KKW Fragrance's Cheeky Kimoji Perfumes To Be Restocked In Time For September

Kim Kardashian West, who is said to have made a "million a minute" back in 2015 for her custom-branded emojis called Kimojis, decided to capitalize on her success with three Kimoji-inspired perfumes that debuted on July 17. Vibes, Peachy, and Cherry were the newest scents from her KKW Fragrance brand. Unfortunately, the fragrances sold out quickly, but fear not, they’re back.

Tomorrow, the three fragrances will be restocked online at KKW Fragrance at 12 pm PST.

Vibes, described as “a joyful, irresistible and lively fragrance with sparkling bright notes of bergamot that will bring a smile to your face,” also features apple blossom, peony, and fresh jasmine, as well as watermelon and pineapple. The scent is finished with a hint of cedarwood, amber, and musk. Vibes, a unisex scent, is meant to exude positivity or good vibes, so it's perfect for a social atmosphere or a party where you expect to be the center of attention.

Peach is decidedly more feminine with “fresh, juicy nectarine and velvety shades of peach.” The scent also includes jasmine petals, sandalwood, creamy vanilla, and musk. Intended to convey goodness, it’s not overly cloying, rather it opens with a fresh nectarine and mandarin smell, avoiding a candy-sweet essence.

Finally, Cherry is all about sweetness, featuring” juicy red cherry, luscious raspberry and sweet strawberry paired with romantic cherry blossom and gardenia petals...the base lures you with the innocence of vanilla, woods, and musk,” though its light, fruity smell never becomes syrupy.

Half the fun of these fragrances is their emoji-inspired bottles, which make for great, lighthearted bedroom or bathroom decor long after they’re finished. From Vibes’ pop-up conversation bubble to Peach and Cherry’s dipped fruit finish, the fragrances are much more carefree than Kardashian’s other more refined scents. Also, at $45 a bottle, they’re much more affordable.

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Among those who enjoyed the first batch of Emoji fragrances was Drew Barrymore, who received the Peach perfume directly from Kardashian. "Thank you @kimkardashian for sending me the new fragrance! It’s really cool! And smells amazing and cannot give enough props on the fun and inventive packaging!" she wrote on Instagram "Glad I’m on the list! See you at @beautycon."

Kardashian’s other fragrance ventures, released under her KKW beauty line, include Crystal Gardenia, which was launched in November. That scent sold out its first run of 300,000 bottles in six days.

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