Kaley Cuoco: 15 Big Bang Cast Members She'll Miss (5 Not-So-Much)

Unless they’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 years, most people have heard of the CBS comedy sitcom The Big Bang Theory starring Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco.

The show revolves around a group of pleasantly aloof super genius scientists and their circle of friends in Pasadena, Los Angeles. While Parsons and Galecki play Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, respectively, Cuoco, who had seen previous fame for her run on 8 Simple Rules, played the loveable waitress across the hall Penny, who happens to intertwine lives with the physicists.

2019 marks the final year of the award-winning sitcom and Kaley’s star has never been brighter. Since starring in the comedy, she has become one of the most recognized faces in the Hollywood comedy scene, and her star is only going to rise further after the show ends its run.

While she’s close with plenty of her co-stars (best friends, in fact) there are some who she appears to be rather “meh” with. This doesn’t mean she dislikes them or there’s high drama between her and these particular co-stars, but there's clearly something amiss.

Here are 15 of the cast members who Kaley will clearly miss after the show wraps this year, and five who she probably won’t be texting on a daily basis.

Hard To Say Good-Bye:

20 The Brother-Sister Bond - Jim Parsons


It’s widely known that Kaley and Jim Parsons have a brother-sister-like bond that can be clearly felt when you watch their characters interact on the small screen. On the show, Sheldon always seems to be annoyed by Penny’s dense ways, but he grows to both love her and need her in certain circumstances.

As Leonard puts it, they have a weird “Elliot and ET”-like bond. This is also the case in real life and you can feel it when you glance at her IG, which features A LOT of snaps of Parsons and their dynamic. It’s obvious that Parsons is on the one to beat in the missing department.

19 Falling For Your Best Friend - Johnny Galecki


Kaley and co-star Galecki’s romance happens to be one of the best-kept secrets in television history. Shortly after the show premiered, Kaley and Johnny started an off-screen relationship and managed to keep it under wraps for two years–which is an entire lifetime in Hollywood years. What’s funny is that the two ended up parting ways romantically when their characters finally got together on the show.

Even though their relationship fell through the cracks, their friendship did not. You can also tell that their friendship wasn’t forced for the show either. It’s obvious that the two deeply admire and respect one another, so it’s going to be difficult for both not to see each other every day.

18 Besties For Life - Melissa Rauch


Melissa Rauch’s character Bernadette Rostenkowski came on the show in 2009 as only a minor character who was set up with Howard Wolowitz through Penny. Eventually, the character of Bernadette was so loved that she became a regular cast member. The friendship between Melissa and Kaley has been easy to see both on screen and in photos on each other’s social media feeds.

It’s hard for either of them to keep a straight face when they’re working together because they’re constantly trying to make the other laugh, and when they break, the laughing becomes infectious and eventually those surrounding them chime in as well.

17 All Fun - Kunal Nayyar


On the show, Kunal Nayyar plays astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali, a shy and socially awkward man who literally clams up when around women–well, at least he used to at the beginning of the hit show. While Kaley’s character always found Raj to be a little off thanks to his awkwardness, they became rather close on the show after all the characters found their footing.

In real life, Kaley is as close to Kunal as she is with a majority of her co-stars, and you can see their fondness for one another in photos as he and other cast members celebrated Kaley’s wedding last year.

16 Ignore The Annoying Tendencies - Simon Helberg


At the beginning of the show, it was easy to see why no character wanted to hang around aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz for too long–especially the female characters. While he was a genius, he was also fairly desperate and, in a sense, creepy. So much so that Penny was often fighting him off at every turn until she helped even him out by setting him up with Bernadette.

Off screen though, both Kaley and actor Simon Helberg can’t stop cracking each other up. Behind the cameras, the hilarious duo is rather close thanks to Helberg being absolutely NOTHING like his character in real life.

15 Star-Struck - Kathy Bates


Okay, who WOULDN’T be star struck by legendary actress Kathy Bates? Bates herself plays Amy Fowler’s very conservative mother, Mrs. Fowler, who appeared during the eleventh season of the show. When she first came onto the set, Kaley was beside herself and snuck around the set, afraid to ask Bates for a selfie with her.

