Justin Bieber Shares Gorgeous Photo Of A Makeup-Free Hailey Bieber

It's safe to say that Justin and Hailey Bieber are a super cute couple. They aren't shy about showing their love for one another on or off social media despite the whirlwind romance they had prior to getting married just this past year. Still, it appears that they love each other deeply and are proud to call each other husband and wife.

If you need any more proof of the above, look no further than Justin's most recent Instagram post of wife Hailey. It showed an Instagram Story he previously posted of Hailey. His wife is sitting down in a cute outfit without a drop of makeup on her face. Justin added, "No makeup. Like what??" to the original Story to give his fans a hint that he thinks Hailey is beautiful. The post of said Story had no caption, hinting that the Story's caption sums it all up already.



As previously mentioned, Justin's post shows just how beautiful he thinks Hailey is. It's not hard to blame him for thinking so, really. Hailey already looks stunning without any makeup on. She doesn't even need to do her hair or wear some designer threads, too. Her natural beauty is evident to anyone who looks at the model- and Justin knows that. He's clearly proud to call Hailey his wife- why wouldn't he want to boast about it? Anyone in his shoes would more than likely do the same thing.

The couple will clearly continue to show off their love to their fans and critics alike simply because they're proud of their relationship. To the Biebers, it doesn't matter what anyone says about their quick romance and their currently year-long marriage. After all, there will always be plenty of naysayers that will want to bring the couple down. But as far as they're concerned, their love matters most of all.

Here's hoping that the couple will continue to be so in love that they can't stop sharing their relationship (or at least not stop keeping their hands off each other).

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