Kim K Tops Angelina—And 14 Other D-List Celebs That Are Making More Than A-Listers

Many of us follow the lives of our favorite celebrities. They may be our favorite actor, singer, or television star. Most people in Hollywood today get cult-like followings just for being on social media. Despite the easier claims to fame, Hollywood still has different levels to it. They range from A-list, which is the crème de la crème, all the way to the D-List, which are loosely celebrities. Most people dream of being an A-list celebrity for the sole reason that they are supposed to live luxurious lives with all of their riches, fancy clothes, and high-end lifestyles. We may have been misled.

It is surprising to see that some of the A-list celebrities are not making nearly as much as some of the celebrities that are considered to be D-list. Despite the major motion films and albums that our favorite A-list celebrities have, some of these D-list celebrities have gained such a following that they can sell almost anything, helping boost their net worth exponentially. In some instances, these D-listers are making several times the amount as different A-list celebrities. Creating this list presented a lot of shocking information to us. Who surprised you the most on this list?

15 Kim Kardashian Kollects More Than Angelina Jolie

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Kim Kardashian got her foot in the door of Hollywood by organizing the closet of Paris Hilton. The two became friends and were seen out together, making the press want to know more about Paris’ new friend. The Kardashian family then got a reality show on E!.

It has been running for ten years and Kim has branched out to other ventures. Her net worth is said to be $175 million, per Time Magazine. Angelina Jolie is the daughter of famous actor Jon Voight. She has been acting in Hollywood since 1993 and has had some smash hits. She then became one half of the power couple “Brangelina” when she started dating Brad Pitt. Despite her several movies, awards, and philanthropy efforts, Jolie’s net worth is $160 million. It looks like reality shows are the way to go.

14 Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits Outrank Almost-Princess Meghan Markle

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Kylie Jenner is the youngest member of the original Kardashian-Jenner family. The twenty-year-old recently shocked the world by having a baby, but she had been stunning everyone before with her line of make-up. Her lip kits specifically helped boost her net worth beyond what any other young adult could imagine. Kylie’s net worth is about $50 million dollars, according to Time Magazine.

Meghan Markle recent got engaged to British Prince Harry. Markle had been starring in the show Suits and had acted in a number of other films and television shows. Her net worth, despite playing a key role in Suits, is $5 million, per Town and Country Magazine. Fun fact: Markle’s net worth combined with Prince Harry’s is still less than Jenner’s. Maybe being royal does not pay off and we should dream of reality shows instead.

13 Johnny Knoxville’s Shenanigans Make Him Rich Compared To Emma Stone

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Johnny Knoxville has always been a bit of a rebel. His main claim to fame was the Jackass series of shows and movies, which featured Knoxville and his friends performing dangerous, life-threatening stunts. After his stunt successes, he ended up becoming an actor in some Hollywood films. Through all of this, Knoxville has accumulated a net worth of $75 million, per Bankrate.

Emma Stone is one of the world’s highest paid actresses. She has won a variety of awards including Oscars and MTV Awards. She has starred in major motion pictures such as Easy A and most notably La La Land. Forbes Magazine reports Stone’s net worth is $26 million, almost $50 million less than Knoxville. Stone has received incredible reviews and accolades for her performances, whereas Knoxville has ended up hospitalized for his show.

12 JK Rowling Worked Her Magic More Than Channing Tatum

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JK Rowling started off her career with nothing. She wrote down the initial idea for the Harry Potter series on a napkin. This napkin led to seven novels, eight films to go with those novels, and a spin-off series of books and films. The world of Harry Potter has even made its way to theme parks and cafes. This author contributes regularly to charity and has a net worth of $650 million, per Forbes Magazine.

Authors often do not make copious amounts of money compared to A-list celebrities. Channing Tatum has had a greatly successful career through the Step Up and Magic Mike series of films. He has starred in a number of additional films and opened a Magic Mike residency in Las Vegas. Despite his great success in Hollywood, Tatum’s net worth is only $60 million, per Bankrate.

