Keeping Up With The Kardashians: 20 Fake Things Fans Choose To Ignore

"She's the least exciting to look at." Possibly topping all insults reality TV has heard, this is what Kim Kardashian had to say about her own sister in 2018. Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been airing since 2009. It's the guilty pleasure that everyone tunes into (and with good reason).

Kylie Jenner is now arguably more famous than her big sister, Kim. When the show started out, it was pretty much Kim Central, with those sisters of hers as accessories. How times have changed. Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kris are all now major figures (although quite where Jordyn Woods stands is a little less clear).

"Reality." While Teen Mom shows moms grappling with the struggles of raising kids young, KUWTK shows different "struggles." Planning a Christmas calendar between shoots. Getting hair and makeup done. Those parties. On the whole, everyone is quite happy to tag along from the couch.

The fakery had to come out eventually. As reports of "editing rights" are confirmed by the family themselves, there's now a side to this show that's throwing everyone some question marks.

Khloe's dates don't add up. Nor do Corey Gamble's. Whether it's a pregnant Kylie going sly on why she's shooting her Christmas calendar "privately" or the fact that the house exteriors themselves aren't #Kardashian, there's a lot to look over.

The tears are real, but the hair is fake. Everyone can handle that. What's more difficult to swallow? These interesting points. Here are all 20, and yes, they're out to reveal the parts of this show that just don't make sense.

20 'She's The Least Exciting To Look At' (From A Woman Who Projects A #FamilyImage)

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It was the biggest catfight to date. In 2018, KUWTK showed Kim straight-up call her own sister "the least exciting to look at." Kris Jenner tried to make peace between Kim and Kourtney as their schedules clashed, but Kim wasn't having any of it.

"She is the least exciting to look at, so she can be out." Kourtney burst into tears. The apology? "What I meant is, you're the most boring."

As This Is Insider reports, Kim did apologize, but it was too little, too late. Kim's whole game is projecting a loving, wholesome, and family image. Letting this air? It literally makes no sense.

19 Wants To Shoot Christmas Calendar 'Privately' (Everyone's Twigged Kylie Is Pregnant)

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When Kylie returned to IG in February 2018 (complete with Stormi), Kim called it "the best-kept secret of our generation." It was a pretty good KUWTK moment, although let's not forget to backtrack.

As Christmas 2017 approached, everyone was gearing up for the Kardashian Christmas calendar. "She wanted to shoot hers privately at home," was the KUWTK statement as Kylie's sisters all kept mum.

Why it doesn't make sense? Because it's a bit of a lie. Kylie was pregnant, fans were expecting a little honesty, and by this point, everyone had basically twigged that Kylie was expecting. Kylie later apologized for keeping her fans "in the dark" on IG.

18 Khloe 'Respects' Not Involving Tristan In The Show, He Gets Airtime Anyway

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From someone who watched it, you have it on good authority– Khloe did, indeed, "respect" Tristan Thompson's career when talking about him appearing on the show. Season 15 was when this former couple announced that they were expecting a baby girl.

It doesn't add up. One minute, Khloe is "respecting" Tristan's privacy and the fact that he might not want a reality career. The next? We're seeing Tristan actually on the air.

For the most part, guest appearances include Kim's BFF Larsa Pippen or her (other) BFF, Jonathan Cheban. We'll assume they get paid to feature. Well, unless they need the publicity. Tristan? We have no idea.

17 The 'Cuba' Episode That Was Filmed In California

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This might go back to Season 12, but we haven't forgotten it. "Missing Cuba" was the episode that saw Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe embark on a last-minute trip to Havana. We saw them basking in the sun, visiting the sites, and cruising around in a vintage car.

Problem. As The Cut reports, the May 26, 2016 filming date coincides directly with the family shooting– in Los Angeles. The media outlet called the timing "inconsistent." No kidding.

Seeing this family travel is something we're used to. In 2018, it was that high-profile Japan trip. Half the show seems to show Kim on a private jet. When you're filming in LA but apparently in Cuba, it just doesn't add up.

16 The 'Scripted' Kourtney And Scott Drama That Just Doesn't Feel Real

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It's half the reason we tune in. Watching Kourtney and Scott manage their #OnOff relationship has been like watching a real-life version of Ross and Rachel on Friends. 2015 is when Kourtney and Scott were last "officially on."

"It's all part of the show's scripted manufactured trouble between the two."

NY Daily News has a different take, though. Specifically, that "all" of the drama between these two isn't necessarily real. The media outlet referred to a woman who was "placed" near Scott at a bar (making him tempted to flirt). As it turns out, the woman was a friend of Kourtney's. This totally doesn't add up.

15 When You're Always Eating Salad, It Feels Forced (Not Casual)

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It's like salad should be getting paid by this point. The standard home setup on KUWTK now goes like this: Kourtney is munching on salad from a plastic bowl, Khloe walks in holding the same, and Kim is picking at hers. Always eating salads, never finishing them.

