Kanye Doesn’t Like Kim’s Makeup: 10 Times We Agreed (10 Times She Slayed)

We know how much Kanye Loves Kanye, but how much does Kanye truly love his Kim?

We thought he was her biggest fan, but it turns out that one thing Yeezus does not love about KKW is her makeup. That's surprising considering she is a beauty mogul! He does not dislike her makeup either, though. He just finds his wife needs a little help to look her best sometimes ― is that caring or is it too much?

If you're a fan of the Kardashians, then you might remember when KKW and Mr. West became an item and he gave her an entire wardrobe makeover. The rapper who is also the mastermind behind a fashion label really was not a fan of how his significant other dressed and was not shy to totally revamp her closet and change her style. We're not sure how much he knows about makeup, but we know that some men are quite particular when it comes to what they like and dislike on a woman's face.

So what do we know about Kanye's specific feelings? According to Cosmopolitan, in an interview with Kim K's go-to makeup guru and artist Mario Dedivanovic, he revealed that Kanye is quite opinionated about Kim's makeup. So much so that he has insisted Mario move to L.A. so that he can always be with Kim for all her beauty needs!

Are we even surprised that Kanye is so opinionated about her glam routine? No, as there have been times when we did not fancy Kim's look, either.

20 Agree With Kanye: We're Not Sure What Is Going On Here

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We know how much men loathe it when women have cake faces, so how is it that KKW, the woman who runs her own beauty line and is a social media queen, stepped out looking all caked up?

There was a time when Kim dyed her hair pink, but just could not match her makeup to her eccentric hair. We see all the lines, pores and uneven texture of her face, and her mascara looks so clumpy and unflattering. We know that no professional makeup artist would let Kim leave the house with such heavy looking makeup. And what is it with the cracked lips slathered with lip gloss? We see a true beauty crime here.

19 Slayed: Still Raving Over The Silver-Smoky Look

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Then there are times when we wish upon a star that we were Kim Kardashian because her makeup is impeccable. We sometimes have to take a double take at her undeniably flawless face to make sure we are not just hallucinating.

You can never go wrong with a smoky eye, but Kim’s mostly metallic shadow is so fierce we cannot look away. It is not too harsh and makes the smoky eye cooler in terms of tones, which is quite difficult to pull off. Paired with a fabulous plump neutral beige lip with a hint of brown, KKW gave classy and sassy a new name with this look.

18 Agree With Kanye: This Red Lip Just Isn't Happening

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Who let Kim attend an event like this? With so many distinct facial features that women around the world envy, this makeup look did not flatter her at all. We would like to dismiss the look and brush it under the rug, but it is hard not to talk about our not-so-favourite look on the beauty mogul.

As an ultimate form of love, we want to let Kim know that we are so glad she has Mario in her life and that she will not replicate this look ever again. The black eyeliner with the extremely voluminous and lengthy lashes made her glowing eyes look way too petite, and the red lip is way too drastic combined with her eye makeup. And why is she wearing red on red when she could have opted for nude?

17 Slayed: We All Love A Perfect Winged Liner

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If you have a thing for makeup, then you know how difficult of a task it is to perfect the winged eyeliner look. The cat-eye seriously needs a manual to be achieved! It can be utterly frustrating as many of us do not get the mysterious and fierce look perfected in one shot, but of course, Kim K makes it look effortless. Not only is the winged eyeliner so perfect that it stands out above all else, but the line is so slim we don't comprehend how patient one can be.

This is the precise glammed-up look that's perfect for Kim because with her chestnut eyes, the liner accentuates her face and brings out her exotic look. And, we just can't get over the stunning gold and brown shadow as the finishing touch.

16 Agree With Kanye: We Have The Blues

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We know Kim, since she has been the wife of Kanye, goes out and pulls off the most far-fetched runway outfits, but we also know that Kim is the basic type who enjoys lounging around in black or neutral tones.

That being said, this look is too unnatural and nothing about it suits the dark-haired beauty. Not to mention, she kind of also resembles Cher here, which is totally unlike Kim.

Firstly, the bright blue on her eyelids just does not blend well with the glitter, and there is too much going on. Secondly, we see a lot of pink blush, and we know that Kim never goes out with pink on her cheeks. Finally, the glossy pink-purple shade on her lips does not work for her. This is just not KKW.

