Kendall Jenner Managed To Make This Ugly Trend Super Fashionable

It's definitely no secret that model and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner knows how to dress amazingly. But she knows more than just how to dress well. She also knows how to make a bad or ugly piece of clothing look as amazing as a gorgeous piece of clothing. Even an accessory can look good on Jenner, no matter what. One of her latest social media posts only proves this very point further.

As seen in Teen Vogue on Wednesday, Jenner posted more than one Instagram Story to her profile of her wearing a pair of high-performance sunglasses. One Story even included the phrase "too fast for you," as if to tease the fact that they look very much like sunglasses a race car driver would wear. She showed them off despite their lack of popularity among most women who tried to follow many trends. In the process, she pulled off the sunglasses while showing that she can indeed wear just about anything and make it work.

Via Teen Vogue

The sunglasses in question that Jenner wore were large with yellow lenses and black rims. Unfortunately for those anxious to snag the same pair as the famous reality TV star, Jenner never did reveal where she purchased them from, or the name of the designer who made them in the first place. Although when you think about it, that could be a good thing, as they're most likely way too overpriced, making them next to impossible for any normal people to purchase. So if you want a pair like Jenner's, you'll have check both online stores and physical stores alike to find something that resembles them closely.

Fans who see Jenner's sunglasses will no doubt hold some very strong opinions about the sunglasses themselves. Some people will just hate looking at them, whereas others will love them so much that they'll want to find something similar to look just like one of their favorite celebrities. But one thing is for certain- Jenner certainly knows how to pull off any kind of trend, no matter how controversial it may be.


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