Kendall Jenner's Hair Extensions Are Making All Of Our Long Hair Dreams Come True

Like most models, Kendall Jenner tends to not make any dramatic changes in hairstyle or color. Yet, the 22-year-old did recently opt for extensions, which have given her a look somewhat reminiscent of older sister Kim’s longer locks.

The model debuted her new hair at Drake's 2000s-themed birthday party this past week, where she wore a Paris Hilton-inspired getup that included low-rise flare jeans, a spaghetti-strap tank top, and a Von Dutch trucker hat. Apparently, the hair was part of her early aughts look.

Jenner's real hair is still a discreet medium length, which is long enough for a ponytail and short enough to wear under a wig if necessary. For the party though she let it all hang out. She shared an Instagram Story of her new look, captioning the photo, "it's been a while."

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Jenner, who is expected at the Victoria's Secret Angels runway show, may be testing the waters for her turn on the catwalk, though some suspect she was secretly paying tribute to Kim, who reigned supreme on the party scene in the 2000s when she was exactly the age Kendall is now and also Hilton’s BFF.

Jenner may also be trying to mix it up after she was called out on social media for a pic that Vogue posted, which showed the model sporting teased hair that somewhat resembled an Afro. The Kardashian’s are no strangers to cultural appropriation as Kim has caught flak for wearing African braids and an Afro in the past.

The magazine was the target of criticism with one user writing, “There are other models @voguemagazine you could really get a real Afro model tsk tsk,” while another added, “Does her hair really look like that on a daily basis? Is she African American? Why couldn’t y'all get a girl with a real fro on the cover if y'all wanted a fro so bad!”

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Others, however, defended Jenner, saying she was simply reflecting the turn of the century look she was portraying. “Oh please. It’s not an Afro it's teased hair to look like the period they were styling for,” one user wrote, while another added, “As someone with a serious Afro, I'm certainly not offended by this look/portrayal.”

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For now, Jenner, who is no stranger to controversy, has left her updo behind and gone instead for mermaid locks for Drake’s party, where the Canadian rapper fittingly wore a Sean John velour tracksuit and a headband and carried a flip phone. At the party, the now 32-year-old gave away Chanel bags to his guests as party favors, as well as T-shirts with his teenage face printed on the front.

The party also featured a Blockbuster video wall, a 7-Eleven stocked with Slurpee’s, and a collection of cars from MTV’s hit show Pimp My Ride.

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