Kylie Cosmetics: 18 Things Employees Have Said About Working For The Company

Who runs the world? Kylie Jenner. Part of the most influential family in the world, and the youngest sister of the KarJenner clan, this beauty mogul is now a self-proclaimed self-made billionaire.

Kylie Jenner’s sold-out lip kit has earned her millions of dollars, but what goes on behind the scenes? Her makeup line that has women all over the world going bonkers is produced at Spatz Laboratories in Oxnard, California. So, what's the problem? They have landed into hot water on more than one occasion - and the FDA came forward about the ongoing issues as well.

Kylie Cosmetics was launched in 2016, and although Jenner was already on top of the world, the line made the bonafide makeup mogul into the YOUNGEST self-made billionaire she is today. After signing with beauty retailer Ulta and making her line available at 1,000-plus stores, it was evident that it would not be long before Kylie saw millions of dollar signs.

Unfortunately for the reality star, despite the entire world having their eyes on her, her company has had its fair share of problems. Nothing is ever perfect, right? And Kylie Cosmetics is rife with problems. So, what are the facts that Jenner's employees have shared with the world? Read on and let us know if you're still going to purchase her lip kits.

18 Employees Are Only Provided With A Lab Coat, Hair Net And Safety Glasses

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One would think that with Kylie Jenner's net worth, she'd be able to provide her employees with more than just hair “nets.”

The factory that the self-made billionaire's employees work at is Spatz Laboratories, and it seems that they are not provided with enough safety gear to help them do their jobs properly.

According to Radar Online, on the job site Indeed one worker stated with disbelief that he/she "was only provided with a lab coat, hair net and safety glasses” — really? That’s all? Considering these workers are literally producing makeup, that protective gear is not sufficient.

And, if you follow Kylie on Snapchat, you'll have seen that she's already posted images of herself wearing goggles, a hairnet and lab coat, making it look fancy — not cool, Kylie.

17 The Factory Is Unclean

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We are sure that women around the world would do anything to work for the beauty mogul, but they'll quickly take that back when they discover how unkempt it is — unless they do not mind working in unclean places. Nobody should have to spend their days working inside a soiled factory, as we are pretty sure Kylie Jenner or any of the KarJenner sisters would not accept that and screech at the uncleanliness.

A review on the factory outlined that the workspace is “dirty” and considering it is a makeup factory, we are taken aback — if Jenner keeps on selling out though, nothing is going to change, and the conditions will remain the same. Shouldn't it be the factory's number one priority to do something as simple as keeping the space tidy?

16 The Eyeshadow Palettes Cause Headaches

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We thought men were the root cause of all headaches and that makeup made us feel better — well, when it comes to Kylie Cosmetics, this rule does not apply.

When the youngest self-made billionaire decided to expand her makeup line, she began offering eyeshadows and the reviews came back negative, not only from clients, but also from employees.

After all, employees are the first to try them when they are processing them. Well, it turns out, according to TMZ, that the palettes smelled like "chemicals and glue." Employees who were a part of the assembly line for the eyeshadows admitted they got intense migraines considering they were smelling that all day.

While customers took to Twitter to complain about their dissatisfaction, stating they smelled like “sharpies” and “spray paint,” employees of the company were able to back up the claims because of their first-hand experiences.

15 Packages Were Shipped Out With Nothing In Them

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When we receive a package from an order we placed online, it feels like Christmas day. Women and teenage girls will pay just about anything for products that are branded with the Kylie Jenner name on it, but what happens when they receive their lovely package with nothing in it?

Devoted clients received their packages and to their dismay, when they opened them they were empty. A major #fail such as this should not happen at companies as big as Kylie Cosmetics. We can conclude that there is an extreme lack of organization coming from the place where Jenner manufactures her goods.

According to StyleCaster, in March of 2018 numerous clients reported packages that arrived completely empty or with the wrong orders inside them. We seriously hope the company has since got their act together.

14 The Shop Displays Are Unsanitary

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When we walk into Sephora or MAC, we expect to see makeup that is put on display in excellent condition and items that look clean. With all the money generated from Kylie Cosmetics, it should not be difficult to maintain a clean space.

