Keds and Kate Spade Team Up for a Bridal Sneaker Collection

Keds and Kate Spade are teaming up for a bridal sneaker collection!

According to Refinery29, Kate Spade New York and the famous sneaker Keds have collaborated on a bridal collection of style and comfort. The shoes will fit perfectly with even the fanciest of weddings, giving all brides another choice besides heels. After all, brides want to look gorgeous on their big day, but many times they have to sacrifice comfort for style.

“The Keds x Kate Spade New York wedding collection is the perfect union of ease and glamour for everything from the bridal shower to bridesmaids’ gifts to walking down the aisle to happily ever after. Equal parts glamour and comfort, these styles are a must for brides-to-be,” said Keds in a press release about the new partnership.

Although wearing sneakers on your wedding day is not traditional, it is becoming a trend. Now, thanks to the new Keds and Kate Spade collaboration, brides will have many more options if they choose the comfortable footwear.

A variety of colors are featured in the bridal collection, not just the typical white or ivory. In fact, red, rose gold, silver, and black are just a few of the confirmed colors. There will also be more than one style. The famed designers have created at least three different styles to kick off the bridal collection.

“There’s no better way to walk down the aisle than in these elegant sneakers: height without the heel, dance-all-night comfort, plus versatile style so you can keep wearing them well after the big day,” shared Keds.

There is even more good news when brides check out the new collection now at Keds.com. They are priced pretty moderately at about $100 per pair. This is not a bad price for comfort, with a good pair of uncomfortable heels costing about the same price, if not more.

Keds and Kate Spade are bringing style and comfort to their bridal collection. Brides will no longer have to change their shoes midway though the reception. Now, only one pair of amazing shoes for the entire day is necessary.

What are your thoughts on the new sneaker bridal collection by Keds and Kate Spade? Would you wear stylish sneakers on your wedding day?

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