Justin Bieber Got Hailey Baldwin Something Modern And Unexpected As A Wedding Gift (And We Want One Too!)

Hailey Baldwin has officially taken Justin Bieber's last name–well, on Instagram, at least. On Sunday, fans noticed that Hailey took on a new identity on the photography-based social media platform. This change wasn't as simple as going into her settings and editing her handle, though. Hailey's new husband reportedly had to make some calls to get the new name.

Justin reached out to Instagram on Friday to ask the platform about updating her account, TMZ reported. It is likely that a fan account or an Instagram squatter already claimed Hailey's married name, though, so Justin may have had to do some negotiating with Instagram. Hailey's new handle would also have to remain verified, like @haileybaldwin was, which normally might take some time to process.

Despite the obstacles, Justin had a new handle, complete with all 1,651 of Hailey's photos and 15.8 million followers, ready to go for his wife by the end of the weekend. How romantic.

As of right now, Hailey's old handle still exists, although it is empty and appears to be out of use. We can't say for sure who owns the handle–Vanity Fair looked into finding out, but the only way to gain access to that information is through a lawsuit. Perhaps Hailey still wanted to own the account with her maiden name as a backup, just in case she'll need to go back to it later.

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Elsewhere on the Internet, Hailey is still a Baldwin. Her Facebook account has not been changed, nor her Twitter account. Maybe Justin will look into these next. He's changing his wife's name, one social media account at a time.

A few recent signs pointed to Hailey's re-branding. The model submitted applications to trademark her married name last month in addition to her maiden name and her initials ("Hailey Bieber," "Hailey Baldwin," HRB3"). She also wore an oversized denim jacket with a sherpa lining, which she customized by emblazoning the name "BIEBER" in red and white patch letters, to the opening of Levi's new flagship event.

Though the couple never personally stated the phrase, "Yes, we are married," out loud, Justin sort of spilled the beans last week via an Instagram post. He shared a photo of himself and Hailey walking down the street, and captioned it, "My wife is awesome."

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