Well, in December 2017, according to StyleCaster, customers started raging over the disorganized and unsanitary Kylie Cosmetics displays, and the bent and used makeup products that were being sold. Although “the boss” cannot be fully blamed because she is not always present at her shops, there is no justification as to why things were so untidy.

13 The Managers Are Tough And Rude

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What is most important at a company? The management and the work environment it provides. This is what makes for a positive and productive workplace.

At work, no one likes to feel pressured, or else the job is no longer enjoyable. Well, it turns out, according to reviews on Indeed, that the most enjoyable part of workers' days at the factory are during their “breaks.”

A review that was solely focused on the unjust management team at Jenner's factory claimed that "some of the managers were [mistreating] other employees, making it uncomfortable to work there. It was hard to interact with fellow employees." If managers are that aggressive, who would want to stick around?

12 Ants In Packages...What The?

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"Want some fries with that...or ants?" — that sounds like an accurate slogan for Kylie Cosmetics.

We could only assume that if employees are working in such tough conditions that they are a lot more careless. If they are not treated well, why should they bother putting in so much effort?

We know that Jenner would jump if she opened a makeup package and found ants inside. In September 2017, according to StyleCaster, a customer came forward and unveiled a makeup product she received with many ants inside it.

Thanks to the power of social media, she took her complaint to IG and it went viral, and only then did the company solve her issue.

11 They Work In Sweatshop Conditions

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The hype for the lip kits has not faded — fans are still doing just about anything to get their hands on the brand.

However, the truth of the matter is that when we buy products, we know nothing about how they are produced and manufactured. Kylie's California makeup factory has been quite unlucky as it has been under constant criticism — the scrutiny surrounding the company comes as no surprise, however, especially since workers have compared it to a sweatshop environment.

Although the reality television star has made her factory look swell and dandy, the working conditions that mimic a sweatshop prove otherwise. Even the CEO of the laboratory disputed the claim, but hey, the workers said it.

10 Working Ridiculous Hours

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We do not even want to know how much money Jenner racks in every hour, especially since we were informed that the workers who have helped her get to where she is today work insane hours.

They're not making nearly the amount of money that the businesswoman is, so why is it that the factory workers are putting in way too many hours? According to a review on Indeed, an ex-worker stressed that the shifts were inhumane. Workers are required to work early morning shifts, long hours, and therefore have no life of their own.

This sounds like a nightmare to us, and no workplace should leave workers feeling like they have no life outside of their jobs. What happened to life quality in the workplace?

9 Workers Are Paid The Bare Minimum

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With the hefty paychecks the self-made billionaire receives weekly or daily, one would think she would be generous with her employees, but this isn't the case. When one review mentioned pay, we were taken aback — it is not great. According to the unsatisfied review on Indeed, “the pay is very minimal for the amount of work”— basically revealing that the employees are being paid minimum wage.

Jenner could afford to buy them all homes, so what is the deal? If minimum wage is all they can get for working for a self-made billionaire, we've got questions.

8 The Makeup Has Made Employees Fall Ill

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An unhealthy work environment? Who wants to drag themselves there every morning? It must be so rad to work at a factory that produces makeup, especially for Kylie Jenner — that is, until you leave work and feel ill. Besides for the rough working hours that the employees put in to make her cosmetics line happen, they have put their health on the line, and no, that is not okay.

One worker said that she became sick after inhaling the makeup products while putting them together on the assembly line. So first, the controversy of the eyeshadow palettes smelling like glue and chemicals hit the company, and then, another person came forward, according to Radar Online, and admitted that "the down fall is that the make up particles made me cough and sick."

It is quite difficult to read the negative reviews of the factory, but it is what it is — #sorrynotsorry.

7 The Space Is Hazardous

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Poor working conditions are unacceptable. It is upsetting that the young A-lister would allow her employees to endure such conditions.

The employees are working hard for her profit, and it would be more acceptable if the grounds were 100 percent healthy and safe. So, what else do people who get hired at the factory in California deal with (we are talking in the present because we are not aware if the issues have been resolved)?

Dangerous, oily and greasy floors — are they working at a fast-food establishment? 

