Kate Middleton Amazes Royal Watchers Everywhere By Driving Herself To Buckingham Palace

It's rare to see royalty drive themselves anywhere, the populous generally assume that these high ranking individuals shouldn't have to be bothered with driving and worrying about all the issues that surround that. However, Kate Middleton is not the average Duchess.

She was spotted by tourists just casually driving herself to Buckingham Palace. It can be seen in a video posted on Instagram. The video comes with other images of typical tourist locations but the camera managed to capture Kate waving to the crowd from within her vehicle. Kate can also be seen driving in front of the palace gates and is then followed by a car behind her.

According to US Magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge often drives Princess Charlotte as well as Prince George to and from school in London.

What this shows the world in entirety is that the Royals are people too. It can be easy to simply assume that the ultra-popular, rich and powerful individuals of the world don't do things the average person would. This proves that idea wrong, Kate has the skill to drive and actually uses it rather than burdening others with the task. Despite that, it seems as if for an official occasion, a royal family member might find themselves being driven to the location of the event no matter their own abilities.

This is not the first time a royal family member has driven themselves places. Queen Elizabeth II is grandson actually got photographed driving a land rover and according to the Dailystar, was propped up by a booster seat. However, there was a guardian in the back seat and it occurred on private grounds. There was also the case of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan driving together in a 1968 Jaguar after their wedding.  Even the Queen herself has driven a car, although she actually doesn't even need a license to do so. In her case, she was spotted diving on several occasions but it was reported that the Queen has been driving since she was nineteen-years-old.

All in all, this was a rare occasion to see given the nature of the Royals but is something that might just happen more often than everyone thinks behind palace walls.


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