Khloe Kardashian Was Pregnant All Along: Here's 16 Pics That Prove It

The news has finally dropped! On Wednesday night, Khloe Kardashian officially confirmed the rumours that we've all been speculating for months: she's pregnant! In the very first bump pic we've ever seen, Khloe posted a photo to Instagram debuting the pregnancy to all! Her and Tristan Thompson, the Canadian NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, have been trying to hide the rumours, dropping clues along the way, but not saying a peep until the timing was perfect. And for momager Kris Jenner, we know that the announcement was all timed around an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Of course, Khloe couldn't care less about when she was ordered to declare the happy news, because she hasn't exactly been keeping quiet about it across social media.

If you've been following Khloe closely across Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube – or even her app – you'd probably know that she's been dropping hints for months now. Between the obvious change in wardrobe and little jokes with her sisters, her photos and stories are loaded with secrets that only the super observant and tuned-in fans can get to the bottom of. Luckily for Khloe, her fans didn't waste any time to congratulate the reality star, even before her Instagram confirmation earlier this week.

If you're a fan of the Kardashians and were oblivious to this news, we collected a sample of pictures that our private eye detective skills were able to dissect and prove that she was, in fact, pregnant all along.

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16 The Obvious Joint Baby Shower With Kylie


When Kris Jenner hosted a baby shower for her youngest daughter, Kylie, she kept the whole event critically under wraps. While the event was filmed for TV, everyone was ordered to adhere to a social media "blackout" to keep every tiny detail from being leaked to the public, which definitely included hints at Kylie's baby bump...but also, Khloe's. The outdoor pyjama party wasn't entirely private, since some pap photos were expertly captured of the special day. As you can see in this pic, Kylie is lounging out on the grass next to big sister Khloe, and by big sister, we mean big. You can totally see that Khloe is looking much shapelier in her silk pjs, with everything from wider hips to a widened torso...and all that weight is totally targeting her midsection.

15 Confirming Every Rumour With "Baby Number Three" Post

via: Instagram

In another baby shower that was held for yet another sister who's expecting, Kim threw a cherry blossom bash to celebrate her third baby, who she'll be expecting via surrogate. Since this affair wasn't nearly as private as Kylie's baby shower, celebs in attendance were sharing their pics of the event all over social media, including Khloe. But since that event was more than a month ago, it still meant that Khloe was getting through that first trimester, and expertly concealed any hint of a bump with a chunky, thick-fabric dress that every-so-slightly drifted over her growing uterus. In an Instagram caption that paired with this image, Khloe said, "Cherry blossoms and tea for baby number three." And while it's easy to assume "baby number three" is referring to Kim's third child, Khloe is also conveniently the third Kardashian sister to be expecting, making Kim's baby the first, Kylie's the second, and Khloe's baby number three.

14 The "Mother" Of Dragons For Halloween


Just two weeks before that cryptic baby shower announcement, Khloe and her baby daddy, Tristan, stepped out for Halloween in an epic couple's costume. They went as Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. While the costumes are very cool and very culturally relevant, this is also yet another hint at what lies within Khloe's tummy. On the HBO show, Daenerys' character is often commonly referred to as the "Mother of Dragons", as she raised, tamed, and commanded three baby dragons from the time they were little hatchlings. If this little clue about her being a "mother" wasn't enough, dare we mention her three little spawn? Again, she hints at her pregnancy being the third baby, since Daenerys has three dragons as her children. Also, in this pic, Khloe is looking noticeably fatigued. We're sure right after taking these pics, she went home to sleep.

13 On YouTube With Kylie Announcing "It's Our Baby"


If you haven't noticed lately, sisters Kylie and Khloe have been getting pretty close in recent months, and we're pretty sure it's their bond over each expecting little bundles of joy in 2018 that have helped their connection grow. But when the two made a YouTube video to promote their joint line of cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics In Love With the KoKo Kollection, the reason was much more obvious. They first made a point to mention on of their favourite colours in the collection being "Baby Girl", which is one out of eight colours. Khloe also said that the collection is "our baby" and that "we have eight of them". Kylie then joked and said, "We have so many babies. Who knew?" It was super obvious that the pregnant sisters were hinting at their own babies, but guess what? By saying "we have eight of them" they are also hinting at the eight soon-to-be children of the Kardashian sisters; Kourtney has three, Kim will soon have three, and Kylie and Khloe's babies make eight. 