"Everyone asks where our salads and yellow drinks are from – it's a place in Calabasas called Health Nut. Chef salad with mango iced tea," Kim said.

OK! wrote an entire article on this family's obsession with salads. While it's good to see these girls encouraging a balanced diet, you've got to admit– always eating salad feels fake.

14 Kylie Disappears From The Show, Don't These People Have Contractual Obligations?

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Wait a sec. When you sign up to do a season of a TV show, it's your job to show your face. Barely showing her face during the late part of 2017 is something everyone got used to on Kylie's IG. It was literally just Kylie Cosmetics promos and shots from the waist-up.

Kylie had her reasons. Clearly, that pregnancy needed time away from the public eye. What doesn't add up is literally a question of numbers.

If Kylie is being paid per season like the rest of the family, how did she contractually get out of appearing on the show? We didn't see her during the pregnancy (and we still don't know how it worked). Messaging the producers...

13 $150 Million To Renew, 20% Of The Show Is Random Shots Of California

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It sucks you right in. There you are, waiting for Kim to swan into the kitchen with her "big announcement," and you will get it– after the break. Except this isn't about the ad break. Add up all the minutes of random location footage between scenes, and you'll be amazed.

Sunsets over the Hollywood sign. Sped-up footage of LA's highways. Wherever it is they're vacationing. When E! revealed that the Kardashians had signed a $150 million contract to continue airing the show, everyone realized just how much this family is making.

What doesn't make sense to us here is how much "random" footage there is. It's so well done though, we barely notice it.

12 Khloe's Dates Literally Don't Add Up

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Literally, oops. Taking us back to Season One, we're looking at The Cut's report that Khloe's run-in with the law just doesn't add up. The show itself got the green light in August 2007. The event was a staggering five months earlier, despite the "live" footage.

"Remembering Dad" is the episode in question that brings a total of two mistakes with Khloe. The anniversary of Robert Kardashian's passing is also six months after the "live" footage.

Third time a charm? This Is Insider reports that Khloe's "live" discovery of her pregnancy was unlikely real. We saw Khloe look at her pregnancy test and share the result with her assistant. Realistically, we're not so sure.

11 But The World's Busiest Sisters Are Always 'Available' For Live Facetime

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Super-available, right? The minute there's drama, the world's busiest sisters seem to be able to pick up that phone and FaceTime. The way Tristan and Khloe's "breaking news" was filmed, you'd think they all received the message in sync.

"You're the least exciting to look at" was based on an argument about time. Kourtney didn't want to shoot the calendar at a time that worked for Kim. They literally argued it out to the point of insults.

And yet, when one of them needs a shoulder to cry on, everybody's "right there." We aren't questioning the love here, but from a family who is officially #TimeStrapped, it just doesn't make sense.

10 Charity Event Partners With Adidas, Kanye's Yeezy Shoes Are Adidas, #Convenient

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Precisely why you read stuff from people who know the show inside out. In 2018, Season 15 saw the Kardashians show their charitable side by partnering up with the local community. Sports was the agenda, but Adidas was behind it.

Okay, nothing wrong with that. Of course, we couldn't help but notice that there was zero mention of any business talks or deals. No mention of promotion. Kanye West's Yeezy footwear partners with Adidas.

Think about it. This entire family is a promotion machine. Adidas casually being name-dropped? Kim might be smart, but we can be, too. Fortunately, it was all for a good cause (and this family definitely does give back).

9 Corey's Show Arrival Is Out By Three Months

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We were way too busy watching this family living it up in Las Vegas to notice the dates. That is, until we thought it through. In 2014, KUWTK showed the sisters and Scott Disick trying to break down Kris's "new" relationship. Kris is now #RockSolid with Corey Gamble.

As The Cut reports, Corey met the Kardashians in October 2014. The scene actually showing him meeting them was filmed three months later. Khloe then backed this up on her IG with a December date.

It felt fresh, but it wasn't. Which brings us to the bizarre question– just how fake is this show? Surprise pregnancy announcements, new relationships. If Corey's arrival is out by three months, what else is?

8 A 'Reality' Show, Kardashians Have 'Rights' To Edit All Footage

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From one perspective, this one definitely makes sense. The KarJenners are power women who absolutely want to project, well, whatever they want to project. Executive rights to edit all footage? Yes, please. As Kris Jenner confirmed in 2011 to Piers Morgan:

"From the start, they've always said we have, you know, the right to edit and approve all footage."

"It's their right to edit," The Mirror reports. There's a part that doesn't make sense, though. It comes with a #Reality. It's what we're paying to see (well, via those paid ads). We should be getting it. Fortunately, the show is just so darn addictive, we end up not caring.

