Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Protected Their California Neighborhood By Hiring Private Firefighters

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reportedly hired private firefighters to help save their California home and neighborhood earlier this November. While the haters might see this as a selfish move by the celebrity couple, they were, in actuality, helping out their neighbors, too!

Their mansion sits in a cul de sac in the Hidden Hills along a field, meaning if their home caught fire, it would be almost a guarantee that their neighbors’ homes would go up in flames, too. After the evacuation warning for their neighborhood on November 8th, the couple called in a team of private firefighters to not only help save their home but their neighborhood as well.

Via The Sun

The team of firefighters dug trenches and created a fire break – an obstacle to help prevent the spread of fire such as clearing an open space in a forest – and in the end, they successfully saved the power couple’s $60 million home and were thanked by the neighbors. Not a bad day’s work.

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The Kardashian-Wests reportedly stayed with sister Khloe, as Kim posted on Instagram: “Trying to get my mind off of this fire and snuggling with my niece. We are all safe and that’s all that matters.”

The Kanye-Wests were not the only celebrities having to evacuate, and they were certainly not the only ones to self-employ firefighters to save their home – the insurance company AIG offered the service in other ‘rich’ areas such as Malibu and Colorado.

Fighting fires is typically considered a service and public good, but in 18th and 19th century London, for example, firefighters were hired by insurance companies to fight fires that endangered insured buildings. However, this was not the case in the United States - firefighting started out as a volunteer-based undertaking, and eventually became a service provided by governments.

The Southern California wildfire is being deemed one of the worst in history – thousands of acres have been burned, over 7,000 structures have been destroyed, and over 44 lives have been lost.

Kim Kardashian-West has undoubtedly gained some very loyal fans during her career, but her celebrity status doesn’t come without the haters. Whether they want to admit it or not, anyone would be grateful to live down the street from one of the wealthiest families in California if it meant saving their homes and their families.

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