Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom's Low-Key Relationship: 20 Things To Know

Since announcing their engagement in early 2019, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are Hollywood’s new golden couple. Their romance first blossomed in January 2016 and whisked them around the world for adventures that were snapped by the paparazzi.

Though they were never afraid to dote on each other in public, they didn’t feel the need to discuss their relationship status with the press. They both started 2017 with incredibly busy work schedules and ended up calling it quits. Before long, though, the stars were spotted together again.

Since rekindling the flames in February 2018, Bloom and Perry have been inseparable, though still reluctant to go into detail about their relationship. They took things to the next level on February 15, 2019, marking their engagement with a post that showed off Perry’s stunning new ring.

This couple is all about the matching onesies and matching pooches. They spend their spare time jetting all over the world, meeting important figures, and paying thousands of dollars for dates with one another. We can’t wait to see what the upcoming months bring, and we’re keenly anticipating details of what could be the wedding of the year.

Check out these twenty interesting facts about Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship.

20 Katy Won Orlando’s Heart By Dancing


After breaking up with supermodel Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom was one of the world’s most sought-after bachelors. So how did Katy Perry win his heart? Other than just being Katy Perry, Nicki Swift reports that when both stars attended the Weinstein Company-Netflix Golden Globes after party back in January of 2016, the ‘Teenage Dream’ singer initiated a dance-off with Bloom.

Witnesses from the party have revealed that the dancefloor moment was the first time Bloom and Perry looked like they might become an item. Later on that month, they were spotted on several dates together, so it’s clear the dance-off was a success!

19 They’re Intertwined With Exes Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber


Most fans don’t know that there’s a connection between Perry and Bloom and Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, two of the most famous exes in Hollywood. Bloom and Bieber had a bit of a tiff in July of 2014 after the singer was said to have been involved with Miranda Kerr, Bloom’s ex.

A few years later in October 2018, Perry posted a photo of Bieber on IG, on which Bloom commented “thirsty.” Yikes! And that’s not all… Bloom and Gomez were seen canoodling in a Las Vegas nightclub in May 2016. We’re not sure exactly what went down behind the scenes, but the couple and ex-couple were definitely intertwined for a while!

18 Katy Recently Threw Away Something That Orlando Loved


We’re sure that Perry is a good girlfriend, but it appears she doesn’t have a lot of patience for junk to be lying around. Nicki Swift reports that the ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ singer recently threw away a toiletry bag that belonged to Bloom.

“My boyfriend doesn’t even know that I threw away his toiletry bag while he’s been gone,” she said in an interview with Paper magazine. “He said, ‘Oh, this has been around the world for ten years,’ and he wanted to keep it in a drawer. I was like, ‘The moment you leave is the moment this thing is going in the trash.’”

17 Sometimes They Coordinate Outfits


Some couples might find it too much to coordinate outfits with each other, but Perry and Bloom are all about that fashion synchronization. On one occasion they dressed up in Christmas-themed outfits for a charity event and they have also been known to hang out in matching onesies.

It seems that the outfit matching thing might be a Perry family tradition, because the singer has shown footage of her siblings and parents at holiday gatherings on her social media channels before, and they’ve been wearing the same outfits. Bloom and Perry sometimes also wear clothes that complement each other, even if they aren’t officially matching.

16 Children May Be In The Cards


While Perry is yet to become a mother, Bloom is already a father to Flynn, whom he shares with ex Miranda Kerr. However, more children may be in the cards for the actor, as reported by People in 2016. “He would love to settle down with Katy and have more kids. He hasn’t been this serious about a girl since Miranda,” revealed the source (via Nicki Swift).

The source also admitted that Bloom “always gushes about Katy and thinks she is amazing in a million ways.” So we’re not ruling out the possibility of babies arriving at some time in the future!

15 Katy Has Bonded With Orlando’s Son


Yes, there’s the possibility that Bloom and Perry may have children together someday. But as it stands, Flynn is still very much a part of Bloom’s life, and Perry is more than happy with that. People revealed that the singer has already bonded with her partner’s little boy.