12 Pregnancy Announcement With Roses: "God Is LIMITLESS"


Khloe has always shared plenty of flowers on her Insta feed before, but in the last couple of months, she's been only focusing on one type: roses. With every rose-filled image, she usually captions it with something romantic, like a heart emoji. In a couple of others, however, Khloe has captioned them with "Flowers have powers I swear it" and "Our God is LIMITLESS". Khloe has always been open about her difficulties with conceiving, and if you weren't familiar with the symbolism of the rose, it is commonly used as a symbol of fertility. So by reading between the lines – or in this case, her Insta pics – you can clearly see that Khloe is trying to share multiple clues as to what's going on in her life, and she's eternally grateful for the gift she's been given.

11 When She First Started Hiding Her Bump


In mid-September, Khloe and Tristan were spotted lounging in the Miami nightclub, LIV, and it didn't take long before Khloe started masking her mid-section. Between wearing black and vertical stripes – two fashion choices that are known for their slimming capabilities – and strategically placing her arms and clutch across her lap, she was already making efforts to hide what she probably just discovered not too long ago. Before September, Khloe was captured by photographers regularly wearing tight and belly-revealing outfits, but after September, it's unlikely that you would see her rocking similar styles. In fact, most of her public appearances in October showed her wearing all black, including her visits to the Big Apple, a Cavaliers game, and at various Good American pop-up events.

10 This OBVIOUS Exchange On Instagram


On December 11 – just nine days before officially announcing her pregnancy over Instagram – Khloe posted a romantic declaration of love for the daddy-to-be. She stated that her "life changed", which can only be true if something truly big was happening between them, because let's be real, their relationship hasn't been going on for that long, so how much could he have really changed her life? Unless...that change is the result of getting her knocked up? Totally. And when Tristan replied to her caption with a confirmation that "both" of their lives have been made better, well, there you have it. This little exchange was all we really needed to prove speculation to ourselves, even if the twosome hasn't yet confirmed the pregnancy rumours.

9 No More Abs Shots On Instagram

via: Instagram

If you're a close follower of Khloe's Insta feed, you'll know that something has been missing from her grid the last few months: midriff-baring selfies. Yep, and they've been replaced with roses! But as late as August, Khloe was always posting stomach-exposing selfies and pics of her wearing super-tight body suits. However, recent images of her all show her posing from the top of her torso up, or she's wearing something that masks what's hiding underneath. Not only that, but she looks entirely worn out and super tired, which is a common symptom in that first trimester. So if following clues and playing detective is one of your hobbies, it's likely that you took notice of this minor change in her social posts.

8 Hiding Baby Bump From The Paparazzi


Khloe is not one to normally shy away from the paparazzi, especially when she's looking hella hot. All summer, she was always wearing super sexy outfits while out in the public eye, which is why seeing her in ugly, baggy frocks like this is eyebrow-raising to say the least. She's not only wearing dark and loose clothing, but she is quick to cover up her stomach the moment she thinks someone will be able to spot the bump. Even without her pregnancy announcement, we could all totally tell that Khloe was not behaving in a predictable way. And if previous attempts at "spotting the bump" in Hollywood was any indication, we all know that excessive coverage – whether from clothes, bags, or limbs – is a great indications that an A-lister in preggers.

7 Gender Reveal: When Her Whole Instagram Went Pink

via: Instagram

While rumours started circulated back in September that Khloe was pregnant, and that she was having a boy, it's entirely unlikely that she would even know the gender of her baby as far back as then. In fact, she claims that she doesn't even know what she's carrying, but we highly doubt that. Given Khloe's coy ability to spread clues throughout her social media accounts, we're speculating that Khloe is not only about to announce a pregnancy, but that she is also aware of the gender and is about to share that bit of info with her fans, too! And by her Insta feed, we're guessing that baby will be a girl. She's totally feeling the pink vibes lately, given how her entire Insta grid has adopted rose-coloured hues.

