Kate Middleton And The Queen Leave A Joint Outing Under A Shared Blanket

Kate Middleton and the Queen share a blanket as they leave royal outing

Kate Middleton and the Queen were just spotted sharing a blanket as they left a joint outing in London, and everyone is trying to read into what that means. It was the Duchess of Sussex's first outing with just herself and the Queen without any other members of the royal family present, and it took place at the opening of the latest addition to King’s College in central London; Strand campus. The Strand campus is situated in Bush House; a grade II listed building which used to be the headquarters of BBC from 1941 when they had to move from their previous location due to bombings, and remained there until 2012.

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The Queen and Kate were given a tour of the high-tech university's education and learning facilities and later went to one of the terraces on the eight floor, where they could take in the panoramic views of the city of London. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen met with several different people, such as staff and academics from King’s College, but also those who have been involved in the campus' most recent renovations. One of the highlights of their tour of the Strand campus was a robotics demonstration where the royals were shown an example of robotic surgery.

The Queen shares her blanket with Kate Middleton
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As reported by People, both the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge were given a bouquet of flowers as they prepared to leave the Strand campus, and after having their photograph taken outside Bush House, the royals headed to their awaiting car. Onlookers could see the Queen enter the vehicle first and sit down at the seat closest to the door, so when Kate followed, she had to get past the Queen to reach her seat on the other side.

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The Queen and Kate then shared a blue blanket over their laps to warm themselves from being out in the chilly spring weather. The Queen has been seen with a similar blanket to stay warm while riding the backseat of her car, and Kate was probably pleased to share the royal cover.

Both royals were all smiles as they left the event, waving to the crowds that had gathered for the regal outing, and it is safe to assume the two had a lot to talk about after their visit.

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