Kardashians Vs. Teen Mom: 20 Ways They Raise Their Kids Differently

It's like two different worlds. Over in Calabasas, Kylie Jenner is raising her daughter in a home where the bank balance blinks $1 billion. This girl and her sisters are the biggest faces on reality TV– it's called Keeping Up With The Kardashians for a reason. Kim Kardashian may have welcomed baby #4, but the life of wealth and luxury is unlikely to change.

Over in another universe, the Teen Mom cast is raising their kids in the most regular world ever. Between Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, the households are being run by faces like Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Leah Messer, and Chelsea DeBoer. These ladies might not be teenagers anymore, but everyone's interested in how they parent their kids.

Kim K has already said that North West will have a job. Nobody really knows what that job might be. All the world sees is North in snakeskin boots, makeup, and private jets. Stormi Webster seems to send her time exploring the insides of them. Well, that's if she isn't joining her mommy poolside on luxury Mexico getaways.

It doesn't matter whether people are actually watching KUWTK or Teen Mom. Everyone knows these famous ladies, one way or another. The Kardashians symbolize luxury, unimaginable wealth, and making sure everyone sees it. Then again, with Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kylie all being moms, this sisterhood getup is now all about family.

The ways the Kardashian mothers parent their kids could not be more different from the Teen Moms. Here are 20 ways the two stand apart.

20 Kardashians: $400 Gucci Loafers For School

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Talk about a headline-maker. Kim and Kourtney took a decidedly normie route earlier this year– posing with the kids before school is a regular as it gets. Think again. As The Inquisitr reports, Kourtney was slammed for portraying an ordinary family setting (while her daughter wore $400 Gucci shoes).

Luxury brands are now the standard for the Kardashians. Kim is dripping in Versace and Fendi. Kylie and Kendall both wore Versace to the 2019 Met Gala. For Penelope Disick, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This little girl might wear regular school clothes, but those $400 shoes come with a #Kardashian.

19 Teen Mom: Texting While Driving

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This isn't one we're going to commend. Texting behind the wheel is unsafe whether you're a mother or not. In 2016, MTV aired footage that showed Leah Messer texting while driving. As The Inquisitr reports, the conversation went like this.

“You know what Ali told daddy?” Aleeah asked Leah. The young mom replied: "What?" Leah was looking down at her phone while in the car, and the cameras clearly showed her typing as she was driving. “You make us get here not late, mommy does" was her daughter's response, but that kind of isn't the point. The Kardashians may send their kids to school in Gucci, but we'd unlikely see Kourtney texting while driving.

18 Kardashians: $63 On A Sushi Plate

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Sometimes, a magazine just nails a headline. 2019 threw this out from Cosmopolitan: "Kylie Jenner took Stormi Webster for her first sushi and you won't believe how much it cost." As it happens, the magazine was able to outline an approximate cost as Kylie took Stormi to the super-upscale Nobu.

Kylie shared her white fish platter to IG stories. The refined cuisine clocked in at $63. "Stormi's first Nobu" was the caption. Of course, with a billionaire status, $63 is like dropping a penny in the street. The Kardashian-Jenner kids are raised on gourmet cuisine, and it's definitely not what the kids over on Teen Mom are eating.

17 Teen Mom: Eyes Up Grocery Store Sushi (But Doesn't Buy It)

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Beady-eyed Teen Mom OG viewers will remember this scene. When Maci Bookout was filmed grocery shopping with her kids, she had a brief sushi moment. We're calling it brief because it was. Maci was seen stopping by the sushi counter and looking at the food, but her decision was firm. She wasn't buying it.

Maci didn't feel that sushi from a grocery store is good or safe. That said, you won't see this Tennessee-based mom dining out at Nobu. Meals under Maci's roof are just like ours. Everyone eats rice, pasta, and the odd McDonald's. Maci is known for her grounded, traditional philosophies. Clearly, they don't extend to sushi. Especially not from the grocery store.

16 Kardashians: Feeding Their Kids Off Gucci Plates

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Watching Kylie Jenner say she'd brought out the Gucci plates made for some pretty extra viewing this year. Season 16 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been pretty great so far, but you can't say it's an ordinary household. A scene showed Kylie spending some quality time with her grandma, MJ.

Actually watching Kylie say she "got" the Gucci plates out was a giant reminder, though. These ladies don't just send their kids to school in Gucci shoes. They eat off Gucci plates. Over on Teen Mom, you'd be lucky if you saw a full matching tableware set. We kind of prefer the backyard barbecues...