6 Friends And Family Protecting Bump From Cameras


In a screenshot of a recent preview for an upcoming KUWTK episode, we see a ton of people looking pretty excited about something, hugging Khloe, and Kris is in the background trying to hide her tears. We're guessing that this is the big announcement, when Khloe revealed to her family that she has a little bun in that oven of hers. It's also pretty obvious that the loved ones are trying to keep those cameras from getting a close-up on her stomach, but we won't know for sure if this is the big reveal until January 2018, when this much-anticipated episode is revealed. But given the abundance of love that Khloe is receiving, and Kim in the preview saying, "Did you not know?", we're pretty sure that we've figured it out.

5 Tristan Is More Overprotective Than Ever


When it comes to Khloe and Tristan, neither of them are shy about their romance when it comes to showing it in front of the cameras. They're often smooching or caught in an embrace, but not quite like this. The way that Tristan is cradling Khloe's body, it's totally like he's hugging for two. He's more warm, affectionate, and keeps Khloe close to him, rather than simply holding her hand or sitting next to her. Lately, pictures of them show that they are much more than simply in love... they share something else between them, like a baby! This deeper sense of attraction and need to be closer to Khloe is pretty common in men when it comes to the woman carrying his child. Just call him Mr. Softie now that he's gonna be a daddy!

4 Meeting Children In Need And Feeling Broody


Since Khloe first found out she was pregnant – which we're guessing was sometime around August or September – she has been way more affectionate towards children, especially her nieces, nephews, and even those who are less fortunate. It seems that with her pregnancy news, her maternal instinct has officially kicked in and she's hoping to get as much time with the wee people of the world as possible before she becomes a mother herself. She's often posting pics of babies and gushing over how cute they are, which is something only a woman who is expecting – or is already a mother – would be doing. Now that her and Tristan's love has grown, she's been spreading that love and happiness everywhere she goes.

3 Her Snapchat Reflection Tells It ALL


When Khloe was promoting her DIFF eyewear on Snapchat, she thought she was playing it cool with a pair of aviators, but many people noticed something unmistakeable in the reflection of those shades: a Snoogle! The Snoogle is a pretty remarkable full-body pillow that is used specifically to comfort the expanding body of pregnant women. If you look closely, you can make out the U-shaped cushion lying on the floor of her room. Did Khloe mean to reflect that image to her fans, or was it just a simple slip-up on her part? Since nothing Khloe does is by mistake, we're sure that this was just a little teaser to keep her fans hooked and waiting on the edge of their seats for the big announcement.

2 Kris Jenner Emotional Breakdown Teaser On The Show

via: YouTube.com

When celebrating their luxurious Thanksgiving together, the Kardashian clan offered a ton of baby confirmation that revealed that not only Kim was expecting, but so was Khloe and Kylie, on an episode of KUWTK. Kris was the unexpected one to semi-spill the beans when she shed a few tears and said, "I used to pray that one of you guys would have a baby, and now it's like a faucet that we turned on and it won't turn off." Kris goes on to talk about the meaning of life as the cameras pan to Khloe, who proceeds to take a sip of water, and even Kylie, who simply smiles at her mother. The fact that she said "WE" can't turn the baby-making faucet off indicates that there are more sisters who are expecting than just Kim.

1 Only 2 Weeks Ago - Bigger Cup Size

via: Instagram

In a series of posts that had Khloe showing off a pair of grills and wearing a turquoise Puma sports bra, one of her captions read, "Hummm...ice cream or fro yo. Yummmm". Could that be a hint at a pregnancy craving? Aside from the caption, there's something else we can't seem to ignore, and that is her much bigger rack! While the Kardashian daughters have always been curvy – and Khloe is certainly not lacking in the cup department – this bust boost is pretty remarkable, even for her. And in a sports bra, no less? For a piece of material that normally works to squash those puppies down, it's not working very well. Her cups totally runneth over, which is for sure the result of pregnancy and one of the symptoms of swollen ta-tas.

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