Kylie Cosmetics: 20 Things That Happen Behind The Company’s Doors

Kylie Jenner is arguably the most famous member of one of the most well-known families in the world. Given the fact that she’s shared the majority of her life on her family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as well as on her social media accounts, we pretty much know everything there is to know about Jenner and her life.

However, we’ve yet to get an extensive look at the offices of her multi-million dollar company Kylie Cosmetics. Jenner may have given us a few glimpses on social media, but never truly divulged what was behind the lip-printed doors of the company's headquarters.

On October 10, 2019 Jenner gave her near-seven million YouTube subscribers a 16-minute tour of the Kylie Cosmetics offices, divulging some fun facts and surprises about her company’s home.

To find out 20 surprising things that happen behind the doors of Kylie Cosmetics, keep on reading.

20 She Actually Knows Her Staff


One would assume that Jenner is too busy or knows too many people to remember the names of the Kylie Cosmetics staff members. In actuality, Kylie knows her employees by name, even greeting a few as she filmed her YouTube video for her channel.

19 She Runs Two Companies Out Of One Office Space


Jenner’s venture into skincare with her brand Kylie Skin was the next step into expanding her entrepreneurial empire. And with two companies and much to oversee, Jenner kept her new brand’s home close by—only having to turn the corner of the Kylie Cosmetic office.

18 She Keeps Giant Props Everywhere


If you’re familiar with Jenner’s promotional campaigns for Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, you’ll recognize some of the oversized props scattered all around her office. Jenner kept this pair of lips from a KKW and Kylie Cosmetics promotional photo shoot for their fragrance collaboration.

17 Stormi Is Usually Wherever Kylie Is


It seems as though Jenner has gone from party princess to a mogul mother, because Stormi rarely leaves her side. Jenner definitely intends to spend as much time as she can with her daughter, if it that means having her around the office. Stormi even has a room there!

16 Kris Has A Big Presence


Kylie Cosmetics may be Jenner’s own company, but that certainly won’t stop her mother Kris from being a momager. And in true Kris fashion, she has her own private office, stocked with her own pink stationary and other office accessories. Have you heard of anything more Kris Jenner?

15 She Keeps Elements Of Her Sisters All Around The Office


Though it may be the Kylie Cosmetics offices, there are still hints of Kardashian-Jenner clan lying around. Jenner has stacks of magazines on displays, of every single cover that she and her sisters have been featured on, explaining that it served as sentimental décor.

14 She Can Spend An Entire Day In A Single Meeting


There’s no doubting that Jenner is a busy woman, but one thing she will always make time for is her make up meetings, which can take long. In fact, she divulged that she once spent an entire workday in a make up meeting.

13 She Kept Her Iconic Lip Kit Wall


At her first pop up shop for Kylie Cosmetics, Jenner featured a wall-to-wall assortment of colour coordinated lip kits. This was something she ultimately incorporated into her office as well, noting that it was an opportunity to use her products as an art piece for the space.

12 Staff Interaction Is Important To Her


Like any CEO of a company, Jenner wants to cultivate a healthy work environment for her employees. So, when Jenner explained to her viewers the importance of having a communal dining space so people didn’t have to eat alone in their office, our hearts couldn’t help but swell.

11 Her Office Is Almost Always Buzzing With People


As Kylie Cosmetics continues to rapidly expand, it takes a large team to keep up with that growth. And though it may have looked empty in her video, Jenner assured her viewers that her office is usually packed to the brim with people.

10 Kris Has Her Own Bar Cart


If you know Kris Jenner, you know that she loves a good drink, no matter the time or place. So it really comes at no surprise that she has set up her own bar cart at the Kylie Cosmetics offices, so she can get her booze on.

9 Kylie Customized The Office Space


Before the Kylie Cosmetics offices became the headquarters of Jenner’s makeup empire, it was just a dull, open concept space. Kylie revealed in the video that she added a kitchen and private offices to the layout to make it the perfect space for her company to operate out of.

8 She Has A Private Bathroom


Not only does Jenner have her own bathroom, she has a bathroom equipped with a black and rose-coloured marble shower with matching counter and sink, that connects to her personal greenroom. Of course, her bathroom is also fully stocked with Moon oral hygiene products that, obviously, match her décor perfectly.

7 She Takes YouTube Way More Seriously Than We Thought


It seems like every and any celebrity is jumping on the YouTube bandwagon these days, and Jenner is one of them. However, we’ve got to give her credit, because she seems to be taking it pretty seriously. So much so, that Jenner’s office has, what she’s dubbed, a “YouTube room.”

6 She Has Videos Of Herself Playing On A Giant Television


Upon entering the Kylie Cosmetics offices, it’s pretty hard to miss Jenner’s face plastered on the giant television screen in the lobby. Though this touch is totally Kylie we’re not really sure what it has to do with cosmetics, but we’ll let it slide.

5 She Has A Showroom Of All Her Products


Like many successful brands, Jenner has a showroom to display all the products from both Kylie Cosmetics, as well as Kylie Skin. Jenner’s showroom happens to be located right within the Kylie Cosmetics offices, just like everything else she could possibly need.

4 She Has A Photo Studio In The Office


Considering the frequency that Jenner puts out new collections for both Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, it only makes sense to have both a photo and video studio in her office, where she can create promotional videos and images for her brand's social media.

3 She Has An Editing Suite For Photoshoot Efficiency


Not only does Jenner have her own team of editors for her in-house photo shoots, but she wastes no time in putting them to work. Jenner revealed that editors can edit the images from the shoot almost immediately after they’ve been taken.

2 She Shows Off The Growth Of Her Company


Given that Jenner is currently one of the youngest and most successful businesswomen in the world, she is not shy when it comes to flaunting her company’s growth. Jenner actually has all her lip kits she’s ever created, framed and on display in the office’s communal dining space.

1 Her Family Uses The Office Too


Considering the Kardashian-Jenner family is such a tight-knit one, it’s no surprise that Jenner's sisters can often be found lurking around and about her office. In fact, they often use one of the several conference rooms in her office to take meetings.

Sources: YouTube.com

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