11 Julia Louis-Dreyfus Surpasses Emmy Rossum

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of those celebrities that you always know, but cannot always remember why. She was a main cast member of the show Seinfeld and went to guest star in a variety of other shows. She has been the lead in The New Adventures Of Old Christine and in Veep. Although she has won several awards, she never gained A-list stardom. Her net worth was reported by Bankrate to be $200 million.

Emmy Rossum is known for her acting skills and her incredible vocal chops. She starred in the film version of Phantom of the Opera and has gone on to star in a variety of other shows and movies. Most notable is her hit show, Shameless. She has seen great success since 1997. Despite being the show lead, Rossum’s net worth is only $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

10 Gloria Estefan Congas Past Taylor Swift

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Gloria Estefan was a huge Latina music icon for years back in the 80s. Estefan is known for the song “Conga” and has over thirty different albums. She is rarely on the pop charts today, despite having a musical on Broadway. She has won several awards in her career and has a net worth of over $500 million, per The Richest. Somehow, she has slid down the ranks of celebrity levels.

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest music stars of this generation. Not only is she a songwriter, but she has crossed over several genres. She has sold out stadium tours and has a diehard fan base. These fans buy everything that Swift puts out, from albums to merch. Despite all of this, Bankrate reports Swift’s net worth is $280 million, a little over $200 million less than Estefan.

9 Survey Says Steve Harvey Makes More Than Jennifer Lawrence

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Steve Harvey has his hands in a bunch of different pools. He is best known for his morning talk show and as host of Family Feud. Many people also know him as the person that announced the winner to Miss Universe. He had a show that went into the early 2000s but has since fallen off the radar a bit in terms of celebrity rank. Harvey’s net worth is $120 million, Bankrate reports.

Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s funny girl. She starred in the four movies for The Hunger Games series and has been in multiple Oscar-winning films. She has won an Academy Award and several Golden Globes. Despite all of this, Lawrence has a $110 million net worth, per Bankrate. Considering the accolades she has earned, this seems extraordinarily low.

8 Jessica Alba Honestly Is Richer Than Justin Bieber

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Jessica Alba was one of the famous Jessicas of the 90s and 2000s. Her biggest success in Hollywood was the Fantastic Four film. Alba has stepped away from Hollywood to focus on her brand, The Honest Company. Through this company, she focuses on providing non-toxic, eco-friendly items to the world to help save the planet. Her business endeavors have helped her earn a net worth of $350 million, per Bankrate.

Justin Bieber, on the other hand, is one of the biggest male pop stars in the world. Despite being in his early twenties, he has had several successful albums, movies, and tours released. He has a huge fan base in his Beliebers. For someone that started on YouTube, he is not doing too bad. However, Time Magazine notes Bieber’s net worth is $200 million, much less than Alba’s.

7 Jimmy Kimmel’s Late Nights Pay Off Against Demi Lovato

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Jimmy Kimmel has been one of the leading late-night hosts for years. He had started as a host on a game show with Ben Stein but got his own late show in the early 2000s. He is in one of the competitive spots for late night television and competes with people like Jimmy Fallon and James Corden for views. He also has had gigs hosting award shows. This has all earned him a net worth of $35 million, per Bankrate.

Demi Lovato started her career at a young age on Barney. She moved on to Disney Channel and starred in the Camp Rock series as well as her own television show. She shifted her career into music and has had chart-topping hits through the years. Despite her musical success, Bankrate states Lovato only has a net worth of $33 million.

6 Dave Chappelle Laughs At Earnings Of Golden Globe Nominee Margot Robbie

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Dave Chappelle is a comedian that appeared in several comedy films during the 90s. People found him incredibly funny, which helped boost his stand-up show attendance and sales. Due to his success all around, he was presented with the opportunity to have his own show. This show ended in 2006 and Chappelle has not done much since. His net worth is $42 million, per Bankrate.

