Kanye West Vs. Travis Scott: 20 Ways These Dads Parent Their Kids

It's like they live on different planets. Kanye West is the Twitter-ranting, headline-making 41-year-old who doesn't do anything without a #Controversial hashtag. Travis Scott is the ultra-slick, 26-year-old Astroworld star who seems to have ushered in a new era of just about everything.

There's common ground, though. In 2018, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner became parents to Stormi Webster. With her first birthday being celebrated on the 1st February, Stormi is set to outdo Kanye's kids on the fame front– he has three with Kim Kardashian (but watch out for May 2019 when baby #4 arrives).

Travis and Kanye are both deeply involved with the Kardashian-Jenner family. Quite how long Kylie Jenner is going to flash that diamond ring on her finger before announcing her engagement is anyone's guess. With KimYe, it's more straight-forward. They tied the knot in 2014, and the rest is history.

"Yo, this might be the illest thing that ever happened." Even the way Travis Scott talks is #NewVibe. Kanye? The quotes might be all over the place, but he did say that after having North, he would "have a million."

It's time for a closer look. These two dads might hang in the Kardashian mansions together, but they're raising their kids in very different ways. Here are 20 parenting differences that set the two men apart.

20 Travis: "Stormi Saturdays, We Don't Let Anything Come Over Stormi Time"

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"Sicko mode" are the lyrics. Braids and chains are the style. Take one look at Travis Scott's social media account, and you'll see the "rave" concerts that have become part of his identity. Let the man speak for himself though, and you'll hear a different story.

"We don't let nothing come over Stormi time. Stormi Saturday. "We don't [mess] around with those,"

Travis told Rolling Stone in December 2018. Astroworld might be the agenda, but this rapper's baby girl comes first. She even has a backstage room in every venue, where Kylie's social media videos show us Stormi watching her dad perform via video.

19 Kanye: Nap Time, "I Love Sleep, It's My Favourite"

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Kim Kardashian doesn't miss an opportunity. When Kanye fell asleep while baby shopping for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Kim made the most of it. She got her smartphone out, snapped this pic and posted it to IG, as Essence reports.

"So today we went baby shopping with @johnlegend & @chrissyteigen Kanye & North were a little too quiet. We found them passed out in the middle of the store."

Kanye is a big fan of sleep. "I love sleep. It's my favorite," Vice quotes Kanye saying. Well, you can't blame the guy. We all love sleep. North seemed to be in on it too (if you look in the background).

18 Kanye: Not Keen On Anyone Wearing Pink

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The more you look at KimYe's kids, the more you wonder just how big the Kanye rulebook is. Then again, when it comes to Radar Online's report of Kanye disliking pink, you also see Kim and the kids straight-up breaking one of them.

"Kim had always loved wearing pink before meeting Kanye. But he hates the color."

Some major side-eye from Kanye here might have something to do with that, although that didn't stop her. Kim wore hot pink during her 2018 NYC visit. She also dyed her hair pink for her Japan trip. Chicago and North? It's pink galore.

17 Travis: Pink Doesn't Seem To Be Up For Negotiation

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Kanye may dislike pink, but Travis wouldn't get very far without it. His woman comes with her blacks and slate grays, but Kylie adores pink. The Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Collection is 100% pink in the promo, this eye-popping outfit certainly wasn't short on pink and Stormi's mommy-matching beanies are pastel pink.

Stormi already has some very expensive pink reserved for her. When Marie Claire featured Kylie's $1 million purse closet, we saw a pink Hermès bag Kylie has already picked out for Stormi's fashionable future. 

“Think pink LOVE this pink we did on @kyliejenner" was People's report as Kylie dyed her hair frosted pink in 2018.

16 Travis: Stormi Wasn't Planned

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Stormi didn't arrive in an expected way– in fact, it wasn't expected at all. We've learned a lot more though, as The Daily Mail reports (and Travis revealed all to Rolling Stone).

Kylie was pregnant within "weeks" of dating Travis. “We both believe in God,” Travis revealed, saying, "We felt like, ‘This is something special."

"When we found out it was a girl, I was like, ‘Huhhh.’ But after a while I was like, ‘Yo, this might be the illest thing that ever happened,’" he added. "And when Stormi was born, I was like, ‘Life is fire, bro.'"

15 Kanye: Plans Everything, "Wants Seven Children"

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Kanye West is organized as they come. The Yeezy sneakers are lined up, the beats are perfected and this man doesn't do amateur. In 2018, KUWTK showed us a pretty worried Kim as she confided in BFF, Larsa Pippen. "He's been harassing me," Kim said about Kanye wanting kids.