7 Zillions Of Kids, No Fuss, Reports Of A 'Well-Oiled Machine'

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It just doesn't add up. Even back when the "kids deal" was just Kourtney's three, this household was looking way too calm. In 2019, the KarJenner mansions are home to North, Saint, Chicago, Stormi, Dream, True, Mason, Penelope, and Reign. The Mirror reported an interesting comment from a source:

"It's a well-oiled machine with three nannies moving around the house, bringing the kids in for a quick Snapchat with [mom], then whipping them away again if they start to cry or make a fuss."

If North West is throwing a tantrum, we aren't seeing it. We see the smiles and all the wholesome activities. In a way, we wish this show were a bit more like Teen Mom.

6 Kanye Thinks Reality TV Is 'Tacky,' Still On The Show

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Kanye West isn't the most regular face on KUWTK, but he's definitely there. In 2018, we saw Kim and Kanye return to Paris for the Louis Vuitton Menswear Show. Don't think there isn't something amiss here too, though. A source told Radar Online:

"Kim really wants to put North on the show. Kanye shuts Kim down whenever she brings it up. [He] doesn't want his daughter ever to appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

This was back when Kim wanted an infant North to appear on the show. While Kim got her way, Kanye's views haven't been forgotten. The guy who thinks reality TV is "tacky" is a regular on a reality show.

5 Kim Faked Losing An Earring, What Else Is Fake?

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We're way too busy watching Kim pick her Yeezy outfits to think back to the time when she was losing earrings. The Mirror remembered, though. $175,000 was the estimated worth of a diamond earring that Kim "lost" in the ocean back in 2011.

As the newspaper reported that Kim was "[said to have] faked" the scene, it brought us back to the same question we've been asking over and over again. When a show comes as "reality" and fakery is making headlines, remind us what's the point?

Editing footage is one thing. Fabricating scenes is another. Take The Cut's report of (yet another) conflict of location– Dubai and LA back in 2011. We literally can't keep up.

4 Kylie's Spends $10,000 A Year On Takeout, Talks About Cooking

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The 2019 news that Kylie Jenner spent $10,000 last year on takeout alone made major headlines (well, until Khloe, Tristan, and Jordyn Woods kind of took over). The Daily Mail and DListed both honed right in on this.

"I was making matzo ball soup and had all the ingredients but carrots." Kylie actually ordered a single carrot from Bristol Farms as part of her $10,000-a-year Postmates order.

Kylie's IG shows us cooking. She talks about it on the show (they're always eating "homemade" stuff alongside those salads). The girl who spends $10,000 a year on cream cheese bagels that are delivered is a cook? It doesn't add up.

3 Kris Jenner Seems Like The Coolest Mom Ever, Ex-Nanny Reports Broccoli 'Freakouts'

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Sturdy? Yes. A go-getter? Absolutely. Kris Jenner is a power "momager." Nonetheless, the image that Kris is careful to project is one of a loving mother (which she is). KUWTK definitely doesn't show an aggressive woman, although reports state otherwise.

"Kris gave me a shopping list and told me to go to the grocery store. When I got home, Kris said, ‘Where is the broccoli?’ I told her broccoli was not on the list. She immediately lost her temper, yelling, ‘I can’t [...] believe you [...] forgot the [...] broccoli!’"

As NY Daily News reports, Kris's former nanny had a thing or two to say about the real Kris Jenner. Honestly, we wish we could just see the real person. That's if it's true...

2 'Sofia This,' 'Sofia That,' Scott's Girlfriend Still Isn't On The Show

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Scott Disick now seems to be super-serious with his girlfriend, Sofia Richie. Yes, he's 35 while Sofia is 21. Still, with Scott himself admitting on the show that things are going strong with this girl, we're the ones left wondering: Where is she?

Reality TV is, by default, supposed to show us the reality of people's lives. Maci Bookout marries a guy? He's on Teen Mom. Porsha Williams gets engaged? The guy is on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Sofia has yet to appear on KUWTK. Seeing her papped with Scott and the kids more than we see Scott with Kourtney has now reached the point of making no sense. This girl belongs on the show.

1 House Exteriors Seem Real, Actually 20 Miles Away

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"When we film inside, that's obviously our real home"– not something we wanted to hear. When Kim herself admitted that the house exteriors aren't real, everybody started wondering what actually is.

Yes, those exteriors you see at the start of each scene. As Digital Spy reports, 2014 saw a home 20 miles from where the family lives used for filming. "Security purposes" is the reason.

Kim and Kanye live in a mansion worth $20 million, The Daily Mail reports. We can handle the fake hair, nails, and lashes. Is it too much to ask to get the real house? Apparently so.

Dear producers: We love your show to bits, but seriously, half this stuff makes no sense.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Digital Spy, NY Daily News, The Mirror, The Cut, This Is Insider

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