and Kylie making it known Woods lived with her, the two best friends got together to launch a new makeup line for Jenner's brand. Hence, the now infamous KYLIE X JORDAN collection came out, one of the most talked about and ambitious projects two BFFs ever teamed up for.

When announcing the partnership to her Instagram followers, Kylie called Jordyn "family" and stated the model had helped her "remain me throughout all these years". It's clear by Kylie's tone just how much Jordyn's friendship meant to her. Plus, it's not every day that your billionaire BFF invited you to team up with her for a new business venture, right?

1 February 2019 - Cheating Allegations

On the 19th of February, news broke that Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian's baby father, and accused cheater during her pregnancy, was caught making out with Jordyn Woods at a house party. Other Kardashian sisters were quick to remove Jordyn from their lives - and Instagram accounts.

Later last month, Jordyn appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk to tell her side of the story. The entire thing escalated fairly quickly, with Khloe even dragging Woods on a Twitter post.

As of right now, no further advancements came into public in regards to the current state of Kylie's relationship with Jordyn, other than they no longer live together, but still follow each other on Instagram - Jordyn even liked one of Kylie's recent posts.

Only time will tell what we can except to see added to the current friendship timeline, or if it will simply end here.

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