Kendall Jenner Trolls Tristan Thompson Court-side, And We Love Her Even More For It

Kendall Jenner was caught on camera booing her sister Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan Thompson during his own basketball game, and everyone who is keeping up with the Kardashians is loving her for it. The whole thing went down during Tristan's team Cavaliers game against Philadelphia 76ers, the team which just so happens to be where Kendall's rumored beau Ben Simmons plays. Kendall was most probably there to watch her on-again-off-again boyfriend play and was seen cheering him and his team on courtside.

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It was in the moment when Tristan was about to shoot a free throw that Kendall decided to join in with the rest of the 76ers fans who were booing Tristan to try and throw him off his game. A fan sitting across the court from Kendall managed to catch it all on video, and unsurprisingly the footage went viral.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, Kendall was seen chatting with Tristan after the game, so there is most likely no hard feelings between them, or at least not more than that they can be friendly. Khloé shared the video of Kendall's booing, laughing about it and calling her supermodel sister a baby heckler, so it seems as if it was done jokingly, or more as an act of support towards Ben Simmons team.

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This little act of support, or heckling, comes just as the world is reliving the awful infidelity drama from this spring when footage of Tristan Thompson was leaker showing him cheating on Khloé Kardashian with different women. The family's famous reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has just reached the moment of when the footage of Tristan's infidelity surfaced only days before Khloé went into labor. Fans all over the world, and perhaps Khloé and the rest of the KarJenners, are reliving the awful betrayal, and Tristan is getting a lot of hate on his Instagram account again.

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Kendall's stunt seems to have been done jokingly, and both Tristan and Khloé appeared to have taken no offence to it. However, given what went down between Khloé and Tristan, and how it is now being shared more in-depth through the latest episodes of KUWTK, it might have been Kendall's way to show the world that she has her sister's back.

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