Kylie Jenner Shows Her Down-To-Earth Side While Discussing Her Baby Name Choice With James Charles

Kylie Jenner has shown fans her down to earth side while discussing baby names and getting her Halloween makeup done.

The makeup mogul sat down with YouTuber James Charles to let him create a fantastic skeleton look using her Kylie Cosmetics Halloween collection. Oh yes, Jenner is such a fan of Halloween that she has incorporated it into her beauty business. The new Halloween Collection will launch on kyliecosmetics.com this Friday, October 12th.

James Charles has become a YouTube sensation with his make-up tutorials and special guests. In the video, he and Jenner revealed that they tweeted each other wanting to collaborate. The stars aligned and these two came together for what appears to be one heck of a good time.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was opened mined and let James do his thing to create a really cool look on her using the palette from her Halloween Collection. They started off talking about their business ventures, and ironically each one launched their business 3-years ago this month.

However, Jenner proved just how laid back and open minded she is when she allowed the YouTuber to dive into her personal life. She was very "go with the flow" as he asked her about motherhood, as well as Stormi's unique moniker. As it turns out the first-time mother wanted a name that had to do with nature, so she looked on a bunch of weather and nature websites.

Jenner went on to share that Storm caught her eye but that she didn't love the regular spelling and pronunciation. She then thought about her daughter's name and was initially going to spell it, Stormie. However, when it came to putting the name on the birth certificate, she changed it at the last minute to Stormi.

Days ago, the reality TV star shared on SnapChat that she wants more children, specifically another daughter. She did mention to the YouTuber that she does have other names picked out for her future children, but one that won't make the list is Willow. Despite being in love with the name since she is good friends with Willow Smith, she thinks it would be weird to name her child Willow.

The vibe between James Charles and Kylie Jenner was super chill. They had a creative dynamic. It was pretty cool how at ease, laid back and real Jenner was with him. If you have not watched the video, you need to check it out. It is very entertaining, and it might even give you some inspiration for your own Halloween makeup look.


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