15 Slayed: Kim Owned The Night With This Glamour

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KKW, is that you? Or a wax statue of you?

There are times when Kim K steps out of her house and she looks like a million bucks so effortlessly, and this was one of those instances ― do we resent her? Yes, because who could look so foxy? Her skin looks so smooth, bright and free of pores that we would think Kim's face was airbrushed.

The warm-toned lipstick, with liner that goes above the lip line looks flawless; not many people could pull that off without looking like a ridiculous clown. Then, she's got lashes for days. They're thick and the darkest black lashes that any woman would dream of having. Notice how there are no clumps?

14 Agree With Kanye: There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Those Lashes

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Whatever Kim has done surgically to her face is her business (as long as she's happy, right?), but here we're confused about her lashes.

Did she deliberately sabotage them? Did she have a lazy day and thought she could throw one by us? That is fine since we are all human, but a star like Kim K, who is followed by millions, always posts images with her best face on. Her bottom lashes look clumpy and unprofessionally done; the lashes are all in different directions and look like tiny spider legs. Her eyebrows look flawless, but we are distracted by the amateur lashes.

13 Slayed: Digging The Normie Look

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Hi Kim, we love when you opt for a more natural look! Kim does not need to cake on makeup to look chic, glamorous or sophisticated because she already has distinct features that do not need much glam to stand out.

On a rather casual day, Kim is seen here wearing cute jeans and a top, and her light makeup complements the easiness of her #outfitoftheday. It almost looks like she has no foundation on, and opted for some highlighter on her cheekbones instead. And for a change, she has a sheer gloss on that her full lips certainly pull off.

Eyeshadow? Who needs that when your lashes can be spotted from miles away?

12 Agree With Kanye: The Time Kim K Forgot To Blend

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What happened here and where on Earth was Kanye? This was a definite makeup emergency and probably the reason why Kanye wants to move Mario out to L.A. so that they can avoid instances like these. The glam police would definitely not approve of this crime.

The sad reality is that all cameras will always be on Kim, so even though we all have bad makeup days, Kim K shouldn't because the world will know about it.

Look at the orange streak going straight down the bridge of her nose. What happened there? Did she forget to blend? And why the excessive oil on her forehead? And why does it look like half of her face is missing foundation, like her cheeks? With the uneven application and streaks, we believe Kim woke up with makeup from the day before.

11 Slayed: Kanye Approved

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Kim does not need much makeup to look like a queen, and this picture proves it. Thanks to KKW, women around the world are contouring their faces and highlighting their greatest features, and application of contouring is really all Kim needs.

Here, she probably has one coat of mascara on, which is enough to make them lengthy and make us envious of her. Also, her makeup does not look caked on, which we wholly dig. What is mostly visible is the highlighter on her cheekbones and around her mysterious and beautiful eyes. And what about her famous lips? It looks like she has a slight hint of gloss on them and they look fabulous that way.

10 Agree With Kanye: Did Kim Get A Black Eye Or...?

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Sometimes too much, is well, too much. With all the new eyeshadow palettes on the market nowadays that keep hitting the shelves, we are tempted to have fun and experiment with all the colours, but this is an example of experimentation gone wrong. If there was a tutorial, we would give it a big thumbs down.

We know that Kim can pull off a dark smoky eye, but this eyeshadow look removes the life from her face. We think she looks like a character from a horror movie or something. With her platinum hair and her perfectly-sculpted face, the exaggerated eye makeup is just too harsh. Yes, she looks all bruised up, too.

9 Slayed: This Blue Is Poppin'

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She may have bought her hair, but she is owning the blue eyeshadow. Unlike the blue eyeshadow on the earlier photo that we disapproved of, this blue adds so much pizzazz and looks glamorous. It is quite tough to pull off blue on the eyes, and it takes someone who is willing and daring, but Kim K nailed the cobalt blue eyeshadow and we wish we saw more of it on the A-lister. And with that facial expression, she totally knew that she was slaying with her popping blue eyes.

It is quite inspiring how heavy the colour is, yet how lavish and classy it looks. Paired with a darker beige lip liner and a nude lip, we're in makeup heaven.

8 Agree With Kanye: Foundation Gone Bad

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Was Mario around when Kim applied her makeup that day? Probably not because he wouldn't have let her step out of the house like this! Kim knows people are always watching, and though we can obviously guess she was opting for a natural look, her skin was not in its greatest shape.

