Khloé Had No Reason To Not Trust Tristan And Believed His Initial Denials

Insiders close to Khloé Kardashian say that she believed boyfriend Tristan Thompson when he denied cheating on her.

Things are happening fast and furious for Khloé Kardashian. Amidst birthing her first child early Thursday morning, she’s in the middle of a spat with boyfriend Tristan Thompson for cheating on her.

On Tuesday, news broke that Thompson had been spotted at a New York nightclub partying it up with another woman. The unidentified woman then left with Thompson from PH-D Nightclub and followed him back to the Four Seasons Hotel where the Cavaliers were staying before their game against the New York Knicks.

She brought an overnight bag and didn’t leave until the following morning.

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But according to sources speaking to US Weekly, Khloé initially believed Tristan when he said nothing happened.

“Tristan’s story about the woman he was spotted getting very close to in a New York City nightclub has changed over the course of hours as videos of the two of them arriving at and leaving his hotel emerged,” the source says. “Khloé initially believed Tristan’s original story that he had only met [the woman] at the nightclub and nothing had happened.”

On top of that story, surveillance video footage surfaced showing Thompson making out and fondling two women at a hookah lounge last October. One of them even brought Thompson in to her chest.

Khloé did not take that news well.

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“It was just a day of absolute turmoil for Khloé as videos emerged of Tristan and the woman arriving back at his New York City hotel and video of him with two other women in a hookah lounge,” the source said. “She just doesn’t even recognize the person in those videos and is absolutely stunned. She never had any reason to not trust him.”

Even though there is practically a smoking gun, the source adds this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for the relationship. The source says that Khloé, “believes the baby will bring them closer together.”

But don’t be too surprised if we hear about a nasty breakup next week.


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