"He wants like seven. He's, like, stuck on seven," Kim said. Well, there's a fourth on the way...

May 2019 is the due date for KimYe's fourth child, as E! News reports that the couple's surrogate is "well into the pregnancy." Kim had previously revealed that she wanted four children, as W reports. Kanye seems to have his eye on a higher headcount, though.

14 Kanye: Your Wardrobe Will Be Yeezy

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It seems to be the unspoken rule that has gripped Kim, North, Saint and Chicago. Kanye's Yeezy empire might have celeb fans like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, but it's the immediate family doing the promo. The early days saw Kim experiment with her glittering gowns and custom-made Versace. It's all changed.

Kim credits Kanye for throwing out her entire "cheesy" wardrobe,

Marie Claire reports. #Yeezy is the default look, and that includes the kids. North was wearing Yeezy before she could walk. "No daddy, it's me [sic] chain" was a Tweet from Kim as North was spotted in a Kanye-style chain. Wardrobe rule: Your style is Yeezy.

13 Travis: #Nike, "OG 3's I See U Mama"

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Stormi has just about reached the age where she can wear proper outfits. Baby Burberry seems to be Kylie's current preference, although those #Twinning crystal-studded Christmas Eve outfits turned the glam up a notch. Yeezy? Not so much. Nike? Y-E-S.

"We about to be walking. OG 3's I see u mama" was Travis' caption to an IG video as Stormi hit the 8-month mark. This little munchkin now comes with edgy leather pants, cute tees and a whole lot of Nike.

It makes sense. Travis has designed a Nike shoe, as Harper's Bazaar reports. He mentions Nike in his lyrics. Nike Air Jordans are what we saw here (although we'll assume they got the #Custom tweak).

12 Kanye: Life Isn't A Pumpkin Patch, Kim's Kids Will "Have Jobs"

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Running around a $20 million mansion isn't fully accurate for the Kardashians. A further $20 million was spent refurbishing it, so The Daily Mail reports. With those fountain-flanked gardens, poolside loungers and state-of-the-art kitchens, you could think that these kids will never do a day's work.

“I was saying that earlier to my friends, ‘I wonder what [North’s] first job is gonna be.’ And they were like, ‘What? She’s gonna have a job?’ and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Of course she is," E! News reports Kim saying. "She will have to work for what she wants.”

Kanye's kids will work. What they'll do? Well, that's anyone's guess.

11 Travis: Hires Out The Entire Pumpkin Patch

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Halloween 2018 brought us some pretty epic activity from the Kardashians– Kourtney's Ariana Grande costume has already gone down in history. Way more toned-down, but still a #A-List affair, was Kylie's IG post showing the family snuggling up in the pumpkin patch.

Anyone in sight? Nope. Looks like Kylie and Travis rented out the entire place. To be fair, hiring out an entire venue is something these people are used to.

Kylie reportedly hired out the entire floor of the hospital for her delivery, Cafe Mom  reports. This pic was adorable, but it showed us one thing. Even the most common activities are #Extra when Kylie and Travis are your parents.

10 Travis: "Even On Tour, Stormi Pulls Up"

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We don't need to be told that Stormi travels. Kylie has the IG pics to prove it– oh, and those private jet interiors get a mention. Speaking to Rolling Stone about fatherhood, Travis made it clear what the family policy is.

"Even with me on tour, Stormi pulls up. She’ll travel. She got more stamps on her passport than a lot of [people].”

Kylie's backstage Astroworld Snapchat was actually pretty laid-back. We didn't get diva vibes, there wasn't a nanny in sight and Stormi seemed to be enjoying herself. When you're Travis Scott's daughter, you get your own room with a lightning bolt sign. Well, your name is Stormi.

9 And Louis Vuitton, We Be Vibing

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It doesn't get much cuter than this. When Kylie posted a video of Stormi eagerly reaching out for a Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy bag, she melted (and we were right there with her).

"omg this girl threw the bag over her shoulder i can’t," was the caption. Pretty spot on. Stormi holds out her little hands, grabs the bag, throws it right over her shoulder (you learn from the best), and starts repeating "Bye" after she hears someone saying it.

You're looking at a toddler holding $1,100 worth of Louis Vuitton. Then again, when Forbes lists mommy's net worth at $900 million, that's a drop in the ocean. Stormi comes with a #LouisVuitton.

8 Kanye: Names Must Be "Short And Easy To Spell"

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Celeb baby names are so out there, we can barely keep up. Gwyneth Paltrow may have kicked it off with Apple Martin, but the Kardashians are keeping it up. Stormi is just as #Statement as KimYe's North, Saint and Chicago.