The couple first flew to England together in 2016, where Perry first had a chance to meet all of Bloom’s family—she first met Flynn when she attended Robert Downey Jr.’s birthday party with both Blooms. “Orlando is very protective of his son,” a source told People. “To introduce Flynn to Katy, she must mean [a lot] to him.”

14 They’re Not Afraid Of PDA


Some couples shy away from PDA, especially if they’re in the public eye. Neither Perry nor Bloom is known to be introverted or overly private, and so naturally they show their affection for one another when they’re in public. From spending all of Coachella arm in arm to talking close at the Golden Globes to getting hands-on while paddling in Hawaii, these two aren’t afraid to let the world know how they feel about each other.

Sources who witness them together in person often report that they always look happy and giggly when they are together, and the PDA photos definitely aren’t staged—they’re genuinely full of love for one another.

13 But They Do Give Each Other Space


Even though Perry and Bloom are all about those PDAs, they still know how to give each other space. The same source told People in August of 2016 that the couple loves to spend as much time as they can together, and their relationship is the real deal, but at the same time, they lead independent lives and let each other do their own thing.

“They’ve been getting along really well,” said the source. “Katy gives him space, and they’re both pretty independent. They are serious about each other and their relationship.” That’s the best of both worlds, especially when you're a celeb.

12 They Always Have Each Other’s Backs


Bloom and Perry go through ups and downs just like any other couple, but one of the things that makes their relationship so strong is that they always have each other’s backs, no matter what. One example is when Bloom attended Perry’s pre-Grammys celebration, The Creators Party presented by Spotify, in February 2016.

A source who attended the event revealed that even though the party was only for producers and artists, Bloom still attended to show his support for Perry. He was also by her side later that year in 2016 when she was honored by Hillary Clinton at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball.

11 They Remained Friends After They Split


After a strong 2016 together, Bloom and Perry went their separate ways in early 2017. Bloom spoke about the split with ELLE UK in May of 2017 and made it clear that although they were no longer a couple, they were still friends and were respectful of one another.

“We’re friends, it’s good,” he said. “We’re all grown up. She happens to be someone who is very visible, but I don’t think anybody cares about what I’m up to. Nor should they. It’s between us. It’s better to set an example for kids and show that [breakups] don’t have to be about [negative emotions].”

10 Labels Aren’t Important To Them


The two stars weren’t apart for long. Six months after their split, they were spotted together attending an Ed Sheeran concert in Europe and were seen vacationing in the Maldives. They stayed in touch because there were no hard feelings that caused them to split in the first place—they were just busy with their work, according to a source that spoke with People.

“They are dating, but not necessarily putting a label on it. They are not girlfriend and boyfriends. They do seem very happy together though. Orlando always had the nicest things to say about Katy. He loves spending time with her.”

9 Katy Once Auctioned Off A Date With Orlando For Charity


To raise money for Malibu following the California wildfires, Perry attended the One Love Malibu Festival benefit concert, and, while she was there, decided to auction off a date with Orlando to help raise funds!

One fan called Laura placed a bid for $20,000 to have a romantic lunch with the actor, but interestingly enough, Perry was the winning bidder in the end. “Laura, I’m sorry,” the singer told the crowd. “I’m buying it for $50,000.” That’s quite a price tag to have a date with your own boyfriend … but at least the proceeds went to a good cause!

8 The World Is Their Oyster


If there’s one thing Perry and Bloom love to do together, it’s travel. While most couples would probably call traveling one of their favorite pastimes, these two actually have the means to do it all the time and visit some of the most extraordinary places in the world.

They’ve been spotted together attending fancy parties in snowy Aspen, Colorado and having lazy getaways in Hawaii. They also went to Rome and had a meeting with the Pope, were seen in France and Monaco—among other places in Europe—frequently travel to Bloom’s native England, and have even snuck away to the ultra-luxurious Maldives for some peace and quiet.

