10 Things We Know So Far About Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin's Relationship

He's the Canadian pop-star who's been breaking the hearts of teenage girls all around the world since he was 14. She's the blonde supermodel with a unique style and charisma. Together, they make up a powerful couple, with looks worthy of a Vogue magazine cover (which they actually did) and enough drama to fill out at least one season of a reality TV show (one day, perhaps).

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's relationship has been followed closely by fans of both the singer and the model. It's been quite the rocky road, with everything from social media hate, to past lovers haunting them, to a secret marriage in New York.

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Many people were surprised when the pair reignited their relationship after breaking up for, what it seemed, good. However, love seems to always win, and no matter how rough the path to get there was, the two now seem happier than ever as husband and wife.

And just in case you got lost in the whirlwind of the whole thing (can't blame you for that, celebrity couples seem to be extra complicated), here's the complete rundown of everything we know so far about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's relationship, since the very beginning.

10 They Were Friends First

It doesn't matter if you're one of the most famous people in the world or just your average Joe, one thing is universally true - the best relationships start off with a strong friendship basis. Perhaps this was a good foreshadowing of the things to come for JB and now wife, HB.

Before they ever started dating, the pair were friends. Apparently, they met when they were very young, which comes as no surprise considering they are both moving around the celebrity-sphere. While Justin became world famous at a very young age and Hailey only came to her fame later, her family is nothing short of extremely well-known.

Eventually, what started off as a friendship in 2009 grew stronger by the year, and the two eventually started dating.

9 Hailey Was Once A Great Supporter Of Jelena

There was a time Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were in a relationship. This made fans so happy that the ghost of Justin's previous relationship still haunts his connection with Hailey, mostly because the pair was so beloved by so many people, to this day, fans have a tough time accepting it's over.

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Well, apparently, one of the people who fiercely supported Bieber's relationship with pop princess Gomez, was none other than Baldwin herself. In 2011, shortly after Justin and Selena confirmed they were dating, Hailey tweeted "I don’t care what anyone says but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together is the definition of a teenage dream! #word".

Looking back now, and considering everything that has been happening lately, the tweet is nothing short of cringey. Whether or not Hailey regrets it, that's another story. However, we can hardly blame her for supporting her friend's relationship five years before she even started dating him.

8 Kendall Jenner, The Third Wheel

Okay, perhaps calling Kendall Jenner third wheel is a bit much. But truth is, before Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin confirmed they were dating, despite numerous rumors, Kendall was frequently spotted hanging out with the pair.

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In 2014, Bieber was frequently spotted getting cozy with the Jenners. In the same year, Hailey also started hanging out with them, with Kylie Jenner sharing an Instagram snap of her, her sister, Gigi Hadid and Baldwin herself. Curiously enough, the picture was shared after Selena Gomez unfollowed Kylie and Kendall and deleted all snaps featuring them from her Instagram.

Kendall was frequently seen with Justin and Baldwin - the trio was spotted attending church together, celebrating New Year's, and attending a baking class. Third wheel or not, she was perhaps a good instigator of the relationship.

7 They Vehemently Denied Their Relationship Before Eventually Going Public

Justin and Hailey really didn't want people to know they were together. Either that, or the entire time they were denying their relationship, they were speaking the truth, and fans and tabloids just happen to be really good psychics.

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We really can't blame celebrity couples who want to keep their relationship private, considering that being in the public eye can put quite a strain on anyone. The lack of privacy, wacky rumors, and constant paparazzi stalking are definitely things no one would wish upon their own relationship.

Bieber and Baldwin kept denying their relationship to the public, through tweets and interviews. Their attempts didn't really stick, and the duo eventually seemed to confirm their relationship when Justin posted a picture kissing Hailey in early 2016.

6 They Got Matching Tattoos

Even before they confirmed they were officially dating, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin made some pretty bold moves. While matching tattoos usually scream "commitment!", and are somehow related to the other person, this case was slightly different.

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In July 2015, to honor a young girl who suffers from Lissencephaly, Bieber and Baldwin got the letter "G" tattoed, his on the forearm, and her behind the ear. The letter "G" comes from the little girl's first name, Georgia. And while this isn't exactly a symbol of their undying love for each other, it's still a significant mark of sorts, and a step they made together.

5 They Were Casual At First

According to both Justin and Hailey, the first round of their relationship was quite casual. It's understandable that, at such a young age, and with such hectic and unpredictable lifestyles, two people aren't ready to fully commit to a stable relationship. Even after that passionate kissing snap, and being spotted together multiple times, Bieber and Baldwin state they were keeping it casual.

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In an interview with E! Hailey stated that they were not "an exclusive couple" and "relationships at this age are complicated", setting the record straight on the terms of their very high profile relationship. Bieber went even further, speaking on not wanting to rush things. On an interview with GQ, the singer stated "If I rush into anything, if I damage her, then it’s always gonna be damaged. It’s really hard to fix wounds like that. It’s so hard... I just don’t want to hurt her."

4 They Called It Quits Before Reuniting For Good

Turns out keeping it casual didn't work for the pair, who called it quits only a few months after Justin posted that kissing picture on his Instagram page. In August 2016, the singer unfollowed Hailey Baldwin on Instagram and was spotted with Sophia Richie.

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Baldwin also unfollowed Justin, and they weren't seen together for nearly two years, not even hanging out with their close group of friends (that, of course, includes the Jenners). The break-up seemed to be quite harsh, and recently, speaking about the relationship hiatus, Baldwin stated they "went through a long period of time when we weren’t friends. We didn’t speak for quite some time and there was a lot of weirdness that went on".

They say sometimes things need to fall apart so they can be put back together. Apparently, this was exactly the case with Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Yay for hope!

3 Hailey Cut Shawn Mendes Off Afer Reuniting With Justin

There was a long history of rumors popping up everywhere regarding Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes. Both kept denying any trace of a relationship to the press, despite being seen holding hands at a Halloween party, and Shawn taking Hailey to his home in Toronto. They went even further with it, and in May 2018 the pair attended the MET Gala together, which pretty much cemented their relationship in the eyes of the public.

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Mendes has already confirmed that the pair were casually dating during the months that anticipated Bieber and Baldwin's reconciliation. After attending the MET Gala, Hailey eventually got back together with Bieber and cut Shawn off for good - including Instagram pictures.

2 They Got Married In Secret

Once the pair reunited, they went all in with their relationship. After a series of making out sessions all around the country, which included New York, Washington, and the Hamptons, Bieber proposed to Hailey in July, in the Bahamas.

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Justin took to Instagram to confirm the engagement in a sweet post, and Hailey tweeted "Not sure what I did in life to deserve such happiness but I am so utterly grateful to God for giving me such an incredible person to share my life with! No words could ever express my gratitude". A couple of months later, sources confirmed the pair had tied the knot in a courthouse, making their married status official.

And in order to really drive the point home, just in case anyone had doubts, Hailey changed her name on social media to Hailey Bieber. However, the two love bird will make it official once again, and throw the wedding ceremony everyone is desperate to see.

1 They Covered Vogue

Stealing a page from the Kardashian handbook, the pair shared their love for each other in the most lavish way possible - they were on the cover of Vogue for the March 2019 issue, where they shared details about their relationship no one knew before.

One of the things Justin and Hailey shared with the public was the decision to not have sex until they were married since Justin was going through a celebratory phase. This might have been the main push for their secret, whirlwind marriage, but it's definitely not the only one. Throughout the interview, both husband and wife gushed about each other, and how much love they have for one another.

Truly a Hollywood ending for such a rocky-road relationship. Now fans just have to wait for those stunning pictures of Hailey in a wedding dress.

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