Katy Perry Celebrates Her 35th Birthday With 60 Of Her Closest Friends In Egypt

Singer Katy Perry turned 35 at the end of October and decided to throw herself one epic birthday party. Perry, her fiancee Orlando Bloom, and over 60 of the couple's closest friends traveled to Egypt for the festivities.

The group toured the pyramids of Giza and traveled on a private boat together down the Nile. They were also given a private tour of the Valley of the Moons took in the sphinx and rode camels through the desert. The huge group was there for 10-days at the request of the "Teenage Dream" singer. It truly sounds like a once in a lifetime vacation.

Perry posted some shots on her Instagram of what seemed to be a lifechanging trip. She shared herself staring off at the pyramids during sunset and a picture of her and Bloom. The happy couple was embracing with the beautiful scenery behind them. Perry's caption read, "Ancient Egyptians believed that when you pass on your heart had to be weighed. It had to be lighter than a feather to be qualified for the trip to the afterlife."

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She then shared that her mother calls her feather and that 35 seems to already be her best year yet.

Bloom also took to his Instagram to share this special trip too. He rarely posts such personal things but the pyramids are amazing. Plus he knew we needed two photos of him and Perry showing us their love under the Egyptians sun.  Bloom's post also revealed that his mother was one of the 62 guests. Actress Shannon Woodward, Perry's stylist and her closest friends were the chosen ones.

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One of Perry’s best friends, Markus Molinari, documented the trip from his point of view as a guest. He added a detailed caption explaining the trip and how everyone was there for Perry. It read, “How to build a powerful bond in 10 days. Get 64 people hand picked by a musical goddess to live on a boat down the Nile with only ONE request from her that each of us step out of our comfort zones and for every meal sit with someone different. This would be our birthday gift to her.”

His main picture captured the massive group in front of the Sphinx. We know what you're thinking. Who has 64 super close friends? Musical superstars, that’s who. We don’t know about you but we have three, maybe four on a good day. Stars are not just like us.


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