7 They Got Engaged In 2019


After a label-less relationship that was on and off for three years, Bloom and Perry finally decided to take things to the next level the day after Valentine’s Day in 2019. On February 15, they posted matching snaps on IG announcing to the world that they are finally engaged!

The pic shows Perry’s gorgeous engagement ring, which features a flower-like pattern made up of diamonds surrounding a pink stone. Her caption read “full bloom” while his read “Lifetimes.” We can’t wait to see what kind of ceremony the quirky couple will hold. Our bet is a lavish destination wedding!

6 She Didn’t Approve Of The 2016 Photos That Emerged Of Him


Every celebrity has a moment that they’ll never live down. For Bloom, that moment came in 2016, when pictures emerged of the star wearing nothing while paddle-boarding in Italy. In the photos, Bloom looks happy enough, but Perry, who’s also in the pictures (in a bathing suit), didn’t look as content.

“He asked me if I wanted to [join him] and I was just like, it’s one of those things where I was like, ‘Oh, nah,’” she said in a radio interview in June of the following year. It doesn’t look like those pictures have had a negative impact on Bloom’s professional life, thank goodness!

5 Katy Has Said In The Past That She’s Drawn To Problematic Men


Bloom may be the dream love interest of people all around the world, but we have reason to believe that Perry is actually drawn to men who are a little problematic. In a 2013 interview with Vogue, she revealed that she did love her ex John Mayer, but that’s probably because she’s attracted to men who need her help.

“I was madly in love with him. I still am madly in love with him. All I can say about that relationship is that he’s got a beautiful mind. Beautiful mind, tortured soul. I do have to figure out why I am attracted to these [problematic] birds.”

4 They’re No Strangers To Nicknames


Perry doesn’t do anything in halves, and nicknames are no exception. Rather than just referring to Bloom as “hon” or “babe” like most lovers do, she’s invented a pet name that is truly unique. Fans first got wind of the odd name after she gushed over him at a gig in Japan.

“I feel very loved and this next song is about being so loved and so seen that you never, ever, have felt this feeling before,” she told the crowd. “This feeling of love. This is called ‘Into Me You See’ for Bubbadoo.” We know that “Bubbadoo” is Bloom because the singer has been seen wearing a bracelet, gifted to her by Bloom, with this word on it.

3 Their Dogs Are Almost Identical


Bloom and Perry are dog people, and adorably, their dogs are pretty identical. Both stars often post pictures of their pooches on social media, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell which is which. Perry’s dog, Nugget, and Bloom's dog, Mighty, are both brown teacup poodles with the most lovable little faces you ever did see.

Fans didn’t realize that their pups were twins until Bloom was photographed with Mighty after the split and was actually reported to be hanging out with Nugget. The mix up led people to believe they were still low-key together, but it was just a case of mistaken identity.

2 Orlando’s Ex Approves Of Their Relationship


It’s always easier when your ex approves of your new partner. While Perry’s exes, including singer John Mayer and comedian Russell Brand, haven’t been too vocal about their feelings, Bloom’s ex Miranda Kerr has given her blessing.

She’s also more than happy that Perry is getting along with her son Flynn. “Yeah, they’re great,” Kerr told Vogue, referring to Perry’s relationship with Flynn. “They get along really well. We are a modern family. Orlando and I, we’re literally like family. Like a brother. It’s very weird, but we really care for each other and have a great relationship, so we’re very lucky.”

1 Katy Ranked Her Past Lovers, And Orlando Didn’t Come First


Awkward! While chatting to talk-show host James Corden, Perry revealed some interesting information about her love life. When she was asked to rank three of the men that she’s been with—Diplo, John Mayer, and Orlando Bloom—the singer was hesitant at first. As many of us would be!

But then finally, she revealed that Josh Groban was the best, and her song ‘The One That Got Away’ was actually about him. Then when Corden pressed her for more info, she revealed that Diplo was in third place, followed by Bloom, with Mayer coming out on top. We’re guessing Bloom just laughed this one off!

Sources: People, Nicki Swift, Screen Rant

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