Kate Hudson Is Now A WeightWatchers Ambassador

Kate Hudson, 39, has become one of the latest ambassadors for WeightWatchers, a company that has products and services to aid in a healthy lifestyle.  The partnership between the two was announced on Sunday, not long after she set a goal to lose twenty-five pounds before she works on a new film during the spring.

Kate had her third child,  Rani Rose, two months ago. The actress wanted to get back into shape and focus on her personal health. To do this she'd need to lose what's known as baby weight. It's something that many new mothers want to do since they'd like to get back to what they weighed before they were pregnant.

In an Instagram post, Kate actually stated that her health and wellness are a top priority for her. She went on to say that not everyone will enjoy the same workouts, foods, and activities. What this means is that the brand she's working with offers opportunities for almost anyone who is interested in losing weight or just a healthier lifestyle. On top of all that, she got to FaceTime with Oprah and discuss some of her reasons for joining the service.

One reason she wants to get healthier is longevity. This makes sense since she does want to be around to see her kids grow up and if she was overweight, her lifespan could be shorter than if she wasn't. This is a valid reason to lose weight, many people don't want to leave their family behind simply because they didn't want to take the time to exercise every day or even just eat better foods.

This partnership with WeightWatchers could be perfect for both parties. This will do two things. The obvious one would help Kate lose some weight since she's expressed that she has a desire to do so. Then there's the fact that WeightWatchers needs to get something out of this partnership. Which means this is likely going to be a great way to advertise the service to new customers, particularly women who've just had children as it's possible the company might take Kate's ambassador role in that direction for the time being.

All in all, Kate has the potential to do some good for not only her but also her family and fans. So, if she turns into one of those awesome success stories that people have heard about, she might inspire more people to lose weight.


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