K-Pop Superstars Blackpink Are Launching A Line Of Hair Dyes With Mise-En-Scène

Korean haircare brand Mise-En-Scène recently revealed that K-Pop superstars Blackpink are their new brand ambassadors. The latest news is that the ultra-famous girl group is dropping a new collection of hair dyes in collaboration with Mise-En-Scène. It sounds like a match made in heaven, and one can only assume the new hair dye collection will be a highly desired gift for this upcoming Christmas.

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Mise-En-Scène's popular foam hair dye Hello Bubble will get a revamp and feature photos of the girls from Blackpink. The hair dye comes in fun colors like Rose and Khaki, but there are also more natural shades available such as Choco, a darker brown, Dusty, an ashier brown, Matte, a bronze gold, and Vanilla, which is a more yellow shade of gold. This means there is definitely something for everyone, not only those with a bold and daring approach to hair dye.

As reported by Allure, Blackpink's lead vocalist Rosé has recently dyed her hair pink, which of course is in perfect timing with the hair dye collection collab with Mise-En-Scène. Unfortunately it is not Rosé who is featured on the Hello Bubble hair dye in the Rose color, but even so, she is doing an excellent job marketing the product.

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Lately, pink hair has been a huge trend in Hollywood, although many of the celebs who are known to change hair color every other day actually use wigs. Kylie Jenner has shown off her impressive wig collection in the past for instance. Other stars who have donned their locks in different shades of pink are, among others, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Lucy Hale, and Hailey Baldwin. Clearly, twenty-one-year-old Rosé from Blackpink is in great company!

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Mise-En-Scène is a best-selling hair cosmetics brand in Korea, and are gaining notoriety worldwide. Korean skincare, beauty, and makeup have already become very popular, so it is only natural that the time now has come to Korean haircare. Now, not everyone is ready to dye their hair pink, not even this gorgeous shade of rose pink, but then luckily Mise-En-Scène also offer hair dyes in subtle tones that merely act as a boost to your natural hair color.

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