KKW Beauty's Latest Eyeshadow Palette Critiqued For Lack Of Uniqueness

The latest product to come from KKW Beauty might just be a rehash of other brand’s cosmetics.

Look, we get it. Neutral colors are in. Any eyeshadow palette filled with bronzes, ambers, and light browns is just going to be the new hotness for the next few months. These things are seasonal, and just like the seasons, they too shall pass.

But it’s one thing to follow the herd and quite another to step away with someone else’s exact product idea. As for whether or not that’s what KKW Beauty is doing, you can be the judge.

The latest to come out of KKW Beauty’s “Classic” line of products is the Classic Eyeshadow Palette. This collection of 10 neutral shades comes in all the colors you’d expect them to but with names coming from Kim Kardashian West’s personal life.

Most of them are matte colors, such as "Family" (a matte reddish brown), "Dash" (a matte warm taupe) and the strangely named "Selfish" (a matte terracotta), but there are a few metallic colors that are all named after Kim’s children. There’s "Saint" (a metallic champagne), "North" (a metallic copper), and of course, baby "Chicago" (in a metallic bronze).

The Classic Palette will be available from July 27th for $45. KKW’s Classic line will include four new lipsticks and four new lip liners sometime in the near future.


When KKW Beauty announced the new eyeshadow palette on Instagram, most of the response was positive. However, there were a few people that noted a certain similarity between Kardashian's new palette and that of her sibling.

“Ain't this Kylie’s summer palette?" asked one Instagram user. The similarities between KKW’s Classic Palette and Kylie’s Kyshadow are certainly striking, especially when compared to the Bronze Extended Palette. Although Kylie’s palette has a pair of extra shades, the colors that are shared between the two are remarkably similar.

"This looks extremely similar to Kylie's sorta sweet palette,” commented another user, referring to the Sorta Sweet Kyshadow palette.

Meanwhile, other users were finding KKW’s latest offering to be like those from entirely unrelated brands. “Why does this pallet look like Laura lees new pallet?” one user asked. That palette was most likely referring to the Nudie Patootie eyeshadow palette from Laura Lee Los Angeles.

If you’re a fan of the brand, then nobody’s stopping you from clicking that “order now” button. But just don’t think that KKW is doing anything groundbreaking here.


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