Kendall Shares That She Showed Some Skin In Recent Photoshoot

Let's face it, someone with Kardashian lineage doffing her duds for the camera isn't really news, although their rabid base of disciples would eagerly lap it up anyway. After all, wasn't it a porn outing involving Kim and a dude named DJ Ray that started all this fuss in the first place?

Well, maybe it's high time that we cut some slack with at least one of her siblings, namely the relatively more reclusive Kendall Jenner, who decided to share on Instagram some recent nude shots. With LA fashion photographer Sasha Samsonova, who's been behind the lens for a lot of Jenner's relatively more conservative shots, the celebrity decided to risk it by revealing a bit more than what's she's normally used to showing in her images.

Arguably, the results don't come across like a sleazy frat-level oglefest, but shows there's a great deal of thought that went into the pics. Compared to a grainy and hastily-captured January Instagram image of sister Kim in nothing but a thong while trying to don a fur coat, the Jenner pics come across as masterpieces.

Samsonova, whose previous Jenner shots have predominantly been in color, opted for a more film noir approach, taking advantage of light and shadow contrasts by capturing her subject in black and white. Given Samsonova's European upbringing, it's probably no accident that she had borrowed a few ideas from some heavyweights on her native continent, namely Italy's Federico Fellini and Germany's legendary expressionist filmmaker Fritz Lang.


Fans obviously approve, with one of her perched on a stone table receiving 4.3 million likes, followed by a staircase shot nabbing 3.7 million likes. And yep, they're classy, capturing Jenner in a more empowering state. Considering a recent brush with a stalker that left her more guarded than her more outgoing sisters, and some trolling wags who called Jenner out over evidence of facial acne when she was at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, shots like these certainly might add a jolt of self confidence into the psyche.

Whether Jenner and trusted lens-mate Samsonova will release more images like these remains to be seen. But for those wanting to get their skin fix of anyone associated with the Kardashians, count on sister Kim to not disappoint.

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