So what did she do? She placed herself in odd positions in order to get a shot in the same frame as the legendary actress. Thankfully, Bates came back for the final season and when she did, Kaley finally mustered up the guts to ask Bates for a selfie. And, goodness, was it worth the wait.

14 She’s Not As Intimidating As She Appears - Christine Baranski


On the show, veteran character actress Christine Baranski plays Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, Leonard’s ice-cold mother, who he seems desperate to win affection from (despite her being more proud of Sheldon over her own flesh and blood).

Penny also spends significant episodes vying to win her future mother-in-law’s approval as well. At times, it appears she’s won her over, but then the water gets muddy again. Off-screen, however, the two are close due to their backgrounds in comedy. Christine appears to be a mentor of sorts to Kaley so we can expect the two to miss each other once the final episode airs.

13 A Living Legend - William Shatner

For years, it’s known that Kaley often moonlights on other projects, one of which happens to be starring in a series of commercials for Priceline.com along with veteran actor William Shatner. In the commercials, Kaley actually plays Shatner’s daughter, so it was amusing when Shatner actually agreed to guest star on The Big Bang Theory after years of saying “no.”

Could be it that his commercial on-screen daughter convinced otherwise? Creators called him up and asked once more if he would do the show and play a scene with Kaley, and he, of course, agreed. At least when the show ends, Kaley can always keep doing commercials with Shatner.

12 All The Animals That Guest Starred

Los Angeles Times

If you’re a fan of Kaley’s and the show, you know that off-screen, Kaley is actually a MASSIVE animal lover. She’s a trained equestrian and owns quite a few horses along with tons of rescued animals. Both she and her husband Ryan Sweeting rescue animals and work quite closely with PETA and the SPCA.

So, naturally, Kaley is going to fall in love with any animal on the show. There haven't been many (Parsons' character Sheldon is very afraid of all animals) but Kaley has fawned over the few who have been featured on the show and highlighted them on her IG feed. One notable co-star is Cinnamon, Raj’s adorable little pup on the show.

11 The Grandfather Figure - Bob Newhart


On the show, Bob Newhart plays Professor Proton, a beloved character from an old television series Sheldon used to watch as a child. He guest-starred a few times (his character often rightfully annoyed by Sheldon) before the series actually offed the character (what?!), only to bring him back as a ghost whenever Sheldon needed a few words of wisdom.

Kaley would often do a few scenes with the legendary Newhart, and each time, she was extremely grateful to be working with the comedian (as one can see from the selfie she took). Hopefully, the two will find a different project to work on after the show wraps.

10 Favorite Ex-Boyfriend - Brian Thomas Smith


Before Leonard and Penny became an item, there was Zack Johnson, Penny’s dim-witted boyfriend. Even though he wasn’t all “there” per se, he was still rather loveable in a way that kept producers on their toes. Writers kept bringing back Zack through the years and actor Brian Thomas Smith was extremely here for it.

Despite the fact that they don’t end up together, Penny and Zack had chemistry thanks to Kaley and Brian’s friendship. Despite him being only a character actor, there appears to be a future in the business for Smith. Heck, fans of the show wouldn’t have been against having him full time.

9 Momma Cooper - Laurie Metcalf


It should come as no shock to anyone that thanks to actress Laurie Metcalf’s wildly popular turn as the Bible-thumping Mary Cooper–Sheldon’s mother–her own real-life daughter, Zoe Perry, plays a younger version of the character in the spin-off Young Sheldon.

Metcalf has been in the industry for years, so it’s only natural that a young comedian like Kaley would hook onto her so strongly and look up to her as a motherly figure. Anyone and everyone who has worked with Metcalf has always wanted to work with her again (heck, half the regulars on the original Roseanne starred with her on Big Bang).

8 Like Mother Like Daughter (In Two Different Sitcoms) - Katey Sagal

via:Hollywood Reporter

Both Kaley and actress Katey Segal have an extremely strong bond in real life. This has to do with them dealing with tragedy together. Segal and Kaley played mother and daughter on 8 Simple Rules when John Ritter, who played the father in the series, passed away suddenly. Going through that sort of grief together would make any pair closer, just as it did with Segal and Kaley.

