Kim Kardashian Shares Details About Upcoming KKW Beauty Collection On Instagram

Covered in cherry blossoms and little else, Kim Kardashian has announced the launch of her new KKW Beauty Cherry Blossom Collection on Instagram by professing her love for the “pretty pink-colored trees.” She also mentions that daughter Chi, aka Chicago West, born last January via surrogate, had a cherry blossom-themed baby shower.

The collection will include an eyeshadow palette with 10 different shades, three blushes, eight lipsticks and three lip liners in shades of pink and berry, and will be available on September 14 at noon PST. It will feature such shades as soft peachy pink, cool blue pink, mid-tone yellow pink, mid-tone berry pink, warm mauve, warm plum, deep violet, and hot pink.

In her Instagram tease, Kardashian sports a longer, darker, slightly frizzier hair moment with a perfect middle part, which may reference the Japanese origin of her cherry blossom theme. The cherry blossom, along with the chrysanthemum, is considered the national flower of Japan.

Also, Kim, Kourtney, and an eight-month pregnant Khloé took a family trip to Japan last March, during cherry blossom season, which may have further inspired Kardashian. The Instagram picture was shot by Greg Swales, a New York photographer and painter, known for his provocative Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue covers.

Kardashian confessed that she originally hadn't planned for a baby shower for Chi, but said she felt it was important for North to start "feeling that it’s coming,” adding that she had a vision of cherry blossoms, which is her "favorite thing at the moment.” A few hours before posting about her new collection, Kardashian posted a pic holding Chi above her in the water at the beach, which she captioned, “My Cherry Blossom Baby 🌸.”

In the teaser for the Cherry Blossom collection at KKW Beauty, Kardashian features a diverse selection of models, perhaps in response to criticisms that the brand had received in March about featuring 16 shades that were intended mainly for lighter skin tones. One Twitter user, Anli, wrote, "I’ve really been side-eyeing KKW. Their whole family seems to want to profit off of black people, have mixed kids, but won’t really do anything for black people aka being better with shades and being educated on issues."

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My Cherry Blossom Baby 🌸

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One of the models featured in the March shoot, however, defended Kardashian. Mouna Fadiga wrote on Instagram, “‘I can tell you that they did not choose me only to pretend; I had the makeup on and it fits perfectly my skin color. I am not wearing any makeup usually so I know when I have it on if it’s good or not and here it was the case, I even kept it on me and went to have dinner with a friend.”

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As with anything that Kardashian does, there will be those that love it and those that hate it. So far, her cherry blossoms pic has nearly 4 million likes, not bad to start.

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