Kardashian Dads: 20 Photos With Their Kids That Melt Our Hearts

"I'd walk through fire for my daughter." Ryan Reynolds' 2015 tweet might be hard to top, but Ryan isn't the only celeb dad out there gushing over his kids.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is getting, er, big. In 2018, Kris Jenner was bursting into tears all over again as KUWTK showed us yet another baby shower. Khloe was expecting True with Tristan Thompson (although everyone has seen how that relationship panned out).

Travis Scott is now bound to the KarJenner clan through Kylie and Stormi. Kanye West became a member back in 2013 when North West was born. As E! reports that KimYe's surrogate is "well into the pregnancy," it's going to be a house of six for Kim and Kanye in May 2019.

The dads here? Alongside Kanye West, Travis Scott and Tristan Thompson, there's the busiest one around. He comes by the name of Scott Disick (and he comes with a lot of drama). Scott and Kourtney have three kids. Co-parenting might be how these two roll, but everyone's still waiting to see if they'll ever get back together.

Rob Kardashian is a little less high-profile. Still, with Blac Chyna as his baby momma to Dream, there's plenty to follow. These dads are absolutely one of a kind. It's called being a Kardashian dad.

Some might seem tough. Others are total softies. Either way, the pics of them with their kids are totally melt-worthy. Whether it's Kanye with a tiny North, Travis doting on Stormi, or Scott handling his three, here are 20 times these dads made us melt.

20 Travis Scott: Calls Stormi 'The Illest Thing That Ever Happened'

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Travis Scott didn't used to send out daddy vibes– at all. With swag that was enough for Saint Laurent to snap him up, Travis is 100% about staring down the camera lens with that "bad boy" gaze (and the slick streetwear follows suit). Everything changed, as per his Rolling Stone interview.

"When we found out it was a girl, I was like: Huhhh. But after a while I was like: Yo, this might be the illest thing that ever happened."

You've got to admit, the man has a way with words. As Stormi approached the toddler stage, this pic wound up on Travis's IG. We're basically still getting over it.

19 And He's Gonna Propose: 'I Gotta Sturdy Up'

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It's going to happen (according to Travis). In case you hadn't noticed, marriage is kind of "in" right now. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth tied the knot. So did Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Likewise, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Travis laid out his thoughts:

"We’ll get married soon. I just gotta sturdy up — I gotta propose in a fire way.”

Engagement rumors have been rife ever since Kylie started being spotted with a ring on her engagement finger back in 2018. In 2019, that veritable rock is all over her IG, but we still haven't seen an actual proposal.

18 Kanye West: 'When I Look In North's Eyes, I'm Happy About Every Mistake I Ever Made'

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Kanye West's words mostly find themselves on lists with the word "absurd" in them. We've chronicled Kanye calling himself a "God" and a "genius," while the quotes over at Capital Xtra include: "I think I’ve got the best reputation in the building." Yes, it's Kanye West.

When it comes to his family though, Kanye's quotes aren't so controversial. Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres about fatherhood, Kanye said: "When I look in North's eyes, I'm happy about every mistake I've ever made."

This ballet outing (there have been plenty) didn't see Kim or Kourtney take center stage. Kanye got a tender moment with his little girl, and it was beyond adorable.

17 Everything About Scott Disick Here

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Scott Disick has been playing the role of daddy for quite some time now. While he never married Kourtney, these two are parents to Mason, Penelope and Reign. People (via Baby Gaga) asked Scott if he could hand out any parenting advice.

"You gotta figure it out for yourself. Kids don't come with rulebooks. It's one of those things."

"There's no real advice you can give anybody, and if anybody says there is, they're lying. You learn as you go," he added. This adorable moment saw the Kardashian daddy play "normie" in the park with a little Reign. Scott is such a softie underneath his tough exterior.

16 When Stormi Gets Her First Chanel Bag, Daddy Better Be There

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Stormi's first birthday didn't start out too smoothly. Kylie Jenner had taken to IG to complain that the rain had canceled her plans, but Stormi got her bash (and what a bash). Of course, being Kylie Jenner's daughter, the bar was set pretty high when it came to gifts.

"Kylie Jenner gave Stormi the most extra first birthday party of all time and Twitter can't cope."

Well put, Cosmo. As the magazine reports, Stormi's larger-than-life head and live performers came with all the trimmings. DJ Khaled even gifted Stormi a Chanel bag. Like a good daddy would miss a moment that's this important.

15 'Stormi Saturdays, We Don't Let Nothing Come Over Stormi Time'

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Yes, they're rolling in cash. Kylie Jenner's Forbes-listed $900 million will likely go down in history, but don't think it doesn't come without a schedule. You'll see a similar challenge from Travis, whose Astroworld tour has taken him everywhere.

