Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick Married 30 Years: 20 Pics Of Their Love Story

It’s always surprising when we see a couple in Hollywood who has been married longer than 10 years. Let’s be honest: Hollywood marriages have terrible track records. When it comes to Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, however, they seem to be a couple that has found the secret recipe to a strong and happy marriage.

This past year the couple shared their 30th anniversary and for Hollywood, it might as well be their 100th. It’s rare but they still seem to be very much in love, which is truly magical. It’s not to say that they haven’t had their ups and downs over the years, but it seems that they are stronger than ever as a couple. They have two children together, one of whom has started her own career in Hollywood. It's not easy to follow in Kevin and Kyra's career footsteps, nor their ability to maintain a relationship for decades. In fact, the latter might be harder to achieve!

We found some amazing pictures of the couple. Some are a blast from the past while  others will strive to remind us of the Footloose era. Check out these 20 pics of Kevin and Kyra's long-term love.

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20 They Met When Kyra Was 12

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Wow, do they look young in this photo with their dog! The two actually met when Kyra Sedgwick was 12 and Kevin Bacon was 19. Crazy, right? Of course, they weren’t dating at the time. While a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Kevin said that he met Kyra when she was 12 because he was actually doing a play in the '70s and Kyra was watching it.

After the performance in the deli “a little girl was in there who had just seen the matinee, and her brother said, ‘You liked that actor, go tell him you liked him,’ and it was Kyra,” Bacon recalls, as E! News reports. “She was a little girl, yeah.”

19 The Secret To A 30-Year Marriage

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Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick claim that they have no secret to their successful 30-year marriage. But how can that be? When asked what the secret was, Bacon quipped to Entertainment Tonight, "Whatever you do, don't listen to celebrities on advice on how to stay married. That's my secret."

Sedgwick seems to agree because when she was queried by CNN's Piers Morgan she said, "I always get uncomfortable with that question," she explained, "because I always feel like, the secret to a happy marriage is to not take advice from celebrities about marriage."

The two are definitely in sync.

18 They Don’t Like Talking About Their Relationship

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Maybe the secret to a long marriage in Hollywood is to keep the relationship private. Sure, they will talk in interviews about how cute the other is, but these two don’t really go deep into things. Which is why they aren’t giving up their secrets to a long life together. We have seen plenty of celebrities over the years who constantly gush about their relationship, only to find out that they are divorced that same year.

Marriage isn’t easy for anyone, whether you are a celebrity or not. If you want to make it work, you have to work hard at it.

17 They Reunited On The Set of Lemon Sky

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Kevin might have met his future wife when she was 12 but the two met again on the set of Lemon Sky, when they were both actors working together. It was the '80s and they were both in their 20s at the time. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything like that, but Bacon has found a comfort in Kyra that he can’t get anywhere else.

He told Good Housekeeping in 2013, “Being with Kyra is… the easiest aspect of my life. I know that I don’t need a beach or room service to be happy.” That’s the sweetest thing that we’ve ever heard.

16 Kyra Didn’t Think He Was Her Type

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Kyra might be very much in love these days, but there was a time when she didn’t even consider Kevin to be her type. They worked together on Lemon Sky but she really didn’t want anything to do with him outside of work. "I vividly remember looking at his butt when he walked away after we first met and thinking, Well, I guess some girls like that," she told Redbook.

It must have been a bruise to his ego to learn that she wasn’t that interested in him. But no matter what, he never gave up and he eventually won her over.

15 How He Won Her Over

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“He was very friendly and sweet and every night after work he would say, ‘Who wants to go out to dinner?' And the whole cast would say yes except for me," Kyra recalled to Conan O'Brien, when talking about being on set with Kevin. "And later on he told me that the only person he wanted to say yes was me and I never said yes and he was always stuck with the check, poor guy."

Most guys would have given up on her, but Kevin was determined to take her out for dinner and eventually one day she agreed to go. It’s a good thing or they might not be together today.

14 Being Close In A Marriage Is So Important

via Virtual History

Part of the reason why their marriage has lasted so long is because they have a lot of passion between them. Maybe that’s the secret. “That desire is there," Sedgwick has said, as E! News reports. "When he walks into a room, I'm still…I mean, my heart gets a little fluttery and I think, 'Oh! He's so cute. He's so hot.' That's literally the first thing I think. You can ask people on the set—it's palpable."

That’s a pretty amazing thing to say after 30 years of marriage and it’s clear that they are still very much into each other. They are a great example of a strong marriage.

13 A Marriage In The '80s

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They were married in the '80s and how cute do they look in this picture? Not only do they look so young but we love Kyra's traditional dress. They moved quickly when it came to getting married, and just as quickly to have children. Bacon told People magazine that he thinks his wife is amazing for staying with him:

“I was watching videotapes of our family from the early ’90s. Hearing me making these cheesy jokes from behind the camera, I said to my wife, ‘When I look at those tapes and hear the things coming out of my mouth, the fact that you have stayed with me is truly heroic.’”

12 Their Anniversary Included The Bee Gees

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Could these two look any happier in this photo? For their 30th anniversary, the two sang a rendition of “To Love Somebody,” the 1967 hit by the Bee Gees. Bacon posted the video of them singing on Twitter with the caption, “the woman of my dreams and the music in my life.” It’s also hard to believe that Bacon is 60 these days! His wife commented on the photo, writing, "30 yrs. wow. Love you so."

They have a very sweet relationship and the fact that they are still doing cute things like this says a lot about their relationship.

11 Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

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Kyra Sedgwick had a bit of a surprising experience when she appeared on PBS’s Faces of America. At the time, she learned that she and her husband were 9th cousins, once removed. Now, she can say that she’s really got a one up on us when it comes to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. "We've been married for so long and there are no secrets. But I never in a million years thought there would be sides to Kevin that I'm still learning," she said, as Country Living reports.