Katey eventually signed on to play Kaley’s mother YET AGAIN on The Big Bang Theory, to no one’s surprise (such perfect casting too). We have a feeling that Katey would gladly star with Kaley in anything the two actresses happen to do in the future.

7 Rest In Peace - Carol Ann Susi


To a majority of people in Hollywood, actress Carol Ann Susi was much more than “just” a voice actress–she was an extremely loved, and talented, veteran actress who thrived in any role she took on. In this case, Susi happened to be the voice behind Howard’s mother, Mrs. Wolowitz, a woman who was never seen but ALWAYS heard.

For eight seasons, fans only heard Mrs. Wolowitz, before she passed away in 2015. The entire cast gave Susi a touching and powerful tribute in Mrs. Wolowitz’s final episode and cast members, including Kaley, got rightfully emotional on social media to express their grief.

6 Papa Penny - Keith Carradine


When it was time to cast Penny’s father on the sitcom, it was actor Keith Carradine the producers turned to. Keith has such a calming and sweet presence to him, so it made sense that he would play Penny’s father. Keith only played Penny’s dad a handful of times, but their on-screen chemistry was a given.

Kaley usually has a tight bond with those who play her father on sitcoms (or commercials, in the case of William Shatner) so chances are we’ll see the two of them on the small screen (or big screen) again after the show officially wraps.

No Love Really Lost

5 Trouble In Paradise - Mayim Bialik


A while ago, rumors started circulating that cast members Mayim Bialik (who plays Amy Fowler) and Kaley didn’t get along behind the scenes of the show. Of course, fans were saddened by this news around because their characters on the show are extremely close. Media reports that their relationship was icy because Kaley looked down on the former Blossom actress.

Of course, these rumors turned out to be just that–rumors. In fact, Mayim’s relationship with Kaley is perfectly fine, but nothing good ever comes out of the press going crazy in an attempt to stir up controversy, so we’re pretty sure Kaley won’t miss that.

4 Absent From Social Media  - Kevin Sussman


As we all know, Kaley is basically the TV queen of social media, especially when it comes to IG. If you go onto her feed, you’ll see some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of what goes on on the show when the cameras aren’t rolling. On Kaley’s feed, you’ll see everyone from regular cast members to guest stars.

But one you don’t see too much of is Kevin Sussman, who plays the loveable weirdo Stewart. On the show, Stewart always seemed to creep Penny out for the most part (at least during the middle of the series’ run) so that could explain why you don’t see much of him on her timeline?

3 Enemy Of My Bestie - Wil Wheaton


Ah yes, the notorious Wil Wheaton. On the show, the actor actually plays himself and he happens to be the arch nemesis of Parsons’ character Sheldon. So, naturally, if Sheldon had an issue with someone, so did Penny for the most part. In some episodes, both Sheldon and Wil were able to move past their beef and he even got on Penny’s good side (by getting her a role in a bad horror film) some of the time.

But you don’t see him too often on her social media feed, and that could be just because their two characters didn’t get along thanks to her siding with Sheldon.

2 Tension Filled - Aarti Mann


When two characters don’t get along in front of the cameras, it’s quite possible that the actors who portray the characters don’t really get along in real life. That tends to be the case with some actors, but we’re hoping it’s not the same with Kaley and Aarti Mann, who plays Raj’s sister and Leonard’s ex-girlfriend Priya Koothrappali, a lawyer visiting her brother.

Tension filled the screen when Penny and Priya would share the screen, so it makes sense that Kaley never really kept up with Aarti (as far as we know) after Priya and Leonard broke up (much to Penny’s happiness).

1 Hitting Both Lists (For A Reason) - Johnny Galecki

Entertainment Tonight

Now we know this one is a biggie, mainly since the two actors are actually extremely close in real life. But how close can one be with their ex-boyfriend? It must have been at least a little rough when they started working together again after the breakup, ESPECIALLY since their two characters were actually in a relationship after the real-life pair broke things off.

One would have to suspect, in real life, that a breather from working constantly with your ex would be a tad nice. But, then again, the two are extremely close in real life and Galecki is very close to both Kaley and her husband. Even so, Johnny ended up on this list twice thanks to their relationship.

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