“We don’t let nothing come over Stormi time. Stormi Saturdays. We don’t [mess] around with those. Even with me on tour, Stormi pulls up."

Speaking to Rolling Stone in December 2018, Travis made it clear that nothing comes above family time. Travis even outlined the "passport stamps" Stormi has. Yeah, we kind of got that with Kylie's pic of Stormi in a private jet. These three are just adorable.

14 The Kanye Pic You Just Didn't See Coming

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Kanye isn't generally papped looking too happy. The "Kanye face" we tend to make fun of (and really shouldn't) comes with a bit of a #Misery, but the man is mostly misunderstood.

Kim has shared "what people don't really know about Kanye" with Vanity Fair, although we've equally seen Kim battle Kanye's unusual mentalities. "You don't understand. I see the vision," Kim quoted her husband saying on KUWTK in 2018.

This pic? It's just a regular dad reading with his daughter. North West was still an only child here, although this five-year-old girl will soon be a big sister to three siblings. Admit it– you can't wait for the fourth Kardashian baby name.

13 One For North To Look Back On

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2016 marked this sleepy moment from North West (although she was an A-Lister the day she was born). Kim is mostly the one we see doing the carrying, but Kanye steps up to the plate. That same year, Kanye opened up to Today's Parent about fatherhood.

"Any situation you're in, you're going to worry about raising your kids. It's [irrelevant] problems. There's people who can't feed their kids."

While KimYe's earnings more than put food on the table, there's a nourishment here that money can't buy. It's called love. Kanye West seemed to fall in love with North West from the start, and it only grew stronger.

12 One For Her To Troll Daddy With

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If you're wondering whether this was an actual event, it was. This 2016 pic basically went viral overnight, and Kim has been posting pics of North West asleep with Kanye ever since.

"So today we went baby shopping with @johnlegend & @chrissyteigen Kanye & North were a little too quiet. We found them passed out in the middle of the store."

As Cosmo reports, Kim captioned this pic with a succinct description of the event. The pic kind of wound up being a meme, but as far as adorable father-and-daughter moments go, we're ranking this one pretty highly. Also, what did they buy?

11 Travis Summing Up Fatherhood: 'Life Is Fire, Bro'

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The news that Travis had originally wanted a son made global headlines after Rolling Stone interviewed him in 2018. In a way, we hugely respect Travis for being so honest.

"And when Stormi was born, I was like: Life is fire, bro," Travis said. As to how emotional this guy gets, he basically wore his heart on his sleeve during his Ellen appearance, admitting that he cut the chord and got "freaked out" in the delivery room.

When this picture of Travis and a laughing Stormi surfaced, everyone went nuts. Well, she is the cutest thing we've ever seen. As for the giggling Stormi videos, seriously, go watch them.

10 Scott: Has Sofia Richie In His Life, Still Makes Time For Penelope

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At the age of 35, Scott Disick is definitely young at heart. Dating Sofia Richie continues to make headlines for Scott. At 21, Sofia is significantly younger than her beau, but we're beginning to get real vibes that these two are serious.

It's tough. You're dating a model "it" girl who is 21 (and probably wants to party). You're a dad. There are basically two options. Ditch the kids and be irresponsible, or keep them in your life.

This IG pic of Scott with Penelope came in 2019. Scott might be vacationing with Sofia, but there isn't a week we don't see him spending quality time with his little ones.

9 Tristan Thompson: Bit Of A Challenge, But He Made An Effort For Thanksgiving

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It basically broke the internet. The February 2019 news that Kylie's BFF Jordyn Woods is now "involved" with Tristan Thompson made this model front-page news, although Complex reports that Tristan is "devastated" to have hurt Khloe to this extent.

"I think with a girl, you're just so much more emotionally like...with a boy, it's just like: Hey man, you'll be all right man. Stop crying,"

Tristan told Complex following the Jordyn Woods drama. Tristan seems to have the ability to make a lot of ladies cry, as we saw from Khloe's pre-birth footage (when she already knew about that era's drama). Here they are for Thanksgiving.

8 Rob Kardashian: When You Remember Blac Chyna Is His Co-Parenting Situation

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Rob Kardashian is definitely the lower-profile brother. Well, that's until you remember that the Jenner kids also include Brandon, Brody and Burt. While Rob appears on KUWTK and has his own line of merch, he's less in the spotlight.

Blac Chyna is Rob's baby momma. That's when you start realizing that the guy has his hands full, right? Rob & Chyna may have been canceled, but Who's report that Chyna was "suing" the Kardashians as a result hasn't been forgotten.