This often happens when skin is dry and dull, or when there is a lack of moisturizer applied and no primer. It is quite obvious that something went wrong that day since we see all the bumps, lines and pores on Kim's face. She may have also used her fingers to apply her foundation instead of a brush, and "cake look" is usually the result. We can't fight this one for Kim.

7 Slayed: Kim K Is Flossy

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Then there are those times when Kim's makeup is so on point that Kanye should compose a song about it. Seriously, can we all just bow down and appreciate her gleaming skin for a minute?

Most of the time, when Kim dares to pull off something unusual it works, and this pic is the perfect example of that. We are totally digging the lip accessory! Kim is like a chameleon. She can pull off the bohemian look, the rocker look, the sporty look, but also classier and chic looks. Her eyeshadow is alluring here and showcases her gorgeous eye shape. As for the lip, well, Kim owned it without a doubt.

6 Agree With Kanye: We're Surprised Kanye Took This Picture With Her

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It is only obvious that the woman in this picture is Kim Kardashian West because she is posing with Kanye. She really doesn't look like KKW! Even after staring for quite some time, we are dumbfounded and still trying to convince ourselves that it is indeed West's wifey.

However, since it is, this is why we had to rub our eyes various times. Firstly, her eyebrows are not dark and full and are quite sparse (totally unlike Kim). Secondly, her lips and nose look different. Wait, since when does Kim sport a raspberry lip? And why does she have those unnecessarily long spider lashes? We'd like Kanye's honest opinion.

5 Slayed: KKW Should Pull Off This Look More Often

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We are blown away by this glammed up look of Kim's ― our hearts just melted.

Her mascara application is flawless, and her eyes are hypnotizing us. We feel like she is staring right into our souls. We are used to seeing Kim in velvet-toned and nude lips, so we were taken aback by this very light lip that matches her skin tone. How do we feel about it? As good as she feels about herself in this picture.

In terms of her face makeup application, her contouring is magical. Her nose is beautifully and lightly sculpted, and we are raving over the slight olive hue of the contour.

4 Agree With Kanye: Did Kim Just Wake Up?

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We have no way of justifying this look, although it is not her worst.

Her skin does look smooth, but around the nose and lips there is too much shine and the foundation looks blotchy. The main problem with this look that would have called for an immediate emergency is her eyes. You know when you wake up after a long night out? Or when you are off to the exam room after an entire night of studying? If you do, you may be familiar with eyes that are brown, beige and lightly orange like Kim's eyelids in this photo. We truly hope she was not thinking she'd turn dark circles into a thing.

3 Slayed: Wow Kim K, Is That You?

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We remember when we first saw this photo of Kim K posted on her IG, we had to go outside and get some air. Although we go bonkers for Kim's exotic look with her naturally tanned skin, her brown eyes that reflect the warmth of the sun and her luscious dark locks, we almost fell over when we saw Kim with light blue-green eyes.

There is nothing filtered about this glammed-up look. Her eyes are beaming with her fluffy, long lashes and her lips looks like a million bucks with the peachy-orange lipstick applied to them ― we are utterly in love with this look.

2 Agree With Kanye: Too Distracted By The Oil

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We know that Kim received no kudos for this look. If we put ourselves in Kanye's shoes, we would probably be harsh, but let us just state the facts with what is actually wrong with this makeup look.

For one, the tone of the foundation is totally off. It's orange with red undertones that don't complement Kim's olive skin. It also looks like several layers of the foundation were applied. Secondly, there is an abundance of oil, making her face look greasy. On to the highlighting work, it looks like an amateur application was done as we can clearly see the light shade that was applied under her eyes. And with the pores showing, her skin looks way too tight.

1 Slayed: Change Is Good

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Kim, we give you all the permission in the world to strut with that duck face because you totally rocked this look!

She's not wearing the tones and shades we are used to seeing her in, and that is mostly what we love about this look. We are accustomed to seeing Kim with a nude or creamy lip, so we love how she blended some peach and sheer on her lips instead. Her lips look smooth and luscious.

On top of that, she played a little matchy-matchy and went with the same shade on her eyes. It worked! The look is crazily fascinating. Plus, with the light brown shadow under her lower lashes, the flecks of deep brown in her eyes look so bright and alluring.

When she gets it right, she really gets it right.

Sources: Cosmopolitan

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