Celebrity Hairstylist Kristin Ess Has Released A Line Of Beautiful Hair Tools For Target

Celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess is someone who has a reputation for creating gorgeous hair on both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. With some celebrity clients including Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, and Lili Reinhart trusting her with their hair, Ess is one popular woman! Not only is she popular, but she's also a busy woman, too. She doesn't just style hair; she has her own her line of hair care products- and now, a brand new line of hair styling tools.

As revealed by Shape this past Tuesday, Ess has launched a line simply known as Kristin Ess Hair Tools. Each of the hair styling tools come in white with regular gold-colored trim. They sleek in appearance but are easy to use for anything- from everyday styling to the most complicated of up-dos.

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The hair styling tool line features two blow dryers- one full-size and one that's smaller- that's perfect for drying your hair, perfecting a blowout, and more. There are also two flat irons (again, one that's full-size and another that comes in a smaller size) for those that straighten their hair every day- or at least, almost every day. In addition, there are three different curling irons to pick and choose from. This includes the Beach Wave Curling Iron, Soft Wave Curling Iron, and the Soft Wave Pivoting Curling Iron (which can pivot up to 90 degrees). Finally, there's the Texture Taming Root Control Iron- a tool that's designed specifically to nix frizzy hair in the bud.

Not only are Ess' hair tools cute to look at and practical for most any use, but they're also not nearly as expensive as one may initially think. Their cheapest option starts at $50 USD, and the most expensive reaches just $100 USD. Given the fact that the prices for most hair styling tools can begin well into the $100 range depending on both the brand and quality, Ess' line is a refreshing break from how expensive such tools can be. Toss in the fact that they're all available at Target, and they're an inexpensive option that you can buy from a reliable company. It's a win-win for you- and your hair.

You can purchase one or all of the Kristin Ess Hair Tools in participating Target stores, or online.


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