Together, Rob and Chyna are parents to a girl named Dream. This cutie pie gets less press than Stormi, but we totally melted seeing this pic of Rob with his daughter.

7 We're Still Not Over This One

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Kylie Jenner had better watch out. A super-photogenic baby is fast catching up with the IG queen, and Stormi already has her own fan accounts. When this pic of Stormi climbing over her daddy surfaced, everyone melted. In 2019, Kylie's home was featured in Architectural Digest.

"Stormi has definitely taken over the house with her toys." Yeah, and taken over our hearts.

Kylie told the magazine that her glam rooms and marbles are, in fact, subject to a touch of mess thanks to Stormi. Well, if you go gifting her the earth, she's going to play with it, right? Stormi already has designer purses reserved for her.

6 When You Remember Kourtney's 'Ban' Limited Scott To One Hour Per Day With The Kids

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Kourtney has her lax ways. She is all about the co-sleeping and attachment parenting. Bring in Scott's rocky past though, and Kourtney gets protective. Scott's party days seem to be over, but they were an issue, once.

In 2017, The Daily Mail reported that Kourt had "banned him from seeing their kids." As the media outlet reported one-hour time slots for Scott visiting his kids, everyone's heartstrings were tugged.

"He spent an hour with his older kids at lunch. He seemed okay. He was just focused on his kids. They seemed happy to see him. The kids hadn’t seen him for weeks and really missed him," the media outlet stated. We're hoping this "ban" was just a rumor.

5 When It Was All Kinds Of Cute

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It's when the celeb dads are carrying their kids that it turns from "kind of cute" to straight-up adorable. We've seen Brad Pitt carrying Shiloh-Nouvel. We've seen Chris Hemsworth carrying India. Even Tom Cruise has given up his "tough guy" look when carrying Suri.

Scott is papped all over LA with the kids. If they go for ice-cream (probably gluten-free), they're papped. If they go on vacation, the cameras follow them.

Scott wasn't just handling his own kids, here. Look carefully, and you'll spot North West. Scott might be promoting his Talentless clothing line on IG, but don't think the kids aren't all over the account, too.

4 When It Was All Kinds Of Fendi

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You aren't anybody in Hollywood without Fendi. Nicki Minaj has worn the iconic Italian monogram for the cover of "Chun Li," where the lyrics are: "Bentley tints on, Fendi prints on." Cardi B? She wears Fendi slides.

Kylie Jenner introduced Stormi to Fendi pretty early on. April 2018 was the famous "Stormi Strolls" IG post, where People estimated the Fendi stroller to be worth $12,500.

This 2019 pic surfaced on Kylie's IG as Stormi turned one. The Fendi cap got a ton of press, but the tenderness of this daddy moment didn't get past us. Travis just looked so at peace.

3 Yup, Kanye West Does Smile

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"Is Kanye Happy or Not Happy?" Trust Ellen DeGeneres to come up with a custom-made game for Kanye West. As Mashable reports, 2018 saw The Ellen Show cater to Kanye's not-so-smiley face with a game (and a question).

Ellen: "What do you do when no one is looking," Kanye: "Smile."

Kanye might lean towards more-sober facial expressions during his outings and statement appearances, but stick him on a beach with his little girl, and the natural smile comes right out. This particularly sweet moment didn't come with any grandiose statements. Just a regular dad enjoying the ocean with this daughter.

2 Didn't Need Fancy Lighting Or Photoshoot On The Payroll

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Something interesting happened as Stormi turned one. While we got the mother of birthday bash photos (and those Louis Vuitton-monogrammed fries cartons), we equally got the most regular pic ever. Kylie posted a string of family pics to IG, and this one could've been any dad in America.

Kylie comes with glam. Harper's Bazaar estimates that Kylie's purse closet alone is worth $1 million. The Lamborghinis, Versace and Louis Vuitton are all skin-deep for Kylie, though.

It was by posting this pic of Travis with Stormi that we really got proof– Kylie can share stuff without a zillion stylists on the payroll. We loved it.

1 Basically Only Need Each Other #JustWow

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These two aren't kidding around. For all the rappers we've seen celebs "casually date," Kylie Jenner isn't one of them. Well, she might have been with Tyga, but 2016 was a long time ago. Kylie and Travis are now a solid family– something that Travis made clear in his Rolling Stone interview.

"And it got to a point where I was like: I need her with me to operate. She’s that one."

This pic saw Kylie and Travis hit the pumpkin patch for Halloween. While it did look like they hired the place out, there wasn't much glam. Just a tight-knit family enjoying time with their daughter. Melt central.

Sources: Harper’s Bazaar, Complex, Architectural Digest, Rolling Stone, People

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