Kaia Gerber: 20 Pics That Pete Davidson Would Be Obsessed With

We can't blame Pete Davidson for being infatuated with Kaia Gerber. After all, she is the absolutely gorgeous daughter of famed supermodel Cindy Crawford and handsome business tycoon Rande Gerber. In other words, genetics are on her side. However, that's not the only reason Kaia's attracted Pete's attention as well as scored contracts with Vogue, Burberry, Moschino, Prada, and Fendi. Kaia's also engaging, charismatic, and has an unparalleled taste in fashion.

But, let's face it, it's Kaia's looks that Pete cares most about. There are several photos of her that would make him forget about some of his famously hot exes, such as Ariana Grande, Margaret Qualley, and Kate Beckinsale. Without further ado, here are 20 pics of Kaia Gerber that Pete Davidson would be obsessed with.

20 Pepsi Girls Drive The Coke Fans Wild

Just Jared

It doesn't matter if Pete's more of a Coke guy, we have a feeling he's switching to Pepsi from now on. Or, at least, he would if he saw this picture of Kaia. Any mega-corporation would be smart to strike up an endorsement deal with this gorgeous supermodel in the making. Our eyes naturally gravitate toward her, making her the perfect billboard for logos.

19 A Reminder That She's WAY Out Of His League

Just Jared and Daily Mail

It feels as though Pete loves publicity more than the famous women he dates. Therefore, it's highly likely he'd be obsessed with this image from The Daily Mail. We're all dumbstruck by his recent track-record with women. Between Cazzie David, Ariana Grande, and Kaia, this scrawny SNL star is batting 1000. Now that these two are no longer hiding their connection, it feels like we're going to see a ton more photos like this. Bet Pete's happy about that.

18 Kaia's Future Is Definitely Looking Pretty Bright


It would be completely unfair to say that Pete made a good long-term investment with Kaia. After all, she's paying off for him right now. She boosts his profile, makes him look good, and probably shares her enormous wealth with him. But there's no denying that Kaia's future is bright. Genetics are in her favor. Kaia's mom, Cindy Crawford, looks as vibrant and young as she does which is a good sign for what's to come.

17 Kaia's Got Friends In High Places And That's Great For Ol' Petey


Even if Pete Davidson is well-meaning and authentically adores Kaia, he does tend to come across as a social climber. Therefore, he'd likely be happy to learn that Kaia is friends with Kendall Jenner. That means that her reputation is higher amongst Kendall's massive fanbase, which is only a good thing for ole Petey.

16 This Girl's Selfie Game Is On Point


Kaia Gerber is a fresh-faced youngster. In fact, she's barely 18. Like most 18-year-olds, Kaia is a selfie monster. The only difference between her and most people her age is that she's unbelievably hot. Therefore, any selfie she takes, including this one, is bound to give most thirsty fans a heart attack.

15 Kaia's Bestie Charlotte Lawrence Is As Pretty As She Is


Given the fact that Pete switches girlfriends more often than Taylor Swift switches boyfriends, it's likely that he's thrilled by the fact that Charlotte Lawrence is one of Kaia's best friends. The "Navy Blue" singer is equally as gorgeous as Kaia and also has a sensual and engaging singing voice. Unfortunately for Pete, it's highly unlikely that Charlotte is the type to ditch her bestie for a dumb boy.

14 Time For A Bathroom Selfie


It's not uncommon for runways models like Kaia to have legs for days. And boy does she ever! Pete is one lucky dude. We're sure he'd be salivating over a photo like this where Kaia happily shows off some of her best assets. Even if you're not the type who goes for women with figures like Kaia's, we can all appreciate the beauty.

13 A Woman Who Can Pull Off White Converse Is A-Okay

Just Jared

White Converse tend to look absurdly good on women. Of course, it all depends on the style, figure, and energy of the individual. But, on the whole, they're a smart fashion choice. Kaia's figure and style are ideal for white Converse. They make her look relaxed and even a bit sporty. Even though we know she's a high-fashion model.