While Jenner spends her days walking on marble floors, the workers at the factories are sashaying on floors that are evidently not wiped down on a daily basis. One Indeed reviewer added to all the negativity, stating "oily floors. Dangerous place to work. Smells of gases. Dirty atmosphere" — sounds like a joy to work there.

6 Very Small Workplace

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Jenner, with all the money you earn, why are your workers stuck producing your makeup in a factory that is too tiny for them all?

The business will obviously be affected if the workplace is too small. If employees do not have adequate room to follow through with their tasks, then it takes longer to produce items, and in the long run it is the company that could see negative results from this.

So, why is it that according to an employee the factory is "an unclean work environment with little room to advance?" And on top of that, the individual also claimed it could be rather hot in the factory — why so many issues in a renowned laboratory?

5 The Employees Have No Benefits

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The Indeed reviews are a mixed bag of positive and negative ones, and although we've got to take the good with the bad, it is tough to learn of the conditions some have had to face to make a living — and this is happening while Jenner is sipping on a drink by the pool at her Calabasas mansion.

When most of us decide on where we'll work, we usually consider the benefits that come with it — surprise, at the Kylie Cosmetics factory, benefits are not a thing. And knowing that it takes hard work and long hours for the employees to put together the makeup, it is completely unjust that they'd have no benefits to rely on.

In January 2016, a line assembly employee mentioned that for the amount of work requested, they had no benefits to their name. It is no wonder so many employees are disgruntled.

4 The FDA Found Issues

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Feeling uneasy yet? Us too, us too — we hear you. Despite the negative comments about working in her factory, Jenner has already built an empire.

Onto the next fact, though, because there is more. In 2016, news came in that the factory responsible for making Kylie Cosmetics had "not been inspected by the FDA since 2016," as reported by Refinery29.

Clearly, Jenner has access to a computer and could have easily figured out, upon doing research, that the FDA had cited the company for a variety of issues. It is quite unnerving that she would still decide to bring her business to the Oxnard facility.

3 Kylie Jenner Makes Others Test Her Products

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We sort of give her props for this one, just because her makeup is not tested on animals — hooray Kylie! Still, employees will be the first to come forward and admit that the beauty mogul does not test her lavish makeup on herself — because since it is so good, why would she, right?

Kylie Jenner will always sparkle, it is like no one could take that away from her, but it was recently brought to our attention that she does not test her glittery and glitzy cosmetics on herself, but on her housekeeper instead.

Some women would probably be giddy with glee if Kylie Jenner asked them to test her makeup, but when you think about it, she is using others for her own profit. Jenner admitted to using her housekeeper on Snapchat, according to StyleCaster, and employees backed up the claims, too.

2 People Get Fired Like Hotcakes

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Everyone has got to get a start somewhere, correct? And although most companies put employees on a three-month probation, at the fancy billionaire's factory, things do not flow that way. Most of the time, when we get hired at a new job, we are aware of what we are getting ourselves into, but according to employees at the California factory, upon commencing the job things are slightly different.

Getting fired for not doing your job properly is one thing, but getting fired almost instantly is quite another. Well, according to another negative review of Spatz Laboratories, one worker made it clear that firing is or was a "thing" there, saying,

"Expectations were unrealistically high for new hires [-] if you did not meet the standards you were fired. The workloads were intense..."

How is a company this successful when getting rid of employees is a trend?

1 Not The Greatest Work Experience

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Do we truly have to state the obvious? It seems like working for the Kylie Cosmetics factory is a tad too much. Keep in mind, though — not all the reviews are negative. Still, the negative reviews speak volumes.

Modern workers, especially in a country like America, should not have so many issues at work, and neither should a company have that many complaints made against it. Although we have mentioned quite a few things many were not aware of concerning the factory, employees still had a lot more to say. Want to know what a day at Kylie Cosmetics was like for these employees who called it quits?

They mentioned that the factory "doesn't care about employees," that the work "is fast-paced, products had to be packaged, and quotas had to be made." All this demand for a job at a factory? Sounds way out of control. Whether or not fans are infuriated, that is up to them.

Sources: Indeed, StyleCaster, Refinery29, Radar Online, TMZ

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