Justin Bieber's New French-Named Clothing Line Uses Emojis In The Best Way Possible

Freshly-married Justin Bieber seems to be taking a break from music to pursue a different path—fashion. In February, the pop singer trademarked his middle name, Drew, along with “The House of Drew” and “La Maison Drew” reportedly in preparation for a new French-inspired clothing line. Bieber was then spotted wearing samples from the line in late October.

Although details about the singer’s new line have not been revealed yet, he has personally offered a sneak peak of the products by wearing them for a few casual outings. Bieber was first seen wearing a bright gold t-shirt that simply read “drew” in black lettering with a light yellow outline. He was later spotted in a gold sweatshirt bearing the same design. Bieber’s most recent design, though, is a bit more interesting—a black sweatshirt with an emoji-like yellow smiley face. Instead of a smile, however, the word “drew” curves around the bottom half of the face.

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According to The Blast, his trademark filings were intended for “clothing and wearing apparel,” which reportedly can include shirts, jackets, pajamas, children’s clothing, swimsuits, robes, and bras. Given what we’ve already seen, the rest of La Maison Drew (or House of Drew) will likely carry the black-and-yellow theme, and maybe sport a few more emojis.

Fashion designing may become a Bieber family affair. Bieber’s new wife, model Hailey Bieber (formerly Hailey Baldwin) reportedly also submitted trademark applications for a clothing line on October 10th. The applications listed three names to be trademarked—Hailey Baldwin, her maiden name; Hailey Bieber, her married name; and “HRB3.” Could a joint clothing collection be in the works for the couple?

Other than embarking on a new clothing design journey, Baldwin and Bieber have kept their lives relatively low-key recently. Bieber is on a musical hiatus in favor of focusing on his new marriage, which occurred privately in a New York City courthouse in September. A source told People that, lately, Bieber just wants to hang out quietly with his new wife as much as possible. The couple is also looking to buy their own house in Los Angeles, rather than continuing to rent the home they are currently living in.

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