15 Teen Mom: Feeding Kids Cheese Puffs Off The Floor

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Leah Messer hasn't always been the most responsible. Being caught texting while driving has already shown us that. 2016 was the year The Inquisitr covered a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) from a Teen Mom cameraman.

"When feeding her twins she would spill a bunch of cheese puffs on the [dirty] carpet and the girls would crawl around and suck up the cheese puffs, no hands involved. This made me cry a few times." Well, you've got it in black and white. The cheese puffs part seems pretty regular. Eating them off the floor might raise a few eyebrows, but it's still more ordinary than those Gucci plates.

14 Kardashians: Christmas Looks Like This

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It literally couldn't get more extra. The year 2018 brought the Kardashians together for their annual holiday bash. It was everything we wanted and more. Khloe was all dressed up in tutu whites and twinning with True. Kylie wore a jewel-encrusted gown (and Stormi matched in a onesie).

Kardashian Christmas parties don't come low-key. We've seen Kim's pics from prior years, and last year basically outdid them all. While we'd give our left arm to be able to afford looks like these, there's no way you can call them regular. Over in Calabasas, there's fake snow, fake hair, fake nails, and a very real dose of glam.

13 Teen Mom: Christmas Looks Like This

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The Teen Mom cast has had their relationship problems just like the Kardashians. Chelsea DeBoer is now happily married, but much like Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans, she comes with her exes. Then again, Kim K has been married three times. You don't need to be told how it ended with Khloe.

Christmas over in Chelsea's house looks like this. Chelsea posted this pic to IG as she celebrated the festive period with her family. In a way, it looks like our own homes during the holiday season. Everyone is in PJs or Xmas sweaters. A bit of money has been spent on doing the house up for Christmas, but it's no Kardashian bash.

12 Kardashians: $12,500 Fendi Strollers

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We still haven't gotten over this one. It's now been over a year since Kylie Jenner took to IG for that iconic "Stormi Strolls" post. In April 2018, a picture of Kylie pushing her baby around the gated community of Calabasas near-broke the internet. It came with a custom-made Fendi stroller (and of course, a Fendi-monogrammed dress to match).

People estimates the cost of the stroller to be $12,500. Yes, just on a stroller. Stormi was likely fast asleep inside, and it'll be some years before she has a clue just how luxurious her life. While the look was super-stylish, $12,500 isn't what you'll see Catelynn Lowell spending on a stroller.

11 Teen Mom: Couldn't Afford A Pregnancy Test

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The reality of finding yourself pregnant as a teenager isn't glamorous. Maci Bookout has fought hard to show that being pregnant that young was incredibly tough – probably why she wrote a book about it. When Maci spoke to E! about those early years, she was honest about how broke she was.

Maci recalled being driven to the pharmacy "in the middle of the night" by her brother. He bought her the pregnancy test "because I didn't have any money," Maci said. The bank balance might be a bit healthier for Maci now, but this girl grew up on hard times.

10 Teen Mom: Kids Are Named Novalee And Adalynn

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There's a huge difference in the baby name department between the Kardashians and the Teen Mom cast. Salt of the earth, hard-working roots form the origins for the likes of Chelsea, Jenelle, Catelynn, and the rest. The baby names they choose may have gotten more elaborate, but they're still not #Kardashian.

Catelynn has named her daughter Novalee. She was joined by Vaeda in 2019. Leah went with Adalynn, Aleeah, and Aliannah. There's a distinct new-gen US vibe to the names these girls chose. They're beautiful choices, but they aren't ones you'd see Kim or Kylie picking. Some things are exclusively reserved for Kardashians, right?

9 Kardashians: Stormi, Chicago, True

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Every time a Kardashian-Jenner has a baby, we briefly lose our minds. Waiting for that baby name announcement is all we can do as these mothers go all-out with their munchkins' names. To be fair though, they've pulled off some amazing ones so far.

Only Kim Kardashian could pull off calling her daughter North West. Only Kylie Jenner could pull off a baby named Stormi Webster. Add on Kim's choices of Saint and Chicago, plus Khloe's True and you've got yourself some #Kardashian names. Kourtney's choices of Penelope and Mason felt a touch tamer, but those were the old days. She upped the ante with Reign.

8 Kardashians: No Gluten, Lunch Is Rice Tortillas With Celery

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“For lunch, we usually have carrots and celery with hummus and a gluten-free rice tortilla with sliced turkey meat or turkey dogs - no bun." Literally, in a wrap. Except not. Vogue quotes Kourtney on those lunch choices. While there's protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and balanced carbs in that meal, something about it is making us picture that face kids make– you know, when they don't like it.