"Short, easy to spell, one syllable– that kind of vibe," Kim told Ellen about Kardashian baby names, as OK! reports.

North and Saint fit the bill. They're both short and they're both one syllable. Chicago takes a longer route, but it's hardly complicated. Of course, everyone is now wondering what Kim and Kanye will name their fourth child.

7 "I Really Don't Know How We Thought Of Storm"

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Kylie has opened up about how she chose Stormi, including the fact that the name was changed last-minute, so Cosmo reports. "I had one other name in mind, but Stormi always felt like her name from when she was in the womb. It's almost like she chose her name."

"I really don’t know how we thought of Storm. Her dad insisted it was him, but I feel like it was me. And that kind of just stuck with us. And then I didn’t really like just Storm — I didn’t feel like that was her name,"

Heat World quotes Kylie saying. Meanwhile, Metro reports that Kylie has trademarked the name Stormi. Well, you aren't Kylie Jenner unless you trademark stuff, right?

6 "Kylie...Cosmetics," Reply: Babble, Giggle, "Dada"

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Who needs a professional marketing team when you've got the cutest baby on the planet? While Kylie posted this video of Stormi clutching a Kylie Cosmetics kit, the philosophy extends to Travis. He posts IG videos of Stormi. Kanye either deletes his social media or saves it for the rants.

"Kylie...Cosmetics. Kylie...Cosmetics." We see Kylie trying to "teach her some new words" as per the IG caption. The reply was beyond adorable.

Stormi sits there with her big wide eyes. She babbles a bit, giggles and says: "Dada." Well, she is daddy's girl. Not a chance you'd see this with Kanye.

5 But TV Is "Out" For Stormi

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Kim and Kourtney have both aired their views on screen time. Kourtney has taken to her website to list no more than 30 minutes during the week, while Kim spoke at Beautycon 2018 to say that phones are handed out at breakfast. Travis has different views, as Metro reports him saying,

“Today kids are on iPads. There’s so much technology, they don’t play outside anymore. That’s why, with Stormi — no TV. That [stuff] is out.”

Just when you thought Stormi has it all. Nope, no TV for this little munchkin. Stormi does, however, watch her dad backstage, as Kylie's social media has shown us. (That kid jumping up and down to her dad– adorable.)

4 Kanye: Thinks Reality TV Is "Tacky"

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If you think North West just found herself on KUWTK, think again. Kanye was strictly against it back in Nori's early days, as The Daily Mail reports.

"Kim really wants to put North on the show," the newspaper reported back in 2014. "But once Kanye came on the scene, that all changed. Kanye shuts Kim down whenever she brings it up."

The report continues to state that Kanye "doesn't want his only child to ever pop up on the show" because he believes reality TV to be "tacky." The man who was 100% against reality TV now features on the show (and quite possibly gets paid to do it). Travis? Doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

3 Travis: This Was Okay From Day One

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Travis himself is less into selfies than Kylie in general. Social media isn't something that Travis updates on a daily basis, but it's a different story with Kylie. Now that Stormi features in those selfies, we're kind of glad Kylie hits "update" more than once a day.

Now that these two are twinning in the most adorable beanies ever, we can only say thanks. Kim and Kanye let their kids feature on social media, but let's not forget what Kim admitted to Ellen in 2018, as E! News reports:

"You can get in trouble with your husband, sometimes, over too many photos like that," Kim said about those racy IG pics. We don't see Travis complaining.

2 Travis: "I Never Thought I Could Love Something This Hard"

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Bad-boy vibes might be what this guy's IG sends out, but Travis's heart has nothing short of melted with Stormi. In 2018, Travis appeared on The Ellen Show, where he admitted crying in the delivery room (and cutting the cord). As Seventeen reports him saying,

"It's like this whole, like, warp that takes over your whole body. I never thought I could, like, love something so hard, you know?"

The "Sicko Mode" rapper whose raves send out hardcore party vibes is 100% about his daughter. Don't for a minute think that Kanye isn't up there with him, but Kanye's words aren't quite what we hear from Travis.

1 Kanye: "I'm Happy About Every Mistake I've Ever Made"

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No, we aren't out to give Kanye a hard time (although the rest of the world is). Kanye West is definitely one of the most bizarre artists out there, but he's also one of the most talented. Travis is even signed to Kanye's label. Still, a quote is a quote.

"When I look in North's eyes, I'm happy about every mistake I ever made," Kanye told Paper. "I'm happy that I fought to bring some type of reality to this world we choose to stay in right now."

Travis told Rolling Stone that even he feels Kanye needs to "chill out." Extending that thought to Kanye (unless he beats us to it on Twitter), here's some love, good thoughts and finally some answers to how these two dads are so different.

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