Kendall Jenner Finds Herself In Hot Water After Revealing Her BIG (Really Not-So-Big) Announcement

Kendall Jenner has, yet again, found herself in hot water, and this time due to her recent big announcement that was set to be revealed Sunday. Momager Kris Jenner was teasing this big reveal, using her social media channels to encourage people to make sure to tune in and watch Kendall's Twitter account Sunday the 6th of January. However, when Kendall finally shared her big announcement, it seems as if people were quite disappointed with the supermodel, which was not the outcome Kendall or Kris was hoping for.

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Reality mogul Kris Jenner was really pushing for Kendall's upcoming reveal this past weekend. With her tweet revealing how she was a proud mom, how her daughter inspired her, and how everyone should be prepared to be moved, most people were expecting something huge. Kris was using hashtags such as #changetheconversation, #bethechange, #shareyourstory, and #finallyasolution, which was alluding to something quite serious. As it turns out, Kendall's big announcement was that she has been struggling with acne all her life and that she is the new spokeswoman for Proactiv.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, Kendall's followers were not holding back in sharing their feelings about this misleadingly teased announcement. Some were saying how it was completely ridiculous and laughable that this was what Kris had been referring to in her heartfelt tweets. Others were suggesting that the twenty-three-year-old supermodel most likely does not use Proactiv's products anyway since she can clearly afford much more luxurious beauty products and facial treatments.

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Kendall Jenner has shared her struggle with acne before, but in the video clip for acne brand Proactiv she also showcased her acne scarred skin and talked about how she wants to reach people who are in the same situation. She wants to let everyone battling acne know that it is entirely normal, and something that a lot of people, supermodels included, have to deal with. Although the acne was worse for Kendall when she was in her early teens, it is something she struggles it, and she got a lot of mean-spirited comments after being photographed with visible acne scars and pimples at the Golden Globe Awards last year.

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Although some found Kendall's big announcement to be a bit of a disappointment, there are most likely also some people who take great comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggle with acne.

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