Kim K's Makeup Artist Is Creating His Own Cosmetics Line

Mario Dedivanovic, a renowned makeup artist, who worked with Kim Kardashian on a KKW Beauty four-piece collection released in April, has revealed that he’s developing his own beauty line.

“Mario is one of the most influential makeup artists of our time and he continues to teach makeup & inspire women globally to reach new limits. After being both a model and student at his master classes, my makeup game has never been the same! Mario has changed the global standards for makeup artistry and is already a legend!” says Huda Kattan, a beauty blogger, and makeup artist.

Dedivanovic, who will bring his Master Class to Sydney in November, says he’s turned down several offers for collaboration because he wouldn’t have had full approval over the final products.

The artist says he’s been approached by companies and investors for years, but never felt worthy until recently because he felt like he needed at least twenty years of experience under his belt.

“That would be the next chapter of my life, my career. I’m on almost 19 years now of being a makeup artist, so that 20-year mark is approaching,” Dedivanovic says.

“The thing with the makeup line is that there definitely will be one in the future. I’m a perfectionist. People expect something great from me and I expect something great from myself,” he says. The artist has walked away from a number of lucrative offers because his requirements weren’t met.

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Dedivanovic says he’s been working with labs from “around the world” and is currently looking for a business partner. Though he gets offers from investment companies and manufacturers daily, he doesn’t feel pressured to make a commitment.

“ If I was young, I don’t know if I would handle becoming a superstar overnight. It’s a lot. I like the old-fashioned way of struggling, paying your dues and slowly reaching a little bit of success, a little bit at a time. With the makeup line, it’s the same thing. I’m not in a rush,” he says.

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The makeup artist believes the current beauty landscape is overcrowded with “so much unnecessary stuff” being released continually, which is part of the reason he’s decided to develop his own line. He also feels overwhelmed as a professional because there is a glut of information.

“I’m totally OK waiting a little bit. Maybe this bubble’s gonna burst, which I think people are afraid of, whereas me, I’m not afraid of that. If it bursts, it bursts. Maybe then it will be about quality and not quantity,” he says.

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