Pregnancy Changed Kylie Jenner's Body, But She 'Doesn't Care'

Kylie Jenner is speaking out on how she doesn’t “care” about the way pregnancy changed her body. It appears the star is loving herself, and rightfully so!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently discussed how her body has changed after having given birth earlier this year. Jenner spoke about the subject with Glamour U.K“Pregnancy completely changed my body at a super young age”, she told the magazine. “But I really don’t care”, she revealed.

It appears that the star is not phased one bit by the changes pregnancy had on her body, and she is making it very clear that she loves every inch of herself. Jenner, who has not always had the confidence she does now, has opened up about her dealing with insecurity as a teenager. The star has said several times on past episodes of KUWTK that she has been insecure about certain areas of her body, including her lips.

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Jenner shared that she didn’t always like the way she looked but has since evolved into the confident woman she is today. Although Kylie is looking and feeling better than ever, she and her bestie Jordyn Woods have had conversations in the past regarding the star's body before, during and after pregnancy. The Kylie Cosmetics creator has mentioned that people believe her body would be able to “bounce back super fast” after giving birth to her daughter, Stormi Webster, but she made it clear that people can “get the wrong idea”.

The star noted that what people see on social media platforms such as Instagram, isn’t always reality. According to Kylie, she believes that going through such massive changes at such a young age can be “physically, mentally and emotionally” challenging, even though she described her journey through pregnancy as “a beautiful thing”.

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In regards to just how pregnancy changed her body, the star didn’t hold back when it came to pointing out how things just aren’t the same. Kylie admitted that her waist is no longer the same, and how her butt and thighs have grown in size since. Jenner also mentioned how she had to revamp her wardrobe a little in order to accommodate her new body type, as certain things no longer fit her after pregnancy.

We can’t imagine how living in the limelight and constantly being watched by the public does to someone, however, we are absolutely loving Kylie for owning her new body and embracing motherhood with such finesse. Kudos Kylie!


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