Kourtney is the Kardashian who stands out from her sisters for the way she feeds her kids. Gluten-free and dairy-free philosophies are something that Kourtney has blogged about. Not a chance you'd see Leah Messer or Maci Bookout whipping that up for lunch.

7 Kardashians: Superhero Costumes That Probably Cost Your Annual Rent

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You'd forgotten it, right? The run-up to Avengers: Endgame might have gotten you attempting a bit of cosplay, but the crown gets handed to Kylie for this one. In late April, Kylie posted this pic to IG. It showed her, Travis Scott, and Stormi throwing out some Avenger vibes.

Of course, with Kylie, there's always a twist. The caption came with "captain lip kit" and "iron flame." This lady might be worth a billion dollars, but don't think she scrimps on the costumes. Whether these were custom-made is unknown. Given that almost everything else in Kylie's life is, we'll assume a "yes" scenario. The price tag? What price tag?

6 Teen Mom: Superhero Costumes You Can Afford


And we're back down to earth. Much like Jersey Shore's Snooki, Maci is up for some superhero fun with the kids. There's a giant difference between the Teen Mom superhero looks and the Kardashian ones, though. First off, there's no $1.4 million Ferrari floating around the background. That was Travis Scott's "push present" to Kylie earlier this year, per People.

Dress-up is something we all do with the kids. Then again, it's also one of those things we'll keep a hovering eye over. If the price tag is too high, it's just not an option. Maci didn't specify where she got this outfit, but something about it suggests we could pick up similar in Walmart.

5 Kardashians: Kids Can't Play Near White Furniture

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Kim K may have her hands full with four kids, but don't think this makeup mogul doesn't have her eye on her pristine house. You only need to tune into five seconds of KUWTK to see that Kim's marbled mansion is nothing short of impeccable. Turns out, it's kept like that with some rules. As People reports, Kim said:

"We have a great playroom and that’s where all the markers and the paints and the colors are. I really overdo it in the playroom so that by the time they’re done there they have no desire to take a pen on a nice piece of furniture.” That's a no to North running around white furniture with her pens.

4 Teen Mom: Play In The Kitchen If You Want

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It's the most ordinary thing in the world, right? We all grew up with those home baking Sundays where we'd lick the bowl if we were lucky. This pic of Catelynn and her daughter, Novalee showed the exact same scenario.

Catelynn is known for keeping a super-clean house. Seriously, the minute you tune into Catelynn and Tyler at home, they're spraying surfaces and wiping them down. When the kids come into it though, there's room for fun. Novalee got to join in the kitchen here and help out her mom, and it was the most normal thing in the world. We sure didn't see Novalee annexed to a room for her "pens."

3 Kardashians: A "Well-Oiled Machine"

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Everyone wants to know how that household appears so polished. North West plays calmly without kicking up a fuss. We've yet to see a full-blown tantrum from Saint, Chicago, True, or Stormi. The Mirror reports the following from a source:

"It's a well-oiled machine with three nannies moving around the house, bringing the kids in for a quick Snapchat." Kim and Kanye are said to want to "project this perfect family image." The likelihood of that many kids not crying did, after all, seem low. Whether or not the "well-oiled machine" is true isn't known, but it does kind of sound like something the Kardashians might pull off.

2 Teen Mom: What You See Is What You Get

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Teen Mom might have accusations of being scripted here or there, but the kid scenes are all real. When Maci and Taylor celebrated their one-year anniversary and went out for dinner, they got a babysitter. We saw the kids bursting into tears when they were handed over, although they did quickly calm down.

Crying kids on Teen Mom just aren't hidden. If Novalee starts bawling in the back of the car, it's filmed. If Amber and Leah have a difficult moment, we see it. While the Kardashians rely on nannies, these real ladies seem to raise their kids the same way everyone else does.

1 Kardashians: Still Fooling Us That This Is "Normal"

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We've kind of reached that point, right? We see the Kardashians traveling on private jets, and we just don't bat an eyelid. Season 16 of the show saw most of the family jet off to Bali. The early episodes showed Khloe and Kourtney on the private flights they booked. The food was gourmet, the beds were huge, and it seemed like the most ordinary thing on earth.

The Kardashians haven't quite "brainwashed" us to think that private jets are normal, but they're getting there. Seeing Kylie on a coach seat in commercial would feel weird by this point. Then again, when you've got a $1 billion net worth, per Forbes, you can afford the private jet.

Sources: The Mirror, People

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