Khloé Kardashian In Hot Water After Calling Fan ‘Cute’ For Working Overtime To Buy Good American Jeans

Khloe Kardashian was blasted on social media yesterday after she responded to a fan’s comment. Kaelynn Abner had written on Twitter that she would have to work 20 extra hours to be able to afford a pair of Khloé Kardashian’s Good American jeans that retail for up $265.

Kardashian responded, "Awwwwww this is so cute!!!! I’m so happy you enjoy them." People were quick to criticize the reality star for being out of touch. “Sick,” one Twitter user wrote. Adding that Kardashian “doesn’t even realize how tone deaf this is” since she has been wealthy her entire life.

Another user wrote, “Give her a coupon code or a discount or something. Damn.” Others defended Kardashian, saying that her tweet had been taken out of context and that she wasn’t forcing anyone to work overtime to buy her jeans.

Good American was co-founded by Kardashian and Emma Grede in October 2016 and reportedly reached $1 million in sales on its first day.

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This isn’t the first time that Kardashian, who's reportedly worth $57 million, has raised eyebrows for flaunting her wealth. She was recently slammed for posting a picture of her daughter True sitting in a pile of fourteen Hermès Birkin bags, which cost upwards of $11,000 each. “Vapid and materialistic. We get it. You’re rich … we aren’t. The worst part is, you just keep doing it. Humility goes a long way,” one user wrote.

Ever since Kardashian split up with Tristan Thompson over his alleged cheating, she seems to keep having foot-in-mouth issues on social media. First, she attempted to blame Jordyn Woods for her ex’s cheating ways.

Then, she posted a picture of a T-shirt with several phrases about “loving your neighbor,” including a line about loving your racist neighbor. Many chastised Kardashian, who has a biracial daughter, for supposedly tolerating racism.

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And just last week, she was called out by actress Jameela Jamil for posting a “flat tummy” pic as an endorsement of a weight-loss product. Jamil criticized Kardashian for using her platform to support products without FDA approval and for indirectly promoting body dysmorphia among young girls.

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The Kardashian’s are no strangers to controversy when it involves their wealth since many believe that they’ve done nothing of value to earn it. Recently, Kylie Jenner was dragged after being named a self-made billionaire by Forbes magazine. Many social media users took issue with the term “self-made” since Jenner had been born into wealth and the family has parlayed Kim’s notoriety into several multimillion dollar businesses.

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