Margot Robbie is one of the most influential and powerful celebrities in Hollywood today. The actress has starred as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad and went on to star as Tonya Harding in the Oscar-nominated film I, Tonya. Prior to all of this success, she had been doing well in Australia on a variety of television shows. Her success has only raised her net worth to $12 million, Daily Mail reports.

5 Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Jennifer Lopez

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Floyd Mayweather is a boxer that is frequently in pay-per-view fights. He has won a bronze medal at the Olympics and won several major fights, never losing on the record. He decided to retire three years ago after years in boxing took their toll. He ended with a net worth of $400 million just for fighting, per Bankrate.

Jennifer Lopez has been a household name since the 90s. She is a triple threat that has starred in beloved films, has judged television shows, and has continuously pursued a career in singing and dance. She has put out several hit albums and has produced a number of successful shows, including The Fosters. She recently held a residency spot in Las Vegas. Despite her many talents and successful endeavors, Lopez has a net worth of $360 million, according to Bankrate.

4 Carrot Top Trumps Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Carrot Top was a huge comedian during the 90s. He was known for his bright red hair, hence his name, and for his obnoxious sense of humor. From time to time, he would make cameos in shows and movies. He was often featured as one of the celebrities in the game show Hollywood Squares. Between his comedic chops and occasional roles, Carrot Top has a net worth of $75 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Lin-Manuel Miranda has been labeled as a creative genius. He is the man responsible for writing the Broadway show Hamilton, which he also starred in. He also wrote the music for the Disney film Moana. He constantly gives back to the community, as he wants to make a difference. Despite all of his projects and successes, Miranda’s net worth is $12 million, per Celebs Net Worth Today.

3 Judge Judy Keeps Her Finances In Order Compared To Gal Gadot

Judge Judy Sheindlin is known for her daytime television show Judge Judy in which she rules in some outrageous cases. She is known for her sarcasm and strict rulings. The show has been on the air for twenty seasons, making her television royalty. She has also written a number of books during her fame. This has skyrocketed her net worth to $290 million as of 2016. Gal Gadot, on the other hand, has starred in films as the newest Wonder Woman. Prior to this, she was Miss Israel and served her country. She also is an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. Despite all of this, Gadot’s net worth is only $8 million. Wonder Woman only got her $300,000 despite being the star of the film. Judge Judy would not stand for that salary.

2 Dr. Phil Makes Carrie Fisher’s Estate Shrink Down

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Dr. Phil McGraw was one of Oprah’s most trusted friends. She repeatedly brought him onto her show to help those in need of assistance. Since then, Dr. Phil has gone on to host his own show and write books. Dr. Phil’s show is known for bringing outrageous people and cases on to the show to help psycho-analyze them. For this, Dr. Phil has become one of the highest paid talk show hosts, with a net worth of $400 million, per Bankrate.

Carrie Fisher made pennies in comparison to this television doctor. Fisher starred in the Star Wars series as Princess Leia starting in the late 70s. She was a great philanthropist and received several awards for her career. Despite her great success, her estate was worth only $25 million after she passed, according to Bankrate.

1 Tim Allen Should Recommend Some Home Improvement To Nicolas Cage

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Tim Allen had been a major part of the 90s with his television show Home Improvement and his role as Scott Calvin, or Santa Claus, in The Santa Clause franchise. His recent films have been flops and his most recent television show, Last Man Standing, was recently canceled. Allen has a net worth of $80 million, according to Bankrate.

Nicolas Cage is one of the more interesting actors in Hollywood. He keeps up a great mystique to the public but has starred in some hit blockbuster films. He’s been in television and films since 1981. People loved him in the National Treasure series. Cage has run into financial problems over the years, which required some intervention. Cage’s net worth is only $25 million, Bankrate reports. Nicolas should consider going into sitcoms.

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