Justin Bieber's Latest Tattoo Is A Tribute To His Wife (But It's Not In A Place That You'd Expect)

Newlyweds Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin took their marriage to the next level recently by getting couple’s tattoos. Although the two appear to be keeping their new ink on the down low for now, celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang shared a few small details about the work he did for the Biebers.

Bieber’s tattoo is in an unexpected place that doesn’t quite scream “romantic”—his face—but it’s very subtle ink. Located just above his right eyebrow, the new tattoo is incredibly small and in very thin ink. It’s hardly noticeable, even when looking at it closely.

Bang Bang didn’t want to reveal much about the couple’s tattoos before Baldwin and Bieber decide to show them off publicly. However, he did tell Page Six that the tattoo includes “little words.” It’s impossible to see what those words are unless you have super-magnifying vision, so we’ll just have to wait to find out until the pop singer reveals the words himself.

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Page Six speculated that at least one of the words in the tattoo is “Grace.” Back in July (around the time the pair announced their engagement), the publication noticed the tattoo in a photo of Bieber and could slightly make out the word. Additionally, tattoo artist JonBoy posted a photo on Instagram of then-fiancees Baldwin and Bieber with the caption “style&grace.” Is this a coincidence, or a clue?

JonBoy was responsible for Bieber’s first subtle face tattoo, so maybe Bieber let him in on the secret. Or, maybe the couple was inspired by JonBoy’s words enough to make a tattoo out of them. No one can say for sure. On the contrary, Hello Giggles thinks the tattoo reads “Hailey,” and now we really don’t know what to believe.

There is currently no information on Baldwin’s tattoo. The couple has not been seen in any recent photographs, so it is possible they are trying to hide their ink for now. We can’t really blame the Biebers for that, though—they’re barely public about their marriage. The two married quietly in a New York courthouse in September in the blink of an eye. They are reportedly planning a wedding celebration later on with friends and family, so maybe the tattoos will be revealed in all their glory then.

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