Kat Von D Needs Help In Creating Her Newest Eyeliner (Will You Step Up?)

Kat Von D Beauty is striving to fit everyone’s eyeliner needs with their new Liner X liquid eyeliner. For the first time ever, the brand has released a limited edition eyeliner prototype for a handful of lucky beauty lovers to purchase and review before Kat Von D creates the final formula. Liner X (a temporary name) is exclusively available on Sephora.com while supplies last.

Liner X ($20) is a pen with a felt-tip pointed applicator, according to Allure. The ink is ultra-black, waterproof, smudge-resistant, and designed for long-wear. Plus, the product is 100% vegan! The finish of Liner X falls between Kat Von D’s popular Tattoo Liner, which leaves a satin finish, and their newer KVD Inkwell, which leaves a matte finish. The brand shared on the Kat Von D Beauty Instagram page that their liquid formula is already finalized. However, they would love to hear feedback from fans and make adjustments elsewhere on the product before releasing the final liner in 2019.

So, what have fans been saying? Since the prototype’s release yesterday, 16 reviews have been added to Sephora’s website, and the consensus is overwhelmingly positive. Many of the reviews rave about Liner X’s truly smudge-resistant abilities. The design of Liner X’s felt tip also seems to be popular—several reviewers mentioned how easy it was to control. One woman, NymphxXxSlip, shared that the flexible tip allows users to create both thin, detailed lines and thick, bold lines, depending on the angle and amount of pressure.

Some reviews compared Liner X to Kat Von D’s three other popular eyeliners—Tattoo Liner, Dagger Liner, and Ink Liner. Liner X’s ink is much blacker than Tattoo Liner’s ink, and Liner X’s felt tip applicator is slightly fatter, which helps to consistently pump out a smooth flow of ink. While Dagger Liner was designed with a unique angled brush tip for sharper lines, one reviewer shared that this liner was not truly smudge-proof or waterproof like Liner X.

User Kaykay1317 did make one suggestion for improvement based on Ink Liner’s design—she said that a firmer tip, similar to Ink Liner’s, would help with precise lines and angles. She also suggested that users with oily lids use a trusted eye primer before applying Liner X.

Be sure to purchase your prototype of Kat Von D Beauty’s new Liner X before its gone! If you’ve already gotten yours, let us know in the comments what you think.

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