Kylie Cosmetics Launches 28 New Eyeshadow Singles To Mix And Match

Kylie Cosmetics just released 28 eyeshadow singles for sale and an empty magnetic palette that fans can use to customize their collection. The new products launched on September 7th on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

So, what is included in the new offerings? For starters, fans of the Kylie brand will get to restock some of their favorite limited edition shades—and they’ll even get to help themselves to a few shades that were previously sold out. Kylie personally chose her top shades from previous collections that were no longer on the market, so if one of your faves has been out of stock for a while, you’re in luck! She is also releasing some awesome shades from existing palettes that have not been sold as singles yet. So if there’s one shade in a palette that you’ve been hoping to try, but the rest of the shades in that palette don’t complement your usual looks, now is your chance to snag that color.

Where can Kylie fans store their new eyeshadow singles? The new magnetic palette will be the perfect space. This adorable palette is a soft, sweet pink, and it can hold all 28 eyeshadow singles! So if you feel like splurging and treating yourself, feel free to scoop up the whole collection. If not, you can always purchase a few and add more as time goes on. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and pick and choose your own palette to experiment with the shades you really want.

Kylie’s cosmetics company is having an amazing year: Kylie was recently featured in Forbes for turning her love for makeup into a multi-million (almost billion) dollar company. Kylie’s personal life has changed dramatically this year—she became a mother to her daughter Stormi in February—but she has been balancing motherhood and business like a pro.

Kylie Cosmetics will also be on the shelves at Ulta by the end of 2018. Kylie hopes to have the company offered at Ulta before the holidays. This new collection just proves that Kylie is still on top of the cosmetics world, and we can’t wait to see which new products she launches as we get closer to the holiday season.

Will you be mixing and matching your favorite eyeshadow singles from Kylie Cosmetics? Let us know in the comments!


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