"When I look back at our first four years...by that time we'd had our second kid, and I look back at those pictures and I think, 'Gosh, I didn't know him at all!' I loved him, but I didn't know him, and he probably didn't know me."

10 Her Heart Still Beats Fast For Him

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If after 30 years together, you can say that your heart still beats faster when your man walks in the room, that’s pretty incredible. We have to believe that this is part of the secret that keeps Kyra and Kevin together. She’s already admitted that her heart flutters when he walks into the room, which is pretty cool. But their marriage success is about more than that. They knew that they needed to keep the spark alive.

As E! News reports Kyra saying, "We were lucky that we had help and could go out on dates. We could leave the kids at home and have that time alone together."

9 They Wasted No Time To Have Kids

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Kyra has explained in interviews that they married quickly after dating and started to have children right away. "If someone had told me that at 22 I was going to meet the man I was going to marry and at 23 I would marry him and have a child, I would have told them they were out of their mind," she told Redbook. While on their honeymoon they decided to “see what happens” when it came to getting pregnant.

"We were like, Let's just not use birth control," she recounted to More, as E! News reports. "I didn't think it was going to happen so fast. I got pregnant in two weeks."

8 Keep The Fights Clean

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Not only do they have great chemistry to get them through 30 years of marriage, but Kyra believes that you should never do anything to hurt your partner. She has some good advice that everyone should follow. Not only is it about keeping things spicy in the marriage and having similar interests, but it's also about the way in which a couple argues. It's pretty basic stuff, though.

"Keep the fights clean, and don't have sex with somebody else," Kyra told Good Housekeeping in 2010. "Monogamy is a given, like 'Put the toilet seat down.'"

7 She Thought He Was Really Arrogant

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When Kyra and Kevin met for the second time, she wasn’t that impressed with him. She was 22 at the time and was appearing on the soap opera, Another World. When Kyra first laid eyes on Kevin for the second time he was boarding the van that would take the Lemon Sky crew to their set. He had his black Labrador with him and she remembers what her first impression of him was.

She said, as E! News reports, "My first thought was, 'He's really cocky and he thinks he's so cool.'" Thankfully, she gave him the time to prove her wrong.

6 They Encourage Each Other’s Career

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With any celebrity couple, there has to be a lot of support involved so that both people can flourish in their respective careers. One career can’t be more important than the other otherwise resentment can fester. Kyra had a hard time feeling like she should work because of her children but it was Kevin who encouraged her to take a role in Closer. As E! News reports, Kyra recalled it being tough. She said,

"It was heartbreaking. Half of me was in New York and half of me was in California. I missed stuff—events, performances—but we kept trusting that it was going to be okay. The good news is that Kevin was working less, and he was home during almost the entire school year. But it was really, really hard."

5 They Lost Millions At One Point

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Even celebrities can lose money if they trust the wrong people. It was certainly one of the obstacles that Kevin and Kyra encountered in their marriage. Finding out that you were conned out of millions by the notorious fraudster Bernie Madoff would be daunting for anyone. The couple had been building their nest egg for two decades and then, suddenly, it was all gone.

“We kind of said...‘Well, our families are okay… we’ll get back to work,’” Bacon said, as Closer Weekly reports. “What else are you going to do?”

They stayed a team, however. "I don't think there was a moment where it was like, that thing happened and then we got [cross with] each other. It was sort of the opposite," Bacon told GQ, as Meaww reports.

4 He Loved How Aloof She Was

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Poor Kevin Bacon was well aware of how unimpressed Kyra Sedgwick was with him right from the beginning. But he was so into her that he went after her anyway. He knew that she thought he was arrogant, but he wanted her.

"I found her, you know, really very beautiful and sexy and aloof," he said, as E! News reports. "And I was just immediately in love with her and she was just immediately put off by me." Regardless of that, he still believed that she was the one, and he ended up proving them both right.

3 He Moved Mountains To See Her

via Closer Weekly

While they were filming Lemon Sky together, Kevin tried everything to get Kyra to go out for dinner with him. She didn’t give in for a while, in fact she even avoided him at times. He wouldn't give up, though.

As E! News reports, Kyra recalled, "He said, ‘You should make an appointment to go see [the masseuse] and you know, it just so happens the massage room is in the gym and if I happen to be finished with my workout when you're finished with your massage, maybe we can get dinner?' And I'm thinking, ‘Yeah, sure, that's not going to happen. I'm not going to tell him when my massage is."

2 She Realized That He Was The One

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There came a time when Kyra started to believe that Kevin really was the one for her. They started dating and things just started to click for her. "I had no great role models in terms of healthy marriages," Sedgwick told Good Housekeeping, noting that her parents split up when she was three. She added,

"but I knew in my heart and soul that he was the right person. It was an unquestionable truth of mine. I've never had anything like that before or after."

It was the same year that Bacon ended up proposing to her on Christmas Eve. He put the ring in her stocking and of course, she said yes.

1 Working On The Marriage, Always

via London Dating

Maybe the true secret to their long marriage is that they believe that marriage should come before the children’s needs. Kyra believes that marriage should be the top priority over all else. "It's the foundation on which everything is built," she said, as E! News reports. "Kids should know that your needs are important, because if they think your happiness lies only in them, that's a lot of pressure on them. I feel the primary relationship has to be the mother and the father, and then it can be the kids. Of course the kids come first in planning your life, but it's incredibly important to keep your relationship as a couple strong and make time for it." Wise words.

Sources: E! News, Redbook, People, Country Living, Good Housekeeping, Meaww, Closer Weekly

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