Keanu Reeves Continues To Be The Best By Dating A Woman Over 40

Keanu Reeves has earned the reputation of one of the nicest, most genuine men in Hollywood. His latest gesture is a simple one, but it goes against the Hollywood norm

Earlier this week, Reeves stepped out holding hands with a woman. We all thought the hunky actor has been longtime single, but now that we know he is coupled up, we're very happy for him. And we're even happier that his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant is 46 years old. In case you didn't know, the very handsome and rugged Keanu is 55 years old!

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In a time where 65-year-old Dennis Quaid is marrying a 26-year-old and 70-year-old Richard Gere is expecting a second baby with his 36-year-old wife, it is refreshing to see a longtime Hollywood heartthrob with a woman well in her 40s who is not only embracing her age but completely rocking it! This is also significant because Keanu hasn't been so much as spotted with a romantic partner in decades.

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Reeves previously dated actress Jennifer Syme in the 90s. Tragically, they had a stillborn baby girl together in 1999 and they broke up soon after due to the trauma. Syme passed away in a car accident two years later and was buried next to their daughter. Reeves hasn't been linked to anyone romantically since.

After Reeves and Grant attended the Los Angeles County Museum of Art + Film Gala hand in hand, the internet was a-buzz with excitement and questions.  Of course, everyone was curious about his Reeves/Grant relationship. We do know that he and Grant have been friends for years. They've even collaborated on a couple of books together. One of them is called Shadows. Reeves wrote it while Grant was the illustrator.

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But to the disappointment of everyone, apparently these two have been dating for a few years and it isn't a secret. Only a secret from us...the people who don't even know them personally. Which while, disappointing, makes total sense.

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Well, we don't know about you but Reeves deserves happiness. He spent years caring for his sister as she battled leukemia and has never been attached to a scandal. Reeves is just a good guy.

Reeves and Grant have been friends for years and they seem to have found happiness together. And we couldn't be happier for them.

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