Katy Perry Shares Sweet Photo From Ellie Goulding’s Wedding

English pop singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding, 32, is thriving- and it's not just her career that's thriving. Her love life is stronger than ever after marrying her boyfriend of two years, art dealer Caspar Jopling. The wedding was a beautiful and star studded affair, complete with the church setting and the many celebrities in attendance. From the few photos spotted on social media, it looks as though it was amazing!

One such photo that's popped up from Goulding and Jopling's wedding came from American pop singer/songwriter Katy Perry. She uploaded a photo of herself on her Instagram with the bride, with both them being all smiles over the joyous occasion. Perry was a guest at the wedding alongside her fiancé, fellow pop singer/songwriter John Mayer.

The black and white photo in question shows Goulding and Perry beaming during the wedding reception. Goulding was wearing one of her three reception dresses and holding her beautiful flower bouquet in both hands. Meanwhile, Perry wore a long-sleeved jacket on top of a satin tie-dye dress. Each pop singer had similar hairstyles that were both polished off with cute headbands. Many guests were in the background of the photo, but all of the attention is clearly on both Goulding and Perry.


Perry captioned the timeless photo with "Love looks so good on you Elena Jopling ♥️," to show her happiness for her long-time friend getting married. Moreover, it revealed to fans that Goulding took her new husband's last name. Whether she continues going by her original stage name or not remains to be seen as of yet.

It's not just Perry or any of the other wedding guests who are happy about the Joplings' wedding. The newlyweds are definitely the happiest of everyone who was there. The new Mrs. Jopling took to Instagram previously by posting a series of photos on her special day to show her joy.

"This weekend I married the love of my life, in God’s own country, surrounded by the people I cherish," she wrote. "Overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you eternally to everyone involved in such a special time, including every single person that traveled from far and wide to come and celebrate with us at York Minster- a place that my husband and his family hold close to their hearts. I will never forget your support and generosity. We both send you all so much love and a massive hug xx."

Once again, we sincerely congratulate Goulding and Jopling for getting married!

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