Kim K Just Made Herself Ultra Relatable By Admitting To This Makeup Mistake

Kim Kardashian recently shared some pretty shocking yet extremely relatable facts about a beauty mistake she makes all the time. It was on actress Busy Philipps' show Busy Tonight where the reality star was a guest, the topic of beauty came up among many other juicy talking points. The actress asked Kim K if she ever slept with her makeup on, and while most people would assume the beauty mogul and skincare obsessed Kimmie would claim never to go to bed without a full skincare procedure, the mother of three said she does it all the time.

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According to Kim, she will sometimes go to sleep with a full face of makeup on, and then the next day she will do some touching up on the skin but overall try and keep her glam for two days or so. This is very unexpected coming from someone like Kim who appears to take really good care of her skin. The KKW Beauty boss is known for getting top of the line facial treatments and only using the very best skincare products, so to hear that she is breaking the most fundamental rule in the world of beauty is equally shocking and relatable.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, sleeping with makeup on is extremely bad for the skin as it will dry out and irritate the skin as well as have a damaging impact on the skin barrier. This, in turn, can lead to the skin ageing prematurely, and surely that is something Kimmie and most people want to avoid.

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Kim Kardashian's beauty mishaps was not the only topic covered in the late-night talk show episode. Busy also had the reality star talk about the relationship status of little sister Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who have been seen hinting on marriage in their recent Instagram posts, but unfortunately, Kimmie claimed she was as in the dark as the rest of the world.

As shocking it is to hear that not even Kim manages to was the makeup of her face every night, it is after all always fun to realize that the stars really are just like us.

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