KKW Beauty Is Launching A Bridal Collection Inspired By Kim Kardashian’s 2014 Wedding Glam

KKW Beauty to release a bridal recreation collection

Kim Kardashian West recently dropped the news that her cosmetics brand KKW Beauty will be releasing a special bridal makeup collection, and any bride-to-be out there is most likely gleaming with joy. It was during a Masterclass with Mario Dedivanovic, Kim's go-to makeup artist, in Los Angeles, where Kim revealed the exciting news about the upcoming KKW Beauty bridal collection. The audience was encouraged to ask questions about everything makeup and glam, and one of the attendees asked about Kim's favorite wedding look.

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Unsurprisingly, Kim replied that her favorite makeup look was of course from her 2014 wedding to Kanye West, what else could she have answered? Mario, however, revealed that he still to this day gets a ton of questions about how he did Kim's makeup for her 2011 wedding to Kris Humphreys, a marriage that lasted seventy-two days. When he added that it might be because there are so few color photos from Kim and Kanye's wedding, Kim said she might have a recreation collection planned for her and Kanye's five year wedding anniversary. Anything to make people forget about Kris Humphreys!

KKW Beauty to release a bridal makeup collection
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As reported by Harpers Bazaar, KKW Beauty confirmed that there is a collection in the works, but added no further details on what the collection will contain, or when it will be released. With Kim and Kanye's wedding anniversary being on the twenty-fourth of May, it is safe to assume the bridal makeup collection will be released sometime around that date.

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Mario has already shared some intel on how he helped Kim create her dream makeup look for her extravagant Italy wedding with Kanye. Shortly after the wedding took place, Mario revealed some of the makeup products he used for Kim's glam, and it is not all that expensive. The lipstick Kim wore was from L’Oréal Paris in the color Nude Ballet, and both the eyeliner and mascara was Urban Decay Perversion, and at the time of the wedding the Perversion mascara had not yet been released, but Kim got to use it exclusively for her big day.

KKW Beauty launching bridal makeup collection
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Women planning their wedding for late spring or summer this year are likely to be super excited about this recreation collection, but either way - it will most likely become another KKW Beauty success.

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