12 Working It For Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is just one of the major fashion lines that have done modeling deals with Kaia Gerber. Looking at this photo, it's easy to see why they've picked her. Of course, she's a surefire investment based on the fact that her mother is supermodel Cindy Crawford. But Kaia has intoxicating energy that's completely her own. She's equally pretty as she is vivacious and sensual.

11 Standing Out Amongst Everyone Else Her Age


We can imagine that some jealous-types wouldn't be too thrilled with Kaia Gerber. After all, she stands out amongst the vast majority of people her age. She has been blessed with fortune, good-looks, and privilege. Still, she conducts herself with a level of grace that's admirable. Here's hoping she can keep it while dating the controversial Pete Davidson.

10 Little Miss Hudson Jeans 2017


Man, Kaia Gerber looks pretty freaking fly in Hudson Jeans. No wonder the company chose her for a major campaign back in 2015. Even though the model was only 15 at the time, she managed to totally pull it off. Having said that, Kaia had quite a few years of modeling experience under belt even at that point.

9 Holding Hands With Madison Beer

Celeb Mafia

We don't know how close Kaia is with model and singer Madison Beer, but the two never seem to miss a chance to pose together when out in public. By the looks of things, the two beautiful girls are as close as peanut butter and jelly. This means Pete Davidson gets to hang around with yet another gorgeous woman who's substantially younger than him.

8 Kaia Rocks A Swimsuit As Well As Her Supermodel Mom

Just Jared

There's no shortage of photos of Kaia Gerber in a swimsuit. Even though she can be seen posing in them in photoshoots, most photos of her in a swimsuit originate from her luxurious vacations. Just like Pete, we all feel our hearts stop when we see her exquisite physique being flaunted while exploring a tropical destination.

7 Playing Dress-Up With CharChar


There's absolutely no doubt that Pete Davidson would be losing it over this pic. His girl is looking mighty fly in her get-up. It's hard to take your eyes off of her. But Kaia's bestie, singer Charlotte Lawrence may be stealing the show. We can't help but think that Pete might also be interested in seeing a list of the hottest Charlotte Lawrence pictures too.

6 Ready For Her Photoshoot


There's no shortage of innuendos we could make about this photo. Especially since Ariana Grande spread a certain rumor about Kaia's new man years ago. But, we'll take the higher (and less funny) road. Instead, we'll simply say that Kaia looks stellar here. Her coat, in particular, is utterly cool. In fact, she looks as though she could join Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the upcoming Matrix film.

5 Just Look At Those Doe Eyes


There's a huge market in the entertainment industry for beautiful women with doe eyes. Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Rachel Bilson, and Penelope Cruz are best recognized for this specific feature. There's no doubt that Kaia Gerber is capable of joining this club. Just look at her incredible eyes!

4 The Casual Glamorous Look Is Easy Peasy For Kaia

Celeb Mafia

Kaia has a figure that seems designed for bikinis. However, she doesn't tend to wear them as boujee celebrities such as Kendall or Kylie Jenner do. It's clear that Kaia prefers a more relaxed look. We're sure that Pete is pretty pleased about this as he gets to see his hot girlfriend in a bikini but can still feel like he can talk to her.

3 Kaia's Hair Game Is Just Out Of This World

Hollywood Reporter

While we're not too sure about Kaia's current Bob haircut, we can appreciate the fact that she has luscious hair. Of course, she seems completely aware of this. She wouldn't grab at it the way she is in this photo unless she was 100% confident. But Kaia's lucky, her good hair genetics come from her mother, Cindy Crawford.

2 Looking Like A Euphoria Girl


The lighting of this photo reminds us of the popular HBO show Euphoria. But it's also the sense of confidence and a shred of attitude that Kaia has here. She's giving off major Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney vibes. This is a flattering comparison given that there's no cast on television that we're as thirsty for than the one on Euphoria.

1 Comin' Out Of The Ocean Like James Friggin' Bond

Starlet Arcade

While there are lots of photos of Kaia Gerber looking pretty goofy while playing around in the ocean, this isn't one of them. This candid makes her look like a female James Bond, strutting out of the turbulent waves with all the confidence of a world-class spy. Or, in her